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Ducky One 2 Mini RGB
Availability & Restock estimate details
switch thumbCherry MX Brown
In Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Blue
In Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Black
In Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Red
In Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Silent Red
In Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Silver
In Stock
switch thumbKailh BOX White
Pre-order Only
ETAApril 03, 2020*
Orders FilledAll to date
Notes ETA moved from April 28th to April 8 on March 20. We received news that the shipment is much ahead of schedule and should be here much sooner than initially expected.
* Restock ETAs are estimates of when we expect stock to arrive to our store for shipping. ETAs can change due to production, customs, shipping, and other delays.
** ETA Confidence levels - High: inbound tracking received. Medium: firm date set by vendor. Low: estimate based on initial vendor projection and history.
switch thumbKailh Speed Copper
In Stock
switch thumbKailh Speed Pro Burgundy
In Stock