Leopold FC660C Blue/Grey 65% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Leopold FC660C Blue & Grey Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Topre 45g thumbnailTopre 45g
Topre Silent 45g thumbnailTopre Silent 45g



  • Electrocapacitive keyboard featuring Topre switches
  • Space saving form factor
  • F-Row available as layer
  • Dip switches for customizing layout


Details and Specifications

Switch StemsTopre
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key Rollover6
Multimedia KeysNo
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Interface(s)Mini USB
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleNo
Linux CompatibleNo
Dimensions4.29" x 12.80" x 1.30"
Weight1.54 lbs
Cord Length48 inches

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  • I want to vouch for the durability of this keyboard. I've used one--I believe it would today be the "silent" version--as my main keyboard for nearly ten years now, and it's as smooth and tight as when it was new. The only wear is a very faint shine on oft-used keys on the home row and where my right thumb hits the edge of the space bar (now you know I'm not a gamer!).

    This is an exceptionally good keyboard. I wish there were an update or two: USB-C, and a USB-C hub, and a version with backlight and double-shot keycaps. But then it might be too complicated, and one of the things I like about it is how simple it is.

    (Incidentally, they have managed to convince some folks that these are Made in Japan. Maybe prehistoric ones were, but my ten-year-old one is "Inspected in Japan" and "MADE IN CHINA".)

  • This is my favorite keyboard of all time. With the silent switches it feels and sounds fantastic. I type all day for work and notice no real fatigue with these switches compared to others I have used. Truly found my endgame here!!

  • Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Everything feels great on this keyboard. However, it's not as good as HHKB Hybrid Type S. Major downside with Leopold Topre keyboards is that they use what I just found out is micro USB-B. They really messed up there.

  • I've had this board (with silent switches) for over a year.

    The switches are not ideal for gaming, but if you write or code a lot and need to keep the key-chatter to a tolerable volume, this'll do.

    On a side note, I originally thought I'd regret opting for the blue/gray scheme in a rush to try these switches, but it's a muted look I can tolerate and somewhat enjoy, now.

    Why am I here after all this time? I love these switches, and I love this board. Leopold/Topre for life.

  • I am a big lover of linear switches and have been using them for quite some time. The topre swtiches seemed at first rather heavy but the more I use it, more comfortable it gets. Switches are smooth yet sharp and it's a wonderful typing experience. It's distinctive tactile sound is pleasant to hear. Price is the only drawback here - but I think it's definitely worth the money. Micro USB cable is disappointing but I don't mind too much. Great product made in Japan! I have a feeling that this will be my go-to keyboard for a very long time.

  • I've used various mechanical keyboards since around 2014. I'm not quite at the level of bespoke custom CNC machined aluminum keyboards with hand-lubed switches and $200 custom key cap sets you see on r/mechanicalkeyboards, but I've owned and used a LOT of different boards--from the IBM Model M to the hot-swappable GMMK, which I've used with a wide variety of Novel Keys switches.

    By far, this Leopold FC660C with the 45g silent switches has been my favorite typing experience. The tactility of these switches is JUST right. Frankly, I have never used a MX-style tactile switch that I liked--there is either too much pre-travel, too little tactility, too much tactility, too harsh of a tactile bump, too much post-travel, etc. To me, this Topre switch is just right. There is practically NO pre-travel, which helps prevent accidental actuations. Once you do apply enough force for the rubber dome to collapse, it provides a very rounded, soft, and pleasant tactile feedback. And, most importantly for me, there is very little travel after the tactile bump, and bottoming out is much softer than on a typical cherry-style keyboard. As a somewhat heavy-handed typist who likes to bottom out, especially with my stronger fingers, this is a BIG help in preventing fatigue.

    This is not actually my first Topre keyboard. Before this, I picked up a Realforce tenkeyless with their variable key switch weighting (non-silenced). I liked that board, but I ended up not liking the variable weighting so much, and I found myself wanting something with an even smaller form factor while still having arrow keys. The FC660C fit the bill perfectly.

