Secret M RGB Mouse and Flipper Mouse Pad (Ducky)

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DuckySecret M RGB Mouse and Flipper Mouse Pad
  • Ducky Secret M Mouse
  • Includes Ducky Flipper Mouse Pad
Pixart PMW3310DH Sensor
NXP 32-bit ARM MCU
125/250/500/1000Hz Polling Rate
3+2 Buttons
Omron Switches
PBT Plastic
Black Teflon Feet
1.8M Cable
Dimensions : 64.6 x 117.3 x 37 (mm)
Weight : 93.5g

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  • This is an exceptional if imperfect mouse. I rather wish the DPI button was on top behind the scrollwheel instead of on the bottom. That aside, I am very impressed with this mouse.

    I got the M version which is the smaller one, but even so it feels big and heavy compared to the mouses I normally use - and in a good way. Because of the width I change my grip on this mouse, resting a bit more on it. The weight helps with the smooth, precise feel. The PBT plastic feels great; solid and clean. Some have called it slippery - I wouldn't. Depending on your grip, you might touch the RGB window on the right - it's a different kind of plastic, and feels pretty clammy next to the PBT, but I don't really notice it because it doesn't interact with my grip.

    The sensor is great, the clicks are satisfying, and the RGB is simple but controllable from the mouse itself; no software required.

    I might wish the cord were mounted a milimeter or two higher - it sometimes drags against the included mousepad. This can be eliminated with a little hand-shaping and the use of a mouse bungee. At that point, this mouse has an incredibly premium feel.

    My basis for comparison is something like a mid-tier Logitech mouse, so I'm sure there's better to be found out there - but I also like this a lot more than many of the expensive display models Ive tried at electronics stores.

    This mouse is versatile, comfortable, has a great sensor and good switches, and comes at a reasonable price compared to many options out there.

    I wouldn't say this mouse is perfect, but i's closer to a 5 than a 4 - so 5 out of 5 it is. Highly recommended.

  • This is my new favorite mouse. I play a lot of FPS games, and my previous favorite was the Logitech G Pro. The Secret M is similar in size, but has much better side buttons and a better overall shape. The Secret M also allows you to change the lighting mode without software. The included mouse pad is great too. :D

  • Same story. Bought the Secret, was too large, returned it and bought the Secret M.

    I've been using a Logitech MX518 for the past nine years and that's a hard act to follow. But the Secret M is doing well. I really wish more manufacturers would use PBT. The shape is also excellent. Like a Razer DeathAdder, but better. That, to me, is at least as important as sensor accuracy.

    Speaking of which, I have no complaints about precision. The test of a mouse is whether or not I can perform the shock combo in Unreal Tournament 2004 while dodging enemy fire. Some fine tuning got me pretty close, and I think the rest is just a matter of getting used to a new mouse.

    It doesn't require additional software, which is an absolute must for my gaming setup, which is as old as the MX518, has no online connection, and runs Windows XP (don't laugh, I have my reasons).

    I have two complaints about the Secret M. The first is that I'd have preferred if the DPI button wasn't on the underside of the mouse. Not really a big deal. The other is the scroll wheel. I think it's a little mushier and less precise than my old mouse.

    Those are the only things that hold the Secret M back from perfection. It's still fantastic, and if it lasts a third as long as my MX518 I'll have gotten my money's worth, even without the included mouse pad (which is great, by the way).

  • Best freaking mouse ever. I am a vet Counter Strike player since 2000 to present. I have always used Razer Razer deathadder for the past 10 years, then Zowie. I upgraded to this just out of curiosity and it's maybe the best mouse that I have ever used. My teammates have tried it and they also love it. Speed and accuracy and no BS filters or sims on it, raw throughput only. If you're a FPS gamer, take it from a pro, this is legit !

  • I love this mouse. I purchased the Ducky Secret mouse previously from another vendor before I discovered and I really enjoyed that mouse, but it was a little large for my hands. I was very excited when I saw this smaller model coming out. It is the perfect mouse for me. It fits my hand beautifully. The tracking is flawless. The buttons are nice and clicky and don't feel spongy at all as can be a problem on some other mice. I also love that all the settings are adjusted via hardware controls on the mouse no software required. Full control over angle snapping, color, color change, DPI,USB report rate, and settings for various mouse mat materials. I've had this for about seven months now and have zero complaints.

  • The Ducky Secret was my favorite mouse by far. It felt great, looked great, tracked perfectly, and didn't require additional software. My only complaint was that it was a little larger than would be ideal for my hand, and I did really want the Ducky logo. This mouse addressed both issues perfectly. Tempted to buy a ton more of these.

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