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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Official Mechanical Switch Rater and Guide (v2.6.0)

Our attempt to answer the ubiquitous question: "Which switch is best for me?" Switch feel will always be a matter of personal preference, but here's how thousands of other users rank switches for gaming, typing, and universal use. Be sure to contribute your rating for mechanical switches you're familiar with.

Want to see ratings on a switch not listed? Let us know and we'll add it.

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Blacklinear - 60g force

629 ratings [ User Comments ]

9/7/8 yes

7/6/6 Quite hard to press, my fingers feel sore after a while of typing and gaming. Old switch on my 6Gv2, but still remain good.

-/10/10 So far my favorite cherry mx switch for several years and still is. blue and greens I always had issues with the release on some switches not resetting or with them locking up. Want to try browns.

8/7/8 I realize typing fatigue is a big problem for people with these keys, but as someone whos used MX Blacks for 3 years, you definitely adjust to them, and learn to appreciate the overall fidelity of the switches.

7/3/4 Heavy, mushy, scratchy

9/4/7 Great for a satisfyingly rigid response while gaming but they're just too tiring to type on after a short while. Much prefer the browns I've replaced them with but may be for you if you have more strength than you know what to do with.

7/1/5 FAR too heavy for most people for typing, decent for gaming.

9/4/6 Street fighter v gaming the best bad for typing

8/6/7 Without a tactile feel, I will constantly be depressing the CTRL key without realizing it & unintentionally changing font size in Firefox.

9/10/10 Feels smooth and consistent across the whole travel distance. The stiffer feel allows me to consistently actuate the key without botomming out.

9/6/7 i have used mx reds and i can say i would prefer blacks for the simple reason that i wont missclick them as often as i did on reds so i will give this one higher in all catagories (9/6/7)

7/4/3 Way too heavy for my tastes, requires me to aggressively type on to even get a good typing experience on.

9/7/- pretty cheap


10/10/10 beautiful

9/7/7 Good for gaming, bad for typing, keys on the heavy side for typing so fatigue sets in

9/9/9 Went from Cherry Blues, to Reds and then to Browns before settling on Blacks. Silent with the nice uninterrupted feel of the Reds but without the typos caused by the extremely sensitive Reds. My go-to switch from now on!

9/6/7 A lot better to game with than reds

9/5/7 Good for gaming, bad for typing. Fingers can get sore.

8/6/6 Great switch for heavy handed fans of Reds, but somewhat pointless given that a lot of the reason people use linear switches is for more rapid/less distracting actuations. The increased actuation force directly goes against this.

9/7/8 Pretty good for gaming, but they are quite heavy. Not very satisfying to type on. Still decent for universal use.

8/5/6 For gaming it's a great switch.

10/8/9 Loud, feels super responsive, no accidental clicks.

9/6/7 dat double tap

9/9/- Fun to type with these switches

10/10/10 is the best

8/8/10 As where I may be inclined to agree the Black Cherry Switch feels tiresome at first, it really is a great combination of both worlds of users who need a high quality keyboard. Good accutation and linear movement, the switch is versatile.

-/9/- Cherry (and Cherry-type) switches actuate halfway down. So contrary to what you may have thought, a good stiff switch like the Black can actually help you type faster, because you won't waste time and effort pressing it all the way down every time.

10/10/10 MX blacks are like strong black coffee

7/4/7 I find these super mushy and feel like I miss type more often using blacks than any other switch. When I use my brother's blues I can feel when I am about to miskey but these are far to forgiving

7/7/8 Cherry MX blacks are great for being quieter than other switches, but, are hampered by their weight. While it may be fine for shorter typing/gaming sessions, it may get tiring after longer sessions. A slightly lighter spring weight is recommended.

Mario Gaming Typewriter Typing YinYang Universal
Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Blacklinear - 60g force

629 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Silent Black

Cherry MX Silent Blacklinear - 60g force

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Browntactile - 45g force

1201 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

1276 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Redlinear - 45g force

970 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry MX Silent Redlinear - 45g force

Cherry MX Green

Cherry MX Greentactile, clicky - 80g force

287 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Clear

Cherry MX Cleartactile - 65g force

263 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX White

Cherry MX Whitetactile, clicky - 80g force

100 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Nature White

Cherry MX Nature Whitelinear - 55g force
Cherry MX Tactile Grey

Cherry MX Tactile Greytactile - 80g force

Cherry MX Linear Grey

Cherry MX Linear Greylinear - 80g force

Cherry MX Silver

Cherry MX Silverlinear - 45g force

KBT Black

KBT Blacklinear - 60g force

KBT Brown

KBT Browntactile - 45g force

KBT Blue

KBT Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

KBT Redlinear - 45g force

Greetech Black

Greetech Blacklinear - 55g force

4 ratings
Greetech Brown

Greetech Browntactile - 45g force

Greetech Blue

Greetech Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

20 ratings
Greetech Red

Greetech Redlinear - 45g force

7 ratings
Gateron Black

Gateron Blacklinear - 50g force

Gateron Brown

Gateron Browntactile - 45g force

Gateron Blue

Gateron Bluetactile, clicky - 55g force

Gateron Red

Gateron Redlinear - 45g force

Gateron Clear

Gateron Clearlinear - 35g force
Gateron Green

Gateron Greentactile, clicky - 80g force

Matias Click

Matias Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force
Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force

Matias Linear

Matias Linearlinear - 35g force

Topre 30g

Topre 30gtactile - 30g force

Topre 35g

Topre 35gtactile - 35g force

60 ratings
Topre 45g

Topre 45gtactile - 45g force

175 ratings [ User Comments ]
Topre 55g

Topre 55gtactile - 55g force

Topre Variable

Topre Variabletactile - 45g force

5 ratings
Kailh BOX White

Kailh BOX Whitetactile, clicky - 50g force

2 ratings
Kailh Black

Kailh Blacklinear - 60g force

Kailh Brown

Kailh Browntactile - 45g force

Kailh Blue

Kailh Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

Kailh Red

Kailh Redlinear - 50g force

Kailh Green

Kailh Greentactile, clicky - 60g force

Buckling Spring

Buckling Springtactile, clicky - 65g force

317 ratings [ User Comments ]