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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Official Mechanical Switch Rater and Guide (v2.6.0)

Our attempt to answer the ubiquitous question: "Which switch is best for me?" Switch feel will always be a matter of personal preference, but here's how thousands of other users rank switches for gaming, typing, and universal use. Be sure to contribute your rating for mechanical switches you're familiar with.

Want to see ratings on a switch not listed? Let us know and we'll add it.

Buckling Spring

Buckling Springtactile, clicky - 65g force

305 ratings [ User Comments ]

10/10/10 I will forever be a fan of buckling springs. Assuming you don't live in a place that requires you to be quiet, buckling springs will make you feel like a god at every single keypress.

5/10/10 Amazing for work and regular usage (web browsing, chatting, etc... ) For gaming not my favorite just average

10/10/10 It can take up to 2 weeks to get used to Typing and Gaming on Buckling Springs. But once you do your typing speed shall increase as long as you aren't bottoming out. In addition, your movements and key presses in games will be insanely fast. BS FTW

8/10/9 best switch ive ever typed on, but due to the fact that most buckling spring keyboards are only 2kro, it isnt as good in some games, although most are fine still

6/10/8 Extremely tactile and crunchy, loud click. Lots of hysteresis and long travel makes it suboptimal for gaming, but it's arguably the best switch on the market for typing. Matias Click is stiff competition, but not much else is.

10/10/10 been using one since the early 90s still have same keyboard.

10/10/10 IBM Model M FTW!!!

10/10/10 IBM MODEL F

5/9/7 Not that bad to game on, would prefer reds. Typing is a great experience but has a more heavy feel than I thought

7/10/7 One of the best typing experiences PERIOD The lack of modern features commonly found in keyboards today might be off putting to some, but if you are typist then consider using a model M instead.

-/10/8 As a long time user of the IBM (& Unicomp) keyboards, these have been by far my favourite option for touch typing. I am currently using a Blue Cherry MX, but the force and feedback is not enough. Green MX next perhaps.

8/10/10 It's better for gaming than most give it credit for, but too noisy for online games if you use a microphone.

9/10/10 Unicomp makes new buckling spring keyboards

7/10/8 My Model M is with me since I was a kid. Now I work with it in my Job. The best keyboard ever made :)

7/10/8 Super satisfying to type on. Buckling spring KBs usually only have 2KRO, so not the best for gaming.

7/9/8 This is a glorious typing switch. It provides great feedback and really feels like you are getting work done. When gaming, you like the switch or you don't. Overall, I highly recommend if you can find one.

8/10/9 Satisfying clicky sounds. Like a typewriter.

5/10/7 A pleasure to type on. Cherry MX Blues feel super cheap and light while buckling springs are heavier but they feel like high quality switches.

3/10/9 What can I say? This is my favorite switch for typing, hands down. It has everything going for it--tactility, force curve, and auditory feedback.. Far from ideal for gaming--but that's not the point of this switch.

-/10/10 Model F better than Model M

-/10/- There's no substitute. IBM's wacky idea is still the most solid, pleasing typing experience, IMHO. They're as noisy as hell, of course—but if you're going to type, TYPE, y'know? And if you ever manage to wear one out, you're stronger than I am.

3/8/7 loud, but relieves carpal tunnel syndrome

Mario Gaming Typewriter Typing YinYang Universal
Black Cherry MX

Black Cherry MXlinear - 60g force

613 ratings [ User Comments ]
Silent Black Cherry MX

Silent Black Cherry MXlinear - 60g force

3 ratings
Brown Cherry MX

Brown Cherry MXtactile - 45g force

1157 ratings [ User Comments ]
Blue Cherry MX

Blue Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 50g force

1231 ratings [ User Comments ]
Red Cherry MX

Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

946 ratings [ User Comments ]
Silent Red Cherry MX

Silent Red Cherry MXlinear - 45g force
Green Cherry MX

Green Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

279 ratings [ User Comments ]
Clear Cherry MX

Clear Cherry MXtactile - 65g force

251 ratings [ User Comments ]
White Cherry MX

White Cherry MXtactile, clicky - 80g force

Nature White Cherry MX

Nature White Cherry MXlinear - 55g force

Tactile Grey Cherry MX

Tactile Grey Cherry MXtactile - 80g force

Linear Grey Cherry MX

Linear Grey Cherry MXlinear - 80g force

Silver Cherry MX

Silver Cherry MXlinear - 45g force

KBT Black

KBT Blacklinear - 60g force

KBT Brown

KBT Browntactile - 45g force

KBT Blue

KBT Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force


KBT Redlinear - 45g force

Greetech Black

Greetech Blacklinear - 55g force

2 ratings
Greetech Brown

Greetech Browntactile - 45g force

Greetech Blue

Greetech Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

20 ratings
Greetech Red

Greetech Redlinear - 45g force

5 ratings
Gateron Black

Gateron Blacklinear - 50g force

Gateron Brown

Gateron Browntactile - 45g force

Gateron Blue

Gateron Bluetactile, clicky - 55g force

Gateron Red

Gateron Redlinear - 45g force

Gateron Clear

Gateron Clearlinear - 35g force

Gateron Green

Gateron Greentactile, clicky - 80g force
Matias Click

Matias Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force
Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force

Matias Linear

Matias Linearlinear - 35g force

Topre 30g

Topre 30gtactile - 30g force

Topre 35g

Topre 35gtactile - 35g force

58 ratings
Topre 45g

Topre 45gtactile - 45g force

168 ratings [ User Comments ]
Topre 55g

Topre 55gtactile - 55g force

Topre Variable

Topre Variabletactile - 45g force

4 ratings
Black Kailh

Black Kailhlinear - 60g force

Brown Kailh

Brown Kailhtactile - 45g force

Blue Kailh

Blue Kailhtactile, clicky - 50g force

Red Kailh

Red Kailhlinear - 50g force

Green Kailh

Green Kailhtactile, clicky - 60g force

Buckling Spring

Buckling Springtactile, clicky - 65g force

305 ratings [ User Comments ]