    Some might not like it, but I find the blue and grey colorway on this particular model quite attractive. Definitely prefer it to the standard stealth black-on-black or retro white/grey options you see on the majority of other Topre offerings. The key caps themselves are extremely high quality. No deformities that I can detect in the PBT, and the dye-sublimated legends are on-par, at least to the naked eye, with those on my grey-label IBM Model M. Though both my Realforce and this Leopold board both feature extremely good build quality, I will say the Leopold feels just a little bit more sturdy and well put-together. Maybe it's due to the silenced switches vs the standard Topres on my Realforce, but the Leopold also sounds thick and solid, whereas the Realforce sounds somewhat hollow and cheap in comparison.

    There are only a few small complaints I have with the board. First, some of the longer keys do rattle a bit, but it's nowhere near as bad as most stock MX boards I've used. Backspace is the worst offender, while the spacebar doesn't rattle at all, surprisingly. Second, when I first got the board, some of the keys made a slight pinging sound. Apparently, this is happens when the conical spring gets stuck in the rubber cup, so when they decompress on the upstroke, they slap the PCB. It doesn't affect the function of the board at all, and it seems to sort itself out over time, as none of my keys ping anymore after using the board for the last 10 months.

    I do find it somewhat ironic that, after purchasing my first mechanical keyboard 7 years ago to get away from crappy rubber domes, I've now returned to what is essentially an over-engineered rubber dome with slider keyboard that uses conical springs and a fancy PCB to detect changes in capacitance instead of a cheap membrane that just closes a circuit. But, I can't argue with results--this is by far my favorite keyboard I've ever owned.

  • Incredibly smooth actuation and tactile feel without sounding like a 1970s typewriter. The space bar and enter key feel and sound different than the other keys, but after some breaking in only the space bar continues to sound and feel slightly different - more hollow. I use this keyboard for work and personal use, ranging from giant spreadsheet work to writing fiction and gaming, and it's held up wonderfully. The color scheme is exactly what I wanted as well as the condensed size, and I've rarely had to readjust the keyboard as I go. Anyone wanting RGB for these keyboards needs to look at other products, that's not this keyboard's design and it suffers under no practical use based on the fact I've found the F and J keys in the dark much less while I'm multitasking on calls and working multiple workflows. I've used Corsair Cherry Mx Blues and Logitech mechanical keyboards and this is by far my favorite and worth your investment. 1 star removed for the different sounding/feeling space bar key

  • The best I've used, very nice to program with.

  • As others have noted, the Topre keys have a "smooth" comfortable feel vs. other mechanical keyboards.

    I've rated it 3 out of 5 because unless you have a light shining directly on the keys, the black lettering is virtually impossible to see. Touch typists / programmers may not find this to be an issue, but when I need to hit a key whose location on the KB I am unsure of, it is impossible to just glance at the KB to see where the key is located. The bumps on the F and J keys used to position your index fingers are located at the very bottom edge of each key, and I've found myself needing to check that that my hands are correctly positioned as I miss feeling the bumps occasionally.

    If Leopold adds backlighting, or colors the key lettering white, the KB would be the best I've ever used. The advantages of the Torpe switches outweigh the difficulty in seeing the lettering imho. But if you need to often glance at the keys to see the lettering and position your fingers, and have difficulty seeing black on dark gray, you might want to purchase the white and grey version instead of this one. Had I realized the keys would be so difficult to see that is what I would have done.

  • 45g Silent version.

    Despite my initial skepticism about Topre keys I am consistently blown away by this keyboard. Easily the most pleasant typing experience I have ever had, and I don't see myself ever getting rid of this board. The form factor is perfect, the build quality is excellent, and it is a joy to use. It's like driving a Toyota Camry, or maybe a Rolls Royce if we're considering price. It's not flashy, it's just a consistent, comfortable experience all of the time, and it doesn't beat you up like a sports car would.

    Cons: It's okay for mixed use, but it's designed for typing. In games I definitely get the occasional double click so just be aware. The condensed layout means occasional awkward fumbling for the 'Fn' key when trying to do larger combination shortcuts. The loss of dedicated function keys means this board does not have hardware supported volume control like it's larger brothers do. You'll have to map with software.

