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Ducky Shine 3 Troubleshooting

By ShakeR, August 21st, 2013

If you are a proud new owner of a Ducky Shine 3, here are some tips to make sure your awesome new mechanical keyboard is performing at its best.

  • The most common question we have had so far from Ducky Shine 3 owners is "How do I turn ON or OFF the LED backlights on my function keys?" Solution: FN + F9
  • If you are having issues with your Shine 3 sometimes 'crashing' (turning off for a short period of time) when you hit a modifier key + FN key, Ducky has released a firmware update to address this issue (see link below).
  • By default, the Shine 3 will reset the RGB spacebar lighting to cycle once the keyboard has been unplugged and plugged back in. Ducky's latest firmware update below may fix this.
Ducky Shine 3 Firmware Update (United States ANSI) updated 10/14/2014

Ducky Shine 3 Firmware Update (European ISO) updated 06/19/2014

New Shine 3 DK9008 firmware changelog (US ANSI V1.1.9, ISO V3.1.0):

  1. Added: Raindrop Mode.
  2. Added: 6-Key Rollover Mode. Press and Hold Fn + S for 3 seconds to activate, and Fn + N to return to the normal NKRO mode. This mode is added for compatibility with KVM as well as other hardwares..
  3. Fixed: Eliminated minor flickering of NumLk and ScrLk in Reactive Mode under certain conditions.
  4. Note: Shine 3's firmware cannot be upgraded in KVM mode. Please Press and hold Fn + N to return to the NKRO mode to update the firmware.