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The Cherry MX-Compatible Switch Dilemma

By JSweet/00zeRO, February 3rd, 2016

For years keyboard enthusiasts have had much to debate over with regards to keyswitch feel between the big three: Topre, Alps, and Cherry switches. Preferences varied among even the most opinionated regarding these three. But something happened about two years ago. The Cherry-patented MX switch was up for reinvention by several companies: Kailh, Greetech, Gateron, and KBT only to name a few.

The Cherry MX Plus-stem design, function, and color scheme have been adopted to assist in the identification of each switch type in terms of force and feel. But many typists and gamers out there are still shy when it comes to using the new MX-Compatible switches as opposed to genuine Cherry MX. Each so-called MX clone is certainly worth a try and in many cases people even enjoy typing on them more so than their authentic counterparts. We would submit that in terms of quality, all MX-C switches on the market now are pretty much equal. In terms of action and actuation, each brand does vary, but only slightly. Haters are going to hate, and for every switch type there will be a naysayer.

Our advice to anyone who wants to buy a keyboard, be brave and try something new, you may be surprised to find your fingers will thank you.