    That said, I will gladly deal with the cons for having this form factor. Mechanicalkeyboards.com has also be wonderful to deal with and the whole process is definitely worth 5 stars. Thank you!

  • First off, this is probably one of the best typing experiences I've ever had. Typing on this keyboard is fun and it never gets old. The build and quality is top notch, no rattling whatsoever and everything feels fluid. I got the silent 45g version and it is extremely quiet while also having a deep smooth sound. Bottoming out the keys has a somewhat slight squishy feel because of the rubber domes which is actually a nice feel for typing. The reason I give it 4 stars is because gaming on them is somewhat awkward feeling. It is by no means bad, it's just the tactile bump along with the squishy feeling I mentioned earlier makes it feel awkward when repeatedly pressing the same keys like wasd, I don't recommend using this keyboard if you're a very competitive gamer, it is much more a luxury keyboard than a gaming one. I highly recommend this board if you're going to be typing a lot and want a really unique experience that cherry mx browns will never replicate.

  • After a while using the Leopold FC660C Silent Topre keyboard I performed a comparison with my next best keyboard, the Filco Majestouch Ninja TKL CherryMX Blue. I was wondering how well the FC660C would do because I have good memories of using the Filco. Certainly, it is still a nice keyboard. I was surprised by the size; it was much bigger than I remember, but it made sense because the Leopold was well compacted. Still, I never thought I would think of the Filco as big.

    The first point of comparison was clearly in the Leopold%u2019s favour: the feel of the keycaps. The Leopold has a smooth and supple feel whereas the Filco feels plasticky and grippy due to the oil from the finger.

    The second point was the sound. Obviously the CherryMX Blue is much louder than the Silent Topre, but ignoring the practical concerns of this I somewhat enjoyed this extra cue of pressing buttons. But it got tiresome quickly. The Topre%u2019s lower pitch makes the sound more tolerable for what you can hear of it, and combined with the keycaps this gives the Leopold a feeling of richness.

    The size is obviously in the Leopold%u2019s favour, although there is strange fun in having a big (or huge) keyboard if front of you, as if it gives you more control somehow. The Leopold, however, does include all the functions of the Filco. Visually, both are attractive, but the shine of the keycaps on the Filco is a negative and I think that overall the Leopold is a nicer looking colour scheme.

    Typing speed was measured as almost identical, with a small lead to the Leopold. Typing fatigue and mistakes was less prevalent on the Leopold, but the mistakes might be explained by having less familiarity with the Filco.

    Both keyboards I am happy with, but the result of the comparison is that the Leopold keyboard is my clear preference. I would say the Filco is a 3.5 star keyboard while the Leopold is a 5 star.

    Now allow me to editorialise a bit.
    A Filco is good enough, but my thought is that a person should choose the highest quality tool to work with in their main discipline. Does a chef want to spend his working hours with a knife that is 'good enough'? Whereas for a casual cook it would be fine. It is not strictly necessary, of course, but if one is to treat oneself then adding an element of luxury to one's main work is a way to do it. But please, wash your hands before you touch it!

  • Not that this ridiculously good-looking magnificent beast of a keyboard needs another 5-star review (FC660C with Topre Silent 45g).but I'm gonna give it one anyway.

    I echo everything said by the previous reviewers.
    It IS that good.
    Listen to their wisdom.
    Savor the truth of their words.
    This keyboard is the pinnacle of awesome.

    Works perfectly on my MacBook Pro after turning on Dip Switch #2.

    My first mechanical keyboard: Leopold FC908M with cherry mx browns (5/5 awesome for its universe)
    My second: THIS specimen of the gods (entire new universe of bliss).

    Endgame indeed.

    Slow-clap and standing ovation, Leopold. Well played, well played.

  • Yep, pretty much everything glowing that has been said about this amazing keyboard bears repeating. What can one say about this tool that no one else has said though? Before getting my first Topre I debated between the R2 PFU, HHKB Type-S and the Leopold FC660C. I ended up getting the R2 PFU and was extremely satisfied, however I wanted an even smaller and sleeker package, so I convinced myself to get the Leopold and I am so happy I did. Something about this board makes it more tactile and more pleasing to use then my Realforce. I can't really express it in words but it feels and sounds superior to the R2. I think some reviewers have addressed this, but it really is true. If you can call yourself a Topre lover there really is no reason not to get this keyboard. Just about endgame for me folks.

