6 Key Cherry MX Switch Tester (MK)

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MK6 Key Cherry MX Switch Tester
  • Aluminum body with a minimalist design
  • Each keyswitch can be removed to mix and match
  • Additional switches available as optional packs
6-Key Cherry MX Switch Tester

(1) Black MX keyswitch
(1) Red MX keyswitch
(1) Brown MX keyswitch
(1) Clear MX keyswitch
(1) Green MX keyswitch
(1) Blue MX keyswitch
(6) Clear Keycaps
(1) Aluminum Frame

Plate Dimensions : 120(L) x 26(W) x 11(H) mm

Our switch tester features an aluminum body with a minimalist design. Each keyswitch can be removed to mix and match to your personal favorite(s)!

Optional Packs:
Additional Cherry Switch Pack (+$3.00) - (1) White/Milk, (1) Linear Gray, (1) Tactile Gray switches.
Gateron Switch Pack (+$4.00) - (1) Black, (1) Brown, (1) Red, (1) Blue, (1) Green, (1) Yellow and (1) Clear switches.
Greetech Switch Pack (+$2.00) - (1) Black, (1) Brown, (1) Blue, and (1) Red switches.
Kailh Switch Pack (+$2.00) - (1) Black, (1) Brown, (1) Blue, and (1) Red switches.
Outemu Switch Pack (+$2.00) - (1) Black, (1) Brown, (1) Blue, and (1) Red switches.
Master Switch Pack (+$9.00) - (1) of each of the above switches along with 4 types of MK Inc o-rings.

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  • Get the master switch pack. you will have a better understanding of each switch and their differences. I was going to go with browns, but after doing some testing with the switches and the feel with different rings, I found I needed the MX Reds with the 60 weight rings for the right feel and sound. Keep in mind, there is a bit of a difference between the feel of the tester and the feel of actually typing on a keyboard.

  • Reading reviews and even watching videos of various switch types can only get you so far. A tester such as this provides valuable sensory information for determining your preferences in weight and tactility before committing to an actual keyboard.

    Keep in mind, however, that key feel and acoustics will likely differ between this tester and whatever keyboard you decide to get; the switch type may be the same, but factors such as keycap material, keycap thickness, and keyboard construction will greatly affect the typing experience. (The clear keycaps of the tester are thin, at about 1 mm, and are only very lightly textured.)

    The aluminum base is nice and sturdy, although with mine, one of the holes is a bit looser than the others and I end up pulling out the entire switch from this hole when I attempt to remove the keycap. But this is only a minor inconvenience.

  • Going with the master switch pack of this and I will 3D print a new base that holds all 28 switch types.

    B product, because I'll have to source 22 extra clear Keycaps.

  • This is really helpful in order to choose which switches you want. Of course the Master Switch Pack is a must as it allows you to really test a lot of keys.

  • Master switch pack was definitely worth it. Having that much variety at your fingertips gives you an easy time determining which switches you prefer.

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