Tai-Hao Hawaii 116 Key OEM Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set

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Tai-HaoTai-Hao 116 Key PBT Double Shot Keycap Set Hawaii
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible
  • OEM Profile
  • Includes keycaps only
  • 116 total keys

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  • Very pretty keycaps. Another pretty noticeable factor is the rough texture of them (comparable to like 2000 grit sandpaper perhaps? Possibly higher?) It takes some getting used to but it's not a negative experience personally. If you are expecting any sort of RGB shine-through if you have a mediocre to cheap PCB with not-ultra-bright lumens, expect to see little-to-none of it. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with how it all looks and feels.

  • I really love the look and feel of these keycaps on my 60% boards. I'm am disappointed that the Caps Lock key does NOT fit my Ducky One 2 mini (even though I read a review below that side these keys fit. erg). It doesn't fit my Vortex Pok3r either. The small shift key fits, but it does not fit the color scheme which is a bit lame. If your Caps Lock key is centered on the switch, it will not fit. This Caps Lock keycap mount is shifted to the left of center. I wish I could have check this before purchasing. The keycaps are high quality, so I give it a high score even though I am not the happiest customer. Please add details to the product description.

  • These key caps are beautiful. PBT is a much nicer material than what my Keychron came with. Unfortunate there is no shine though. But you get over that fairly fast.

  • These keycaps look even more amazing in person! They feel great, too. I absolutely love the color scheme.

    The only issues that I have are that a few of the keycaps have very small permanent rub marks on the sides, and that the space bar is curved slightly downwards. When installed flush on both ends it presses my Kailh speed bronze switch past the click point. I have to have it installed slightly raised a bit to avoid this issue.

  • They look and feel amazing! Nice colors and texture on the keycaps. Fit perfectly on the ducky one 2 mini. My only complaint is the rgb lights dont shine through as well but that is ok not a big deal for me.

  • This set is great! The other reviews mention a "rough" texture like sand paper, they do have a texture, but I wouldn't call it sandpaper. It is very slight. And the "warping" in the space bar is a design. All of the wider keys are higher on the ends than the middle of the key just slightly, so it is not a problem in my opinion. The colors are fantastic. Get this set!

  • The keycaps are rough and textured i like that but some may not. One thing is that the legend is black on all keys except the function keys where they are cyan everything else is wonderful

  • Feels like sandpaper which is good if you like that texture also the keycaps are thin so backlight shines through the entire keycap besides that very good keycaps

  • This product was amazing.

  • These were not the quality I was expecting. The surfaces of the keycaps are rough and unpleasant to touch, think of some fine grit sandpaper, and that's about what they feel like. The keys are thin, and because of that you can't use any backlighting with these keycaps as the light will come through the keys. The light will unevenly shine through, showing a silhouette of the frame of the keycaps and making it hard to read the character on the keycap. Also, the space bar was warped probably 2-3 degrees and wouldn't sit properly on the stabilizers due to the issue. Likely not worth 30-40 bucks unless you've got a lot of money to throw around. This felt worse than a $20 set of keycaps I ordered from a sketchy Chinese website.

    They are ok if you don't plan to ever use backlighting and don't care about keycaps with a rough feeling finish on the face.

  • The Hawaii keycap set is quite nice. Tai Hao stopped using the slippery coating that was on some previous sets, so the PBT feels like sandpaper (which is good).

    The caps are fairly thin and some injection molding sprues and marks are present. Those will need removal. There is also slight space bar warping, but nothing serious.

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