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New KBParadise V60MTS types like a dream

By JSweet/00zeRO, December 26th, 2014

Newcomer KBParadise and Veteran Matias have teamed up to create the V60MTS mechanical keyboard. With the compact design of the V60, and the tactile smoothness of the Matias Alps switch, typists and gamers around the world will rejoice as their fingers will be happy and their desk space will become optimized.

As with all V60 models, the V60MTS features a fully integrated function layer to input any of number 87+ keys as needed. Not satisfied with Caps Lock key placement? No problem. There are 6 DIP switches to aid with remapping certain key functions.

The V60MTS currently comes in two Matias Alps flavors: Click and Quiet Click. A Matias Linear version will be available this coming spring. Order yours while supplies last.

KBParadise V60 Mechanical Keyboard (Matias Quiet Click)
KBParadise V60 Mechanical Keyboard (Matias Click)