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KBParadise Logo Is There a Huge Difference Between KBP V60 and Pok
KBParadise September 27, 2018
By GH @Hypersphere
@SeeYouSpaceCowboy: Good question. I have a Pok3r with Cherry Brown, V60 with Gateron Yellow, V60 with Matias Click, V60 with Matias Quiet, and V60R with Cherry Green. They are alike in many respects, but there are some features that are unique to one or the other.
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Mechanical Keyboards Inc Logo The Colors of Fission
Mechanical Keyboards Inc January 12, 2017
fis┬Ěsion (noun)
the action of dividing or splitting something into two or more parts.

RGB LEDs have firmly placed themselves as the most popular things to live behind your keycaps. But what if we split them up?

Leave clean white light on top and move co Read more

Mechanical Keyboards Inc Logo New Keyboards on the Block
Mechanical Keyboards Inc November 15, 2016
While Ducky has illuminated our fingers with the Shine 5, and Filco has captivated wandering eyes with their KOBO frames, we have been busy looking for fresh new products and manufacturers to add to our catalog. And although many opinions differ regarding original Cherry or Topre switches, the new a Read more

Mechanical Keyboards Inc Logo Mardi Gras Kobos - Beauty with a Purpose
Mechanical Keyboards Inc October 21, 2016
MK partnered with Filco to create this beautiful frame in support of those affected by the Great Flood of 2016 in south Louisiana. What better way to represent south Louisiana than the famous Mardi Gras color palette. We combined a purple lacquer base with splashes of gold and green to create this Read more

Mechanical Keyboards Inc Logo New: Gen 2 MK Disco with Black and White Caps
Mechanical Keyboards Inc October 11, 2016
The Gen 2 MK Disco will be one of the first keyboards to use Ducky's latest edition PBT Doubleshot keycaps and we must say they are exquisite. Underneath the beautiful caps lie the incredibly bright Disco LEDs and silky smooth KBT switches. Perfect for gamers and typists looking for a shorter thro Read more