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MK Typist

MK's latest game changer is the mechanical for everyone and
the interface your fingers deserve.

For Typists

Ducky Horizon

Beautiful PBT caps & Ducky's latest One 2 for under $100


Golden White Shine

We're dreaming of a White Shine 6...

Dream in White

MK Fission

Unique RGB Lighting for a balance of beauty, style, and function.
Choose from nine Cherry MX switch types.


Ducky One 711

Ducky's latest limited edition mechanical keyboard features
7 different LEDs and 11 different Cherry MX switches.


Year of the Rooster

Ducky's highly unique 2017 Limited Edition features a porcelain tile
hand crafted by Koji Pottery master Wu Lang


What is a Mechanical Keyboard? Focus on the switches

A mechanical keyboard is built with high quality, typically spring activated key switches. These key switches vary based on the keyboard’s application or user preference.

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Mechanical Keyboard Guide Finding your first mechanical - made easy

Don't be overwhlemed looking for your first Mechanical Keyboard! We've put together a short and simple survey that will make finding your first mechanical keyboard a breeze.

Keyboard Guide

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Incoming Keyboards

Incoming Stock

A list of mechanical keyboard and accessory shipments on their way to our store.

Mechanical Switch Rankings

The Best
Switch for me?

See how thousands of other users rank switches for
Gaming, Typing, and Universal use.

Switch Rankings
What to look for

What to
look for

What to look for when buying a mechanical keyboard.

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Switch Differences


What are the differences between mechanical switches?

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Mechanical Keyboard Terms


Demystify mechanical keyboard terms like Key Rollover and Actuation Force.

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Featured Video

MK Shadow Guard

Video footage of the new MK Shadow Guard Keyboard

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  • The Cherry MX-Compatible Switch Dilemma

    For years keyboard enthusiasts have had much to debate over with regards to keyswitch feel between the big three: Topre, Alps, and Cherry switches. Preferences varied among even the most opinionated regarding these three. But something happened about two years ago. The Cherry-patented MX switch was up for reinvention by several companies: Kailh, Greetech, Gateron, and KBT only to name a few. Read more

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