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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Official Mechanical Switch Rater and Guide (v2.5.1)

Our attempt to answer the ubiquitous question: "Which switch is best for me?" Switch feel will always be a matter of personal preference, but here's how thousands of other users rank switches for gaming, typing, and universal use. Be sure to contribute your rating for mechanical switches you're familiar with.

Want to see ratings on a switch not listed? Let us know and we'll add it.

Red Cherry MX

Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

892 ratings [ User Comments ]

8/5/5 Great switch, but too light for my banana hands.

8/7/7 Red switch is too sensitive compared to brown and blue. So I don't think it is good for typing, especially coding because you will easily make typos with it. But very good for gaming.

10/9/9 Really good for gaming. Fast for typing (Corsair strafe RED), really enjoyable.

10/6/8 a little to light for me. I hit random keys when trying to type but it is great for gaming

7/5/7 Good for gaming but not for typing. And sometimes you pres buttons when you rest your fingers on them

9/6/7 Very sloppy keystrokes where typing is concerned. Best for gaming, and a decent all-rounder, but not a fantastic feel for every-day use.

8/5/6 myself i prefer to have feedback and that is why i use blues but i can say when i used reds they were really good for gaming but to light to type on making me make to many typos to gain any speed.

10/7/8 Excellent for gaming due to linear nature. Double taps are so easy to execute and these switches do not cause finger fatigue. Reds are also good for typing, but I find that I make many more mistakes due to it not having any tactile feedback.

8/8/8 Sometimes you get 2 clicks because they're so light and don't know when they actuate (for me)

9/4/7 My impressions could be biased coming from MX Browns, but the loss of the tactile bump really affects typing, especially when I'm still trying not to bottom out on the MX Reds

9/7/7 Great for quick actions in games, but easy to actuate on accident if you are a heavy typist.

9/7/8 Good for gaming, ok for typing, decent for everything else

9/7/8 A great switch, is pretty good for typing despite what others may say, and it works beautifully for gaming.

9/7/8 Great Key Switch....

9/6/5 Keys are amazingly fast but they can sometimes be hard to hear especially when wearing headphones which makes typing a little harder.

8/7/9 I like the linear feel.

8/8/8 Really nice for longs hours of typing

8/4/5 Feels a bit... mushy.

9/5/7 pretty good, but too light for my hands.

1/1/1 the worst cherry keys imo; low force + linear = many gaming mishaps and typos

6/5/6 Its okay, easy to push a wrong button since its light and linear.

10/6/9 Steep typing learning curve, lack of actuation makes it difficult to avoid typos when first using the switch.

5/5/5 there is nothing speccial in this switch.

9/8/8 I Think Cherry MX Red is good but It got only 45 g force btw in first time I think it 50 g. But nvm It also good aswell.

10/10/10 best switches i recommend for counter-strike global offensive professional playing.

10/4/5 this switch isn't suitable for typing or daily use for me. for gaming purpose (rhytm game, action or fps games), this switch is the best among other!

8/10/9 i own a K95 Gen 3 with the mx cherry reds's and there grate however I haven't had any other mechanical keyboards buts its great all the same

9/7/8 Best switches for gaming, specially if you need to double tap or press keys fast. Not so good for typing, alot of typos but after you get used to them its fine.

8/7/7 nice gaming switch. feathering and double tapping is easy. no tactility makes it sometimes difficult to notice if you actuated the switch. typing is good, especially with o-rings.

7/7/7 Due to it's light actuation force and linear nature, it's easy to press keys, which makes it easier for gaming. Typing on it is a little tricky. It offers a new and unique experience for typists, no tactile or clicking feedback but still manageable.

10/10/10 better than all

10/6/8 Really nice and smooth feel, but I frequently hit other keys while typing because it is so easy to press. Best switches for gaming.

-/9/- Some people think they're too light, too smooth. I think they're divine, and FAST. If you don't rely on clicks or bumps to know you've pressed a key (e.g. you're looking at your screen?), this may be your dream switch.

4/1/2 Too light to even render many of the benefits of a mech. Poor QC as well.

9/5/6 These switches are only for people that don't care about tactile feedback and love to game all day. If you do anything else than game, these aren't very good imo.

7/6/6 Lacking tactility, these are not the best for typists. The linear experience is optimal for gaming, but Cherry lacks quality control with their red stems. The stems are far from smooth; think MX blacks, but made of sand.

9/8/9 I consider Cherry Reds to be fairly underrated. They have a very crisp feel.

Mario Gaming Typewriter Typing YinYang Universal
Black Cherry MX

Black Cherry MXlinear - 60g force

590 ratings [ User Comments ]
Brown Cherry MX

Brown Cherry MXtactile - 45g force

1088 ratings [ User Comments ]
Blue Cherry MX

Blue Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 50g force

1159 ratings [ User Comments ]
Red Cherry MX

Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

892 ratings [ User Comments ]
Silent Red Cherry MX

Silent Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force
Green Cherry MX

Green Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

266 ratings [ User Comments ]
Clear Cherry MX

Clear Cherry MXtactile - 65g force

235 ratings [ User Comments ]
White Cherry MX

White Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

Nature White Cherry MX

Nature White Cherry MXlinear - 55g force

Grey Cherry MX

Grey Cherry MXtactile - 80g force

Dark Grey Cherry MX

Dark Grey Cherry MXlinear - 80g force
Silver Cherry MX

Silver Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

KBT Black

KBT Blacklinear - 60g force

KBT Brown

KBT Browntactile - 45g force

KBT Blue

KBT Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force


KBT Redlinear - 45g force

Greetech Black

Greetech Blacklinear - 55g force

2 ratings
Greetech Brown

Greetech Browntactile - 45g force

Greetech Blue

Greetech Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

19 ratings
Greetech Red

Greetech Redlinear - 45g force

3 ratings
Gateron Black

Gateron Blacklinear - 50g force

Gateron Brown

Gateron Browntactile - 45g force

Gateron Blue

Gateron Bluetactile, clicky - 55g force

Gateron Red

Gateron Redlinear - 45g force

16 ratings
Gateron Clear

Gateron Clearlinear - 35g force

Gateron Green

Gateron Greentactile, clicky - 80g force

5 ratings
Matias Click

Matias Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force

Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force

Matias Linear

Matias Linearlinear - 35g force

Topre 30g

Topre 30gtactile - 30g force

Topre 35g

Topre 35gtactile - 35g force

57 ratings
Topre 45g

Topre 45gtactile - 45g force

156 ratings [ User Comments ]
Topre 55g

Topre 55gtactile - 55g force

Black Kailh

Black Kailhlinear - 60g force

Brown Kailh

Brown Kailhtactile - 45g force

Blue Kailh

Blue Kailhtactile, clicky - 50g force

Red Kailh

Red Kailhlinear - 50g force

Green Kailh

Green Kailhtactile, clicky - 60g force

Buckling Spring

Buckling Springtactile, clicky - 65g force

286 ratings [ User Comments ]