PBT Cherry MX Side Print Keycap Set- Gold Print (Ducky)

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DuckyPBT Cherry MX Side Print Keycap Set- Gold Print
  • Fit all standard Cherry MX switches
  • PBT plastic
  • 108 Key Set
  • Includes Keypuller
  • Two Bonus Ducky Keycaps
  • Side Print keycaps
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible
  • OEM Profile
The PBT White Cherry MX Keycap Set- Grey Print by Ducky is a great addition to your Mechanical Keyboard collection.

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  • I've been using a set of these for a while now on a WASD v2 clears, and I really like them.

    - The texture has held up very well - no smoothing or shininess after pounding on them all day for six months.

    - The sheer mass of these things gives them a better feel and sound than ABS. (I have ABS at home, unfortunately - still hoping to get backlit PBT someday!)

    - When attaching or removing them, the fit seems a bit on the tight side. I had some concern that I'd damage the switches, but they seem fine. I suppose too tight is better than too loose!

    - My board has plate-mount costar stabilizers, and I don't perceive any rattling. (regarding Stephen's comment) I've never used other varieties, though, so I might just not know what I'm missing. Remember to grease your costar stabilizers!

    Lastly, as Stephen noted, the media function legends may not match your board.

  • I ordered a set of these because I got tired of waiting around for the blank black PBT's to be restocked. They are on my Ducky 2108 Zero now and they feel good. The space bar is a bit bowed - as most PBT space bars are but so far it doesn't seem to be a problem. However, this is most likely due to the stabilizers - I would NOT order these for a costar style stabilized keyboard as they would likely rattle like crazy. Also Ducky Zero / non-DK-9008 owners: This has additional media inscribings which will obviously not work. I don't care but some of you might.

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