Tai-Hao Carbon Black 116 Key OEM Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set

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Tai-HaoTai-Hao 116 Key PBT Double Shot Keycap Set Carbon Black
  • PBT Doubleshot keycaps
  • OEM profile
  • Cherry MX stem compatible
  • Dark Gray with black legends
  • 116 total keycaps
  • Includes 1* 2.75u, 1* 2.25u, and 1* 1.75u Shift Keys
  • Includes 3 2u Caps Lock keys, including 2 step-downs
  • Includes 8 blank keys: 4* R1 and 4* R4
  • **Keycaps Only** Keyboard not included

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  • These would have been perfect if they weren't shipped stuffed into a plastic box. Some of the keycaps are scratched- presumably due to the way they're packaged. I can't imagine it's that much more expensive to pack them in the little trays that other sets usually come in and I would have preferred to pay a little extra for that anyway if it meant some of the keycaps wouldn't arrive scratched right out of the box.

    Otherwise they look and feel really solid. They are a little more texturized compared to other keycaps I've used but I don't mind at all. I really enjoy the sleek colorway.

  • Cautions:
    - These keycaps are not black, they are grey (dark grey, but still grey). To some this would be obvious because black ledger on a black keycap would make no sense, but it says black in the title and these are not black.
    - Ledger is dark and hard to see in low light. (I like this feature as my previous keycaps were blank)
    - Like the other guy said, the space bar could be better.

    First Impression:
    Overall these are pretty good keycaps for $40. You get what you pay for. These keycaps are in no way bad, but they aren't top of the line either. I've had similarly priced keycaps that sound a little nicer, but these don't sound bad at all (except the space bar). The texture of the keys are a little inconsistent with most of them being rougher, and a few being smooth. They stand a little taller than I was expecting, but it's not something you would notice. They're overall a good option in my opinion. It also comes with two types of keycap removing tools.

    However, I did not receive a "V" key. Instead I received two "N" keys. This is an inconvenience but I understand that packaging mistakes happen so I will be contacting customer service to see what they can do for me. I have a feeling sending one key is too much of a hassle so I'll either receive an entire new set (Pog), compensation, or a firm "sorry." In any case, I don't want my experience -- which is hopefully a fluke -- to shine a bad light on the keycaps, so a solid 5 stars from me. Good for the price and almost exactly what I was looking for.

    Disclaimer - I am not a keycap expert

  • Don't listen to the negative review saying these kepcaps look and feel "cheap". In fact, it's quite the opposite, and this is coming from someone who has used high end Ducky PBT dye-sub and IMSTO PBT keycaps for years. This set appears to be of a high quality and looks very sharp. I especially like the carbon black look, as it is sleek and sexy!! That being said. for some reason the space bar had an awful "quack" sound to it, and I replaced it with one of my thick PBT Ducky space bars. I deducted one star for this, and feel it may have to do with the thickness of the plastic on that piece? If you have another quality spacebar, you may want to swap that in. Either way, this set features a great look, and nice textured feel that you may be accustomed to with PBT keys.

    One thing to bear in mind is that the legends here are dark. Very dark. You will either need to be very familiar with the keys are located, or be in a well lit environment, as these are not for backlit boards. Overall this is a high quality set that comes complete with TWO different cap removers, a rubber key sample and an optional double-shot PBT logo cap that you can use anywhere you'd like! Tai-Hai is a class act here.

    Pros: Great look, sleek and sexy
    High quality construction and legends
    Great /snug fit with Cherry switches
    Nice extras, including cap removers and sample keys

    Cons: Awful space bar clacking sound
    Perhaps a tad too dark on the legends
    PBT could be a notch thicker to offer a deeper tone

  • Overall, these feel and look very cheap. Because the texture feels awful and scratchy, I will probably sell these and get something else.

  • Picked these up to put on my new WASD v3. The black-on-grey-on-black is a really sleek look. As far as quality, I don't have any complaints. Tai-Hao's PBT sets are pretty solid, and these ones look and feel pretty great.

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