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What is a Mechanical Keyboard? Focus on the switches

A mechanical keyboard is built with high quality, typically spring activated key switches. These key switches vary based on the keyboard’s application or user preference.

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Mechanical Keyboard Guide Finding your first mechanical - made easy

Don't be overwhlemed looking for your first Mechanical Keyboard! We've put together a short and simple survey that will make finding your first mechanical keyboard a breeze.

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What to look for

What to
look for

What to look for when buying a mechanical keyboard.

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Switch Differences


What are the differences between mechanical switches?

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Mechanical Keyboard Terms


Demystify mechanical keyboard terms like Key Rollover and Actuation Force.

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Ducky 69 Edition - Fire Version Lighting Mode Demo

Enjoy the colorful display of lights as Ducky demos the Fire Verions's color cycling mode, wave modes I and II, snake marquee, rain drop mode, ripple mode, and aurora mode.

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  • The Ducky Shine 5 is Coming Soon...

    Just when we thought backlit mechanical keyboards were becoming overplayed, the Ducky Shine 5 arrives to break the mold. On the surface it looks like another round of the Shine 4, but inside there are true gems to discover. Some of the features include: macro programming, mouse function keys, and dual PCB design. The overall look and feel of the case revisits the bezel of the Shine 4, but the keyc... Read more

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