Cherry MX Blue Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners (125pcs) 40A-R (WASD Keyboards)

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WASD KeyboardsCherry MX Blue Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners (125pcs) 40A-R
  • Softer landing for better shock absorption.
  • 0.4mm Reduction

"Bottoming out" is a term used to describe when a key stroke is pressed all the way down where the stem of the switch hits the inside of the switch casing. This causes a "clack" from the collision on mechanical keyboards. Switch sound dampeners are soft rubber O-rings that can be installed onto every single keycap stem to cushion the landing of the switch by stopping the key stroke just short of the point of bottoming out. This also very slightly reduces the max travel distance of the switch. (0.2-0.4mm. Varies by O-ring type.)

This modification is popular among mechanical keyboard owners from around the world. Since most people will bottom out at least a fraction of their keystrokes, the switch sound dampeners will cut away extra noise giving your mechanical keyboard a consistent sound output while typing. The added shock absorption can also help with finger faitgue during long typing sessions.

Made of industrial grade EPDM rubber which has much better resistant to cracking, tearing, and chemicals than nitrile or silicon rubber. Fits firmly onto the stem of your Cherry MX keycap. Installation will require removal of your keycaps.

Model Hardness Travel Reduction Color Characteristics
40A-R 40A (Softer) 0.4mm Blue Softer landing for better shock absorption.
40A-L 40A (Softer) 0.2mm Red Sound reduction with minimal change in feel.
50A-R 50A (Harder) 0.4mm Black Firmer landing for more defined feedback when bottoming out

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  • Went with the blue to help dampen the sound from bottoming out on my Ducky Shine 6 with Cherry MX Reds. There's no mushy feel about it, just smooth for typing and good for coding. I've found most of the complaints come from people not installing the rings correctly. You have to make sure the rings are seated all the way in, otherwise they will roll back a little.

  • I love these things. I bought the blues for my Ducky Zero with blue switches. It cut the noise down by about half (at least) which was one of the main reasons I bought them. In my opinion it also significantly improved the feel. Lots of people have complained of a somewhat mushy feeling but, I must disagree with those comments. I personally love the feel now. The travel distance is certainly much less but you don't lost the "click" or the tactile feedback of typing with MX switches, and particularly blues. It has made typing large documents (the one thing about blues that I personally didn't really like) much more enjoyable for me. It has also improved my typing speed. Now, one thing I will recommend is that you give them a little bit of time to break in so to speak. When you first put them on some of the keys will require a significantly harder key press but this goes away rather quickly. In no time the o-rings will break in and you won't need to worry about typing with a harder press at all. At most it'll should take about a week but, that'll obviously all depend on how much typing you do.

    All in all, I recommend these o-rings and I think that they are a particularly great addition to any keyboard using MX-blue switches. Enjoy folks!

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