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Mechanical Keyboards Inc Logo The whole deal on Ducky One 2 Mini pre-orders
By Mechanical Keyboards Inc
January 29, 2019
Ducky's One 2 Mini RGB is an awesome board and it is in very high demand. Here's the breakdown on the current One 2 Mini availability / stock status.

Need to know

  • Ducky is at max production capacity. They are making as many One 2 Minis as they can.
  • MK ships inventory as soon as we have it.
  • When large pre-order shipments land, it takes our team several days to process the thousands of orders that were waiting on the stock.
  • Production delays happen and shipment ETAs change. The absolute latest and most accurate information we have is posted on the Availability Page
  • If you pre-ordered a One 2 Mini but don't want to deal with any of the above, please send an order cancellation request for a full no-questions-asked refund.
    Please remember you will lose your place in line if you decide to cancel.

Good to know

  • ETAs on the product listing and availability page represent the date we expect the stock to land at our store so we can begin processing and shipping it.
  • Cancellations affect the Availability page's 'Orders filled up to' order numbers in a positive direction; one less order to fill means a higher order number can now be filled with the same stock!
  • When the stock for your order arrives and has been prepped for processing, your order's status will change to 'Pick Slip Printed'. For large batch pre-orders like Minis, please allow a few days for processing.
  • When your order ships, the carrier will send you a tracking email. If you order has shipped, you will have an email in your inbox.
  • Our support team uses MK's Availability Page. If you send a ticket, call, tweet, YouTube comment, etc asking for an ETA, our staff will reply using that page. Please make use of the this page directly instead of creating a support ticket so our support team can focus on other tickets (and help fulfillment ship Minis! when they come in).

Some Perspective...

A few years ago, everyone was affected by the infamous Cherry switch shortages. Lead times for manufacturers to get switches ranged from 12 - 24 months. It was brutal.
Waiting for the latest hot item from enthusiast brands like Ducky, Vortex, Leopold, and Filco is not a new thing. They make high end boards in small batches. Ducky's One 2 Mini is worth the wait! Hang in there!

Happy typing! - the MK Team
The whole deal on Du Image
The whole deal on Du Image
The whole deal on Du Image
The whole deal on Du Image