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Ducky One 2 White Case White LED TKL
Availability & Restock estimate details
switch thumbCherry MX Brown
Out of Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Blue
Pre-order Only
Shipment MK1-111219-001
ETANovember 27, 2019*
Orders FilledAll to date
Shipment MK1-101519-001
ETADecember 25, 2019*
Orders FilledAll to date
* Restock ETAs are estimates of when we expect stock to arrive to our store for shipping. ETAs can change due to production, customs, shipping, and other delays.
** ETA Confidence levels - High: inbound tracking received. Medium: firm date set by vendor. Low: estimate based on initial vendor projection and history.
switch thumbCherry MX Black
Out of Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Red
Out of Stock
switch thumbCherry MX Silver
Out of Stock