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By Mechanical Keyboards Inc
November 15, 2016
While Ducky has illuminated our fingers with the Shine 5, and Filco has captivated wandering eyes with their KOBO frames, we have been busy looking for fresh new products and manufacturers to add to our catalog. And although many opinions differ regarding original Cherry or Topre switches, the new and revitalized brands we carry are sure to please with their switch alternative offerings and higher quality keycap options. All come with modern features at appealing prices, perfect for those new to mechanical keyboards, as well as those on a budget willing to try something new:

Plum Cherry MX, Gateron MX-Compatible, or 35g Electro Capacitive Switches; Full-Size to 75% Form Factors Available; POM or PBT Keycaps; RGB Backlighting Available on 75% Version

E-Element Outemu MX-Compatible Switches; ABS Doubleshot Backlit Keys; Brushed Aluminum Case Top Construction; RGB (Full-size) or White LED’s (87 Key)

James Donkey Gateron MX-Compatible Switches; ABS Doubleshot Semi-Backlit Keys; Aluminum Accents; Unreal Case Design in Full or 87 Key Form Factor; LED Backlighting

Ganss Cherry MX Switches; ABS Doubleshot Backlit Keys; Smaller Form Factor (87 Key); Ice Blue Backlighting

Keyboards featured below in order of appearance: James Donkey TKL Backlit; E-Element 104-Key Black RGB LED; and E-Element 87-Key TKL White LED
New Keyboards on the Image
New Keyboards on the Image
New Keyboards on the Image