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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Official Mechanical Switch Rater and Guide (v2.6.0)

Our attempt to answer the ubiquitous question: "Which switch is best for me?" Switch feel will always be a matter of personal preference, but here's how thousands of other users rank switches for gaming, typing, and universal use. Be sure to contribute your rating for mechanical switches you're familiar with.

Want to see ratings on a switch not listed? Let us know and we'll add it.

Cherry MX Clear

Cherry MX Cleartactile - 65g force

263 ratings [ User Comments ]

2/6/7 it's really stiff and you get tired after long time of typing

-/6/6 The keys feel just a bit too squishy for my tastes. Not enough tactility to balance out the fact that they have no click to them. But they are nice and quiet.

9/10/10 MX Clears are my favorite by far, like silent blues with 65 grams of force required. love em!

-/9/- Really nice switch, interesting bump, good precisione typing.

9/10/10 Simply love the tactile feel of these. It's like a more satisfying Cherry MX Browns. Almost like Blue but without the clickity noise.

6/8/7 They feel really nice after you use them for a bit. Like all cherry switches, they take a little bit of use to become less scratchy.

9/10/10 Highly recommended. Much like a Brown MX, just heavier - but not too heavy.

8/7/10 Clears are the best if you need an all-around keyboard. The click from blues and greens is so good, but sometimes you need quiet.

7/9/8 This switch is great for heavy finger typers like myself. I hate the "click" of the Blue / Green switches but do enjoy the tactile bump feedback when typing. This switch can be used for gaming but would take some adjustment time.

8/9/8 Best for both,and pretty good for universal

10/7/8 so i missclick browns to much so this is gods gift to me if i need a work keyboard and cant use blues as they are "to loud" imo be glad i dont use ibm beam switches.

9/10/9 Heavy, but if you get used to it, it's a great switch!

8/10/7 Gaming is not too bad, takes some getting used to for game/typing, but typing is on another level after getting used to it,WASD CODE got it right

7/10/9 Best switches out there, might be a tad hard but that's all

9/9/10 great all around keys with the tactile feedback ideal for typing and not get annoying while gaming


10/10/10 If you bottom out on red/brown/blues, then clears will work for you. really liking it so far. Typing is so much better than reds.

7/9/9 Excellent tactile feedback and just the right amount of resistance for a heavy-handed typist like myself.

10/9/9 my favorite switch. this to me is what browns are actually described as. great tactility that gives you the actuation feedback that is perfect for gaming. Typing is glorious, second only to blues as it is missing the click. the ideal switch IMO.

10/10/10 I have tried most of the Cherry switches, and Clears are by far my favorite. Love the heavier, tactile action.

6/3/5 These should not be considered "tactile". Activation is not near resistive bump - the "feedback" is meaningless. It is like typing through molasses. Very fatiguing.

7/9/8 Clears are what browns should be. They are much more tactile and heavier to offer a satisfying typing experience. For gaming, the tactile bump makes key hovering much easier. Though it may be too tactile for some, at least without lubricant.

Mario Gaming Typewriter Typing YinYang Universal
Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Blacklinear - 60g force

629 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Silent Black

Cherry MX Silent Blacklinear - 60g force

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Browntactile - 45g force

1201 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

1276 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Redlinear - 45g force

970 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry MX Silent Redlinear - 45g force

Cherry MX Green

Cherry MX Greentactile, clicky - 80g force

287 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Clear

Cherry MX Cleartactile - 65g force

263 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX White

Cherry MX Whitetactile, clicky - 80g force

100 ratings [ User Comments ]
Cherry MX Nature White

Cherry MX Nature Whitelinear - 55g force
Cherry MX Tactile Grey

Cherry MX Tactile Greytactile - 80g force

Cherry MX Linear Grey

Cherry MX Linear Greylinear - 80g force

Cherry MX Silver

Cherry MX Silverlinear - 45g force

KBT Black

KBT Blacklinear - 60g force

KBT Brown

KBT Browntactile - 45g force

KBT Blue

KBT Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

KBT Redlinear - 45g force

Greetech Black

Greetech Blacklinear - 55g force

4 ratings
Greetech Brown

Greetech Browntactile - 45g force

Greetech Blue

Greetech Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

20 ratings
Greetech Red

Greetech Redlinear - 45g force

7 ratings
Gateron Black

Gateron Blacklinear - 50g force

Gateron Brown

Gateron Browntactile - 45g force

Gateron Blue

Gateron Bluetactile, clicky - 55g force

Gateron Red

Gateron Redlinear - 45g force

Gateron Clear

Gateron Clearlinear - 35g force
Gateron Green

Gateron Greentactile, clicky - 80g force

Matias Click

Matias Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force
Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Clicktactile, clicky - 55g force

Matias Linear

Matias Linearlinear - 35g force

Topre 30g

Topre 30gtactile - 30g force

Topre 35g

Topre 35gtactile - 35g force

60 ratings
Topre 45g

Topre 45gtactile - 45g force

175 ratings [ User Comments ]
Topre 55g

Topre 55gtactile - 55g force

Topre Variable

Topre Variabletactile - 45g force

5 ratings
Kailh BOX White

Kailh BOX Whitetactile, clicky - 50g force

2 ratings
Kailh Black

Kailh Blacklinear - 60g force

Kailh Brown

Kailh Browntactile - 45g force

Kailh Blue

Kailh Bluetactile, clicky - 50g force

Kailh Red

Kailh Redlinear - 50g force

Kailh Green

Kailh Greentactile, clicky - 60g force

Buckling Spring

Buckling Springtactile, clicky - 65g force

317 ratings [ User Comments ]