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Ducky One 2 Skyline Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

I have been using this keyboard for a couple of days (my first MK), and I'm really liking it so far! The board itself is solid and weighty, the keycaps are solid but light, and it goes really well wit ... Read More

4 / 5
Varmilo VA87M White LED TKL Laser Etched PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Got Cherry MX Black

Oh man I really love this keyboard. The smoothness was amazing and the key swithces were pre-lubed. That being said the sounds of the shifts, backspace, enter and sp ... Read More

5 / 5
Ganss GS-87 Blue LED TKL Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Purchased: Sep '16
Works great, but did not come in the color LEDs I ordered -- came in "BLUE" not "Ice Blue" (as shown in photo.)

Spilled some tea in it once, but still works li ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky MIYA Pro Panda White LED 60% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

My first mechanical keyboard. Love the feel of it with the MX browns. Looks great, dig the accents and swag that came with > deskpad, plush panda.

Currently looking for my second keyboa ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky One Side Print TKL Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Clear / China White)

Board is good, tactility is nice, so I will describe the downsides:
* PING - it is very noticeable and is the main problem of this board
* Side cable routes do not provide enough room fo ... Read More

3 / 5
Cherry MX Brown RGB Clear Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry)

These are amazing. I have been using these after Zealios and I much prefer these. Very decent tactile bump and the RGB aspect is perfect for my K-Type.

5 / 5
Ducky MIYA Pro Panda White LED 60% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown)

Overall This keyboard fully meets expectations when comes to first glance. The build quality is great and overall a really nice and solid keyboard. Mine, however, came with a small defect where the F4 ... Read More

5 / 5
MK Fission White Keycaps White LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

8 Months later and still I consider this one of the best keyboards I've owned. Some people may want more LEDs or color changing backlights however, I find this simple yet exciting with simple backligh ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky One 711 Multi LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Mixed)

Amazing keyboard, Works great after a year of pretty heavy use form Osu! and other video games. Cherry Mx Silvers are amazing. Never need a different keyboard. The lighting and options are also very c ... Read More

5 / 5
MK Disco White ABS Double Shot RGB LED TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Excellent! The LEDs are bright and colorful and really make the keyboard pop! I didn't like that the colors and birghtness was controlled through the keyboard itself at first, but it's much more intui ... Read More

5 / 5
Leopold FC900R White/Green PD Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Extremely well built and awesome keystroke feel (Cherry mx browns). Excellent for typing but I prefer browns for gaming as well. Worlds better than my old Corsair Stealth rgb. The color combination is ... Read More

5 / 5
White Floating Doubleshot ABS Keycap Set (Ducky)

Keycaps are amazing. It definitely lits up my keyboard. It is much more brighter. The spacebar is only a standard key not as advertised. I recommended these keycaps!

5 / 5
Ducky One Rainbow TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Note: This keyboard is actually white instead of beige.

Things I liked:
- Rainbow aesthetic looks much nicer in-person than how it appears on picture.
- Keyboard feels ver ... Read More

5 / 5
Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

In a time where every other mechanical keyboard manufacturer is focusing on cost savings, LED light shows, and macro keys, FILCO brings the industry back to its roots with a no-frills design, with a f ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky One White on White TKL RGB LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Got this keyboard in MX Black & I love it so much, the RGB effects are perfect and the mx switch doesn't feel super heavy which I was worried about since this was my first MK purchase. Only real comp ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky Shine 6 RGB LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

This is my first mechanical keyboard and it is a feels great and enjoyable to type. The lighting has many varieties of lighting modes. Great customer service and has a great RGB quality.

5 / 5
KBParadise V80 Vintage TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Great keyboard with many switch options available. If you're needing a basic TKL keyboard, look no further!

5 / 5
Topre Realforce RGB LED Double Shot ABS Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard is really really good. Now as a warning this does not have the same thocky sound that one may get with a standard RealForce/Leopold board; however, by applying the silence-x rings from K ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky One 2 Skyline Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Feels so much better than my KG010 knock switches. Also smaller profile and very comfortable to type on. Pair that with simple aesthetics and you've got a great keyboard for gaming, everyday use, and ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky MIYA Pro Sakura Pink LED 60% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

my mom love it, is a great keyboard

5 / 5
Vortex POK3R Black LE Black Border RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Best keyboard I have ever used.
Coming from Cherry MX Blues, Razer Greens and MX Browns. I simply love Nature Whites.
These things just feel amazing. Not clicky though. But i ... Read More

5 / 5
MK Typist Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Wonderful keyboard! I have had this keyboard for about 2 months, and it works great! Really sleek, and great key caps.

5 / 5
Secret RGB Mouse and Flipper Mouse Pad (Ducky)

I love the Ducky Secret. It feels the same as the old Microsoft Intellimouse, but better with PBT and a hefty weight. The free shipping and desk mat make this a great value. I've been using the mou ... Read More

5 / 5
Ducky One White Case White LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Wow. Ducky has really hit a sweet spot in price with these Ducky One and Ducky One 2 keyboards. $100 for full-size, Cherry MX, PBT keycaps, white LEDs, and Ducky quality? Free shipping, no sales tax? ... Read More

5 / 5
Vortex Race 3 TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

I really enjoyed this keyboard while it worked, after using it for a while the micro-usb port broke. This was partially my fault for taking it out of the house, but it is also because of the fragile ... Read More

4 / 5
108 Key PBT Seamless Doubleshot Keycap Set - Joker (Ducky)

Awesome set. Quality is 100% and colors are on point. Looks great on my white Pok3r. Feels solid too.

5 / 5
Mistel Barocco Black RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Quality feels pretty good considering that its primarily made of ABS plastic. Has a very similar feel to a HHB keyboard which is great. The quality on the keycaps used for this board are above what I ... Read More

5 / 5
Vortex ViBE Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

Got this as my first mechanical keyboard, and I couldn't be happier! I really wanted a 75% keyboard, but this was the only that had the look that I was going for. The keyboard is nice and solid, and s ... Read More

4 / 5