Kailh BOX Silent PinkMechanical Keyboard Switches

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Kailh BOX Silent Pink

  • Linear
  • 35cN force
  • MX stem
  • Kaihua
  • 1.80mm pre travel
  • 3.60mm travel

User Reviews

February 05, 2021
  • Gaming 6
  • Typing 4
  • Balance 7
From the sound standpoint, I love it so much. But the feel? IDK if it's just me who came from a normal mech keyboard like the cherry blue's but I just couldn't get over the 'mushiness' when bottoming out. To be honest, typing on this feels.....kinda good? I mean, I did say that it is mushy, but it's light and really enjoyable to type on. But the typing experience also come with a cost of double in
August 28, 2020
  • Gaming 10
  • Typing 7
  • Balance 8
my favorite linear switches, by far. I really love the feel, of course it's very soft and light, and really silent. I recommend for gaming and streammers.
July 15, 2020
  • Gaming 10
  • Typing 6
  • Balance 7
the switches feel and sound a little mushy but if your a streamer or something they are pretty good
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