  • Probably the best keyboard i ever owned. Its silent topre is crisp and outstanding feel, somehow it's much better feel than what realforce PFU has. This was awesome. Well done, Leopold.

  • I'm in awe with this keyboard. This is my first Topre keyboard and I'm not lying when I say that I'm never going back to anything that is not Topre. After years of using Cherry MX keyboards I picked this Keyboard with the Topre 45g Silent switches and they feel so silky smooth and quiet at the same time and the sound is glorious. One of the things that had me worried as a gamer was the thought of these switches being too heavy for gaming but honestly they are not and are comfortable for those long gaming sessions. Even though the outer shell is plastic its a very solid and sturdy keyboard very high quality and the keycaps don't rattle which helps with my OCD although this is expected at this price range to be honest. So my conclusion is, If you have the extra cash and are in need of a very high quality and amazing keyboard grab one.

  • I don't usually write reviews but I wanted to write a review for this keyboard. I got this as a gift from my mother. I had gotten super into mechanical keyboards. I had a WASD v3 keyboard with cherry MX browns and I loved that keyboard but I spilled superglue on the s key and ended up getting gmmk tkl hotswappable keyboard to try out more switches. I tried kalih box browns and gateron clears which I liked a lot. I have also tried over 20 different switches ranching from zeal to gateron to kalih (switch testers). I have also typed on a lot of gaming keyboards (razer, Logitech, Corsair, hyperx, Alienware) that are on display in Best Buy. Now that I have this keyboard with the silent topre, it is a joy to type on. The switches feel light yet they are one of the most tactile switches I have tried so far (the only ones more tactile are the zealios v2 but I found those too tactile for me). The build quality is solid and there is no rattling on the spacebar and mods. Similarly to other people, I no longer feel the need to keep trying more switches and I probably saved more money in the long run now. Of course, please keep in mind this is all preference.

  • I was prepared to go down the rabbit hole.
    Scoured r/MK, Geekhack, Taeha Types for every morsel of info.
    Aluminum vs polycarbonate case
    Hotswap vs soldered pcb
    Foam vs silicone padding
    Aluminum vs brass plate
    Countless switches, most of which were not dramatically different from each other.
    Custom GMK vs SA keycaps, doubleshot ABS vs dye-sub PBT.
    Krytox vs Tribosys lube, switch films, custom stabs.

    All of which would cost north of $600 with shipping. But this doesn't matter because none of the above is currently in stock and some items are only available as group buys that won't ship till next year.

    I almost fell all the way down this hole but was saved once I saw the light. I realized that I just want the best typing experience available in a 65% layout; and there was no reason to pay more or wait because the best keyboard already exists in the Leopold FC660C. Are the Topre switches going to blow your mind? Probably not but I do know that if you want a tactile switch with a "rounded" bump then you need to stop looking because no MX switch will be able to replicate a Topre. Some might think this keyboard is expensive but it actually saved me hundreds of dollars and God knows how much angst. Personally I prefer the silent switches but I know others who enjoy the louder version.

    Don't just listen to me, check out the other reviews here from Nic C, David Bayer, and Brett Johnson.

  • I never write reviews but I came here just to pile onto all the other positive reviews. Also want to use this amazing keyboard to write the review.

    Never would have thought it's possible to enjoy a computer peripheral this much, but here we are. I was a Cherry MX brown user for awhile, and if you're waffling between one of those and this, just save the extra money and get this. I'm done buying keyboards. This is as good as it gets. The silent topre switches are a delight; my computer is in the same room where my partner sleeps and it's quiet enough that it never disturbs her, but the feel is just incredible. So solid and satisfying.

