Vortex 104 Key Black Backlit Double Shot Keycap Set

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VortexVortex 104 Key Black Backlit Double Shot Keycap Set
  • PBT+ translucent POM Double Shot keycap set
  • 104 keycaps
  • ISO enter key NOT included.
  • Spacebar with logo NOT included. Set includes standard black PBT spacebar instead.
  • Cherry MX stem compatible
  • OEM profile

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  • These keycaps are not worth the $44 that i paid. Some of the keys light up as expected, but because the font is too big, most keys have a dark bottom where the lights don't show. I am glad that the f row, caps lock, backspace, enter and shift keys, along side with the entire bottom row lights up well, but I am sad that the other keys won't light up as well as them

  • This is a very well built keycap set but the translucent bits were not well thought out.

    Many of the keys have the letter section overlap the keycap stem. This causes many of the keys to get a fuzzy dark spot on the bottom part of the letter or symbol, which is further exacerbated by the fact that the letters are pretty large. Some examples:
    - The bottom line on my Z key is barely lit at all while the rest of the letter is fully lit;
    - The up and down keys don't have their stem and arrowhead respectively lit;
    - The lower arrow in the tab key is not lit.

    Also echoing what Mike said below, some of the keys stack the characters vertically, like the symbols over the numbers and the brackets, so if you have a keyboard with only an led on the top of the switch (like me), the bottom row won't be lit. This means that on all the number keys, the symbol is lit while the number is not lit at all unless you have an led on the lower half of your switch.

    This is all unfortunate because you can tell that these are high quality caps when you type on them. I probably wouldn't recommend these unless you have a keyboard which highlights the whole key evenly.

  • High quality materials with poor design/execution. I wish I could attach pictures to show what I mean, but the legends are quite inconsistent in thickness, and are not designed well for backlighting. The legends stacking multiple symbols means the numbers are actually never backlit, no light reaches down there and it's only the !@#$%^&*( numeric symbols that show up. The same goes for the bracket keys, the period, comma, quotation marks, back and forward slash, etc. For "taller" legends like the tab symbol that extends further down the keycap, the top is brightly lit while the lower portion is barely showing through.

    On the flip side they feel and sound really good - obviously a high quality construction process and materials. Not sure what to say other than I would never have bought them if I knew the backlighting would be so poorly thought out. Pretty sketchy that they don't include a picture of the keys backlit in the product page; isn't the backlitting the entire reason to purchase backlit keys? Even on the simple alpha keys, the bottom of all the letters kinda fades out where you can see it crossing into the column of the MX stem. Really surprising that such an incompatible font size was chosen.

  • This has the potential to be the best keycap set ever. The only problems I have with it are that the lighting on some of the keys isn't good.

    My Corsair K70 RGB keyboard doesn't have a standard bottom row so I can't use those. I need a custom set for that.

    I'm not a big fan of the font or the squirrel log.

  • Quality keycaps. A bit expensive for shipping (As I reside in Canada) but it's well worth the purchase. Some keys (@ Symbol, Right Enter Key, Pause, F8 ) Are poorly laser engraved.

  • Nice caps. My spacebar is blank though whereas the one in the picture has the logo.

  • Great quality keycaps, only backlit PBT I've seen but very poor lighting on numpad and enter.

    Great packaging as well, includes extra media keys.

  • Very nice set. Textured and well made.

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