100x Cherry MX 24K Gold Plated Springs - 78G - SPRiT Edition (MK)

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Mechanical Keyboards100x Cherry MX 24K Gold Plated Springs - 78G - SPRiT Edition
  • 78 Gram Compression Force
  • 24K Gold Plated
  • Cherry MX compatible
Do you want to switch up the feel of your mechanical keyboard, but you don't want to deal with the expense and inconvenience of soldering in entirely new switches? A simple way to find the perfect weight you're looking for in your pre-existing set-up, the Custom Cherry MX Springs are easy to install and instantly grant you the key feel you've always wanted!

These springs are custom-made and each compression force has its special properties:
- 50g (actuation 40g) Quick Arrow Edition. Rapid response! A bit softer and faster than MX Reds.
- 55g (actuation 45g) Quick Arrow Edition. Tighter and more elastic than MX Reds. Some may feel it's simliar to a HHKB or Topre 45g.
- 60g (actuation 50g) More stable, elastic, and clear accentuated for the MX Blues. Optimized for the Linears too. The Ergo Edition
- 62g is slightly heavier, tighter, stable, clear accentuated than stock MX Blues. Simulated to be elastic as the Early Vintage Blues. The Ergo Edition
- 65g is smooth, gentle, stable, heavier than MX Blues. Optimized for the Linears too. The Ergo Edition
- 68g is a Vintage Black edition. simulated to the very Early Vintage Blacks, NCR-0527, G80-0510, G80-0904, Nixdorf Blacks, in 1980's. Soft & Cushiony
- 72g is a Vintage Black edition. simulated to be elastic as the Vintage Blacks, MX Greens. Soft & Cushiony
- 78g is a Soft MX Clear Edition. ~20% softer & lighter than MX Clears, but same cushiony too.
- 85g is similar to MX Clears. Cushiony bottoming out.
- 100g is similar to MX Gray linear, and Gray tactiles. Starts very soft and gentle but heavy bottom out.
- 125g is Super heavy, Similar to some space bar springs in Cherry MX boards [MX Super Heavy]
- 150g is Simulated to be MX Super Keys in G80-1600, G80-5000 [SPRiT Super Heavy]
- 180g is Simulated to be Super keys found in G80-5000, G80-9009, etc [Super! Super!]

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  • Placed these goldies in some blue switches in a used keyboard i got for real cheap. the bottom is cushiony enough to prevent bottoming out so i removed the orings.
    this feels nicer than bottoming out a blue, is more accessible to me than a green switch, gold factor, no metallic ring noise from the blue. ill be able to place it in any future keyboard if i want
    with all my springs lyingaround its easy to discern the gold ones
    id say it was a fair deal

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