    All the other details are icing on the cake: Color is lovely, keycaps are high quality, build quality of the board is incredibly solid. The layout is perfect, staying compact but including the arrow keys is the best of both worlds for me. So happy with this purchase. A keyboard is something I use every day, and it's transformative for it to be such a good tool; something I look forward to using each day.

  • Please read Nic C's review.

    It is right on point. This is it. There is no better. There is only needless waste of $$$ after the fc660c.

    You are free. Enjoy the greatest typing experience on earth and the rest of your life along with it.

    Go in peace knowing you have found "THE ONE".

    ps: I got the "non-silent" and I have found bliss.

  • Stop your search here. This is your end-game keyboard.
    Spend the money and buy this stock standard Silent 45g. Get it in blue/grey or black. Once you have it you won't worry about the color.

    Do not mod it. Do not lube it, do not open it, do not add Sorbothane padding. You will not need to buy another keyboard.
    Certainly do spend the time getting used to the layout. Commit to this.

    You are at the deepest part of the rabbit hole. Unsubscribe from the Youtube channels, throw the keyboard lube in the trash, turn down your music and listen to this as you type on it. No video you have watched does it justice.

    (IF, and only if, you buy a second one of these then perhaps, maybe, consider finding someone selling the Norbauer Heavy-6 case but that is more an ego trip than anything else. If you have the cash, go for it).

    Ps. No Realforce, no 35g, no Niz Atom, no variable capacitives, none of this. Stop. The Leopold FC660C, Silent, 45g, in whatever color you can find, is the keybaord you want.

  • This keyboard is a joy to type on. More than that, it makes me want to type more because it is such a satisfying experience. I was considering if building a custom was worth the time and effort that I would put into parting one out and now that I have received this I think I'll hold off for a while because I don't see anything that I would build as coming close to how satisfying this board is to use. I'm just adding to the chorus of others praising this board as the best on the market.

    Treat yourself and get the $10 upgrade to the silents, you're worth it.

  • David Bayer's review summed this up as well as can be, especially the luxury car door analogy. I've had my fair share of keyboards and this one takes the cake.
    I can finally divert my energy to other rabbit holes; this one has found its end.
    I'm done chasing the ghost.

  • The Leopold FC660C is the unique plate mount Topre switch keyboard in this form factor; it's my favorite keyboard on the market. Before buying one, make your peace with the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole.

    If you want to go down that rabbit hole, lubing switches, replacing springs, fabbing your own PCBs, then stay clear of this keyboard. Plate mount Topre switches are like gently closing the door on a $200,000 luxury car, if its doors were 1U scale. No Cherry MX switch comes close. Worse, other that swapping in a Hasu controller to allow QMK programming, or buying a $390 Norbauer steel housing, there's nothing you can do to improve the keyboard out of the box. There aren't after-market keycaps and swapping stems worsens the feel; even lubing can lead to regret. Just don't look at the keycaps. Touch-typing is all feel, and this keyboard feels great. I'm more accurate on this keyboard.

    If you don't want to go down that rabbit hole, then don't spend half as much twice on keyboards you won't love. Find the money, buy a Leopold FC660C, and think of all the time you saved for other obsessions.

  • If you're looking at this keyboard you likely already know it has some pedigree. Once you use this board you'll understand why. There are lots of good keyboards out there, but there are few truly great examples. If you're looking for a solid-feeling, reliable, ultra quiet keyboard that provides more utility than what appears on the surface then you've found it.

  • This keyboard is buttery smooth and feels great. Highly recommend I don't remember liking topre when I tried it with a switch tester but having the whole board with topre switches is a completely different experience and it feels great. Honestly switches feel so good its like you are gliding across the keyboard while you are typing thanks MK!

  • pretty good

  • This is my "end-game" keyboard. My journey went from a couple of MX based boards, to a Vortex Race 3 RGB (MX blue), to the Leopold FC660C with silenced 45g switches.
    It's very easy on the hands when compared to mx blues and browns so it doesn't aggravate some of the RSI I've had in the past.
    Build quality is superb. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I just saved myself a bundle in searching / building / modding boards!
    Hard to imagine wanting or needing anything else. Could not be happier.

    Primary uses: Game design and development, level design, Maya, Photoshop, etