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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Official Mechanical Switch Rater and Guide (v2.6.0)

Our attempt to answer the ubiquitous question: "Which switch is best for me?" Switch feel will always be a matter of personal preference, but here's how thousands of other users rank switches for gaming, typing, and universal use. Be sure to contribute your rating for mechanical switches you're familiar with.

Want to see ratings on a switch not listed? Let us know and we'll add it.

Green Cherry MX

Green Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

281 ratings [ User Comments ]

4/10/7 Wonderful for typing, not so good for gaming when you're trying to communicate with team mates and they can't hear you.

-/6/6 One of my green switches works more like a linear switch for some reason and its very anoying. Ruins the whole typing experience for me. Same thing happens to blues I had on a Das keyboard. reliability sucks on cherry clicky switches. alps next?

9/9/10 Maybe to heavy for some. If you prefer or can handle heavy switches I recommend this 100%

8/8/8 Can be a little heavy for some but fine if you type with force

8/8/8 love mine

5/10/8 Great for typing , like the Blue MX, but heavier for those that don't want too light of a switch.

8/10/8 For a heavy handed person such as myself, MX Greens make touch-typing and not bottoming out keys much easier.

7/9/8 I love my Greens! Imagine my horror at feeling my first set of Blues and realizing they were far too light for the pounding keystrokes I inflict upon my board. My everyday uses a set of MX Greens and they're aces, especially for typing angry emails.

10/10/10 Little bit heavy but feels great.

6/10/8 so i prefer blues but if i could i would buy a mx green board as they click more but i dont think gaming would be that good for me on an 80g switch so i will give greens a (6/10/8)

10/8/9 I'm a heavy Counter-Strike player so I want the perfect switch. With the WASD Code and MX Greens, I have made the right choice for gaming no doubt. Especially in terms of typing, it will take you some time to get used to the higher actuation force.

9/10/10 If you are bottoming a green you are doing it wrong...

8/10/9 Easily my favorite key, I like them heavy and the click is so satisfying! I play a ton of CS:GO and other FPS games and don't have any issue with double tapping like some people claim with clicky keys.

7/8/8 This is my first keyboard and its a knock off so I may not be the best with this but im having a much better time typing and gaming with my green switch keyboard and its much better than half mechanical keyboards

8/7/7 Is really heavy for the mojority of people

5/9/8 not idea for gaming with the loud clicks; more suited for writers or any job requiring typing a lot. alone.

10/10/10 Used them for about 2 years now, out of all my boards (MX Browns, clears and a model M) these have been my most consistent and satisfying switches.

7/9/8 I got these keys on my very first MK. I wanted every key press to remind me of a big red," launch-a-nuclear-missile-button: 'clickCHUNK', 'clickCHUNK'. Yeah baby. Nothing like it. Wish Gateron made some 80g cli./tac.

5/8/7 Very stiff switch. Fun for days when you want to hear a lot of noise and fight with your keyboard a little bit, but I would recommend having a softer and quieter switch for other days.

8/10/7 Great for typing. Works surprisingly well for gaming but it depends on what type of game is being played. Very loud

-/9/- It's not for everyone. You should definitely try a board with Greens before you buy it. But if you like typing on IBM's legendary Model M's with their buckling springs, this stiff and super-clicky MX may be your next happy experience.

5/7/6 Many people attest to liking Cherry MX greens, but they are really much too heavy for the average user. Though blues may be a little light, an 80g actuation force is a huge overstep of what they should be. Please try these in a store before purchase.

-/1/1 Like trying to press cinderblocks into pavement to get it to actuate.

6/9/7 Really stiff switch, but also one of the sharpest Cherry switches you can buy. If you can get over the high actuation force, this is a fantastic switch.

Mario Gaming Typewriter Typing YinYang Universal
Black Cherry MX

Black Cherry MXlinear - 60g force

615 ratings [ User Comments ]
Silent Black Cherry MX

Silent Black Cherry MXlinear - 60g force

4 ratings
Brown Cherry MX

Brown Cherry MXtactile - 45g force

1163 ratings [ User Comments ]
Blue Cherry MX

Blue Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 50g force

1243 ratings [ User Comments ]
Red Cherry MX

Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

954 ratings [ User Comments ]
Silent Red Cherry MX

Silent Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

Green Cherry MX

Green Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

281 ratings [ User Comments ]
Clear Cherry MX

Clear Cherry MXtactile - 65g force

255 ratings [ User Comments ]
White Cherry MX

White Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

Nature White Cherry MX

Nature White Cherry MXlinear - 55g force

Tactile Grey Cherry MX

Tactile Grey Cherry MXtactile - 80g force

Linear Grey Cherry MX

Linear Grey Cherry MXlinear - 80g force

Silver Cherry MX

Silver Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

KBT Black

KBT Blacklinear - 60g force

KBT Brown

KBT Browntactile - 45g force

KBT Blue

KBT Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force


KBT Redlinear - 45g force

Greetech Black

Greetech Blacklinear - 55g force

2 ratings
Greetech Brown

Greetech Browntactile - 45g force

Greetech Blue

Greetech Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

20 ratings
Greetech Red

Greetech Redlinear - 45g force

5 ratings
Gateron Black

Gateron Blacklinear - 50g force

Gateron Brown

Gateron Browntactile - 45g force

Gateron Blue

Gateron Bluetactile, clicky - 55g force

Gateron Red

Gateron Redlinear - 45g force

Gateron Clear

Gateron Clearlinear - 35g force

Gateron Green

Gateron Greentactile, clicky - 80g force
Matias Click

Matias Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force
Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force

Matias Linear

Matias Linearlinear - 35g force

Topre 30g

Topre 30gtactile - 30g force

Topre 35g

Topre 35gtactile - 35g force

60 ratings
Topre 45g

Topre 45gtactile - 45g force

169 ratings [ User Comments ]
Topre 55g

Topre 55gtactile - 55g force

Topre Variable

Topre Variabletactile - 45g force

5 ratings
Black Kailh

Black Kailhlinear - 60g force

Brown Kailh

Brown Kailhtactile - 45g force

Blue Kailh

Blue Kailhtactile, clicky - 50g force

Red Kailh

Red Kailhlinear - 50g force

Green Kailh

Green Kailhtactile, clicky - 60g force

Buckling Spring

Buckling Springtactile, clicky - 65g force

308 ratings [ User Comments ]