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Ducky Shine II is Here

By ShakeR, July 16th, 2012

They're here - Buy Ducky Shine 2 Now

The second edition of the Ducky Shining keyboards is slated to arrive in late August to early September 2012! Here's the latest spec sheet from the company who creates some of the best backlit mechanical keyboards you can buy...


  • Cherry MX Series Switches. (Blue, Brown, Black, Red)
  • Laser Printed Keycaps, UV Coating at twice
  • USB N-key Rollover
  • Dual Layer PCB
  • Lighting Effects: Pulsing, Reactive & Marquee
  • 5 Levels Of Brightness
  • 4 Multimedia Keys
  • 108 keys with repeat rate
  • LED Color: Blue/ Red/ Green/Yellow
Ducky Shine II


Four types of Cherry MX switches (Blue, Brown, Black and Red) are available and everyone will be able to find the switch to suit their own unique needs. From the most of hardcore of gamers to the most demanding touch-typist, there is something for everyone.
  • UV treated keycaps that improves durability of the keys
  • Dual layered PCB improves durability, stability of mounting axis, reduction of interference between traces and is an overall superior design to traditional PCBs.
  • A removable mini USB connector allows for ease of carry as well as 3 possible configurations for positioning of the cable.
Ducky Shine II

Lighting Modes

  • Standard Lighting Modes: Full Backlit, 80% Backlit & Selected Keys Backlit (with 2 Configurable Profiles)
  • Pulsing Mode - Keys get brighter progressively and gradually fades away
  • Reactive Mode - Keys light up when depressed
  • Special mode: Marquee Mode
Ducky Shine II

4 DIP Switch Functions

  • Windows Key Locking
  • CapsLock & CTRL Swapping
  • ALT & Windows Key Swapping
  • 6KRO & NKRO Switching
Ducky Shine II