MK Creator FAQs

MK Creator FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn commissions?

Commissions are paid based on shipped MK orders completed with your MK Creator Code. An order can be associated with your Creator Code in multiple ways:
  • A customer enters your MK Creator Code at checkout.
  • A customer follows an external link to the MK Shop with your Creator Code in the URL.
  • All links pointing to the MK Shop on your MKC Page automatically have your Creator Code in the URL.

  • How to add your Creator Code to URLs if your Creator Code was 'mycode':
  • MK Shop Home:
  • Frozen Llama Mecha Listing:

  • Remember, if you link to your MKC Page or one of your keyboard pages, you don't need to add your code to the URL. Users clicking shop links on that page will automatically have your code loaded.

    What is the MK Creator Hub?

    The MK Creator Hub is a platform built to support content and peripheral creators. Earn commissions for MK orders placed with your creator code. Feature content from all your social platforms on One Page. Connect with supporters, brands, and other Creators through a unique platform designed for you.

    What is the current state of the Creator Hub?

    The MK Creator Hub is in early-release. Your patience is appreciated as we work to process creator applications, increase stability, process payments, and add features to the platform. Spotted a bug? Please let us know.

    What features can Creators currently use?

  • Earn commissions on MK Shop referrals.
  • Partner with an MK Vendor to Boost your Creator Code and offer discounts to your followers.
  • Share new content from all your social platforms on One Page.
  • Share your favorite keyboards, accessories, and builds.
  • Display live streaming status for Twitch and Mixer
  • Are more Creator Hub features coming?

    Yes! We have a ton of exciting features planned.
    New features take time to develop, but we have some great ideas we're doing our best to implement as quickly as possible. Stay tuned!

    What's the difference between a Content Creator and a Peripheral Creator?

    Content Creators create digital content like videos, live streams, websites, or podcasts.
    Examples include esports streamers, tech reviewers, video producers, musicians, writers, artists, and community builders.

    Peripheral Creators design keyboards, accessories, mice, controllers, or DIY components related to high end peripherals.
    Examples include keyboard and PCB designers, keycap artisans, cable makers, and firmware engineers.

    As of early-release, both Creator types have access to the exact same features and functionality on the MK Creator Hub. We do, however, plan to add features targeted for specific Creator types in the future!

    What are the requirements?

    Creator Applicants must...
  • have at least 1,000 followers on an approved social platform.
  • adhere to our Creator Code of Conduct.
  • How do I verify my social platform channel?

    MK offers sign in functionality for most of the application platforms. Signing in allows you to instantly prove ownership of your platform channel.
    If sign in is not available for the social platform you're applying with, follow the instructions on your application status page (unique link in your application email) to confirm ownership of your channel.

    How much can I make?

    Creators earn a 4% commission on the product total for all secured orders completed with their Creator Code. For example, if a customer uses your Creator Code when ordering a $100 keyboard and a $50 set of keycaps, you earn $6.00 USD. An order commission is secured once the period in which it was shipped closes. Periods close one month after they end (eg: March closes April 30). There is no commission cap.

    How are MK Creators paid?

    Creators can choose from one of three payment methods - PayPal, Bank ACH (US only), or MK Credit
    PayPal and ACH payments are made 15 days after the period has closed. There is a $100 payment minimum. If your balance is less than $100 for a payment period, your balance will carry over to the following period.
    MK Credit is paid at a 1.5x rate and has a much lower payment minimum. For example, you can redeem $20 from your account balance for $30 in MK store credit!

    Why do I have to sign in to a platform for MK to add it?

    Signing in to your platform (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc) channel does two major things:
  • Proves you own the channel.
  • Gives MK read only permissions to fetch your channel's content using our API.

  • MK requests bare minimum permissions to get publicly visible information about your channel. It is important to note that these permissions give MK no control over or access to your channel. With one exception for Twitch, where we request one additional permission to build leaderboards, the permissions requested to all platforms give us read-only-access to information that could be looked up by anyone clicking on your channel's public webpage.

    This is easy to confirm: when you are prompted to login, the platform lists the permissions MK's API is requesting. If you still have questions or concerns, we're happy to help answer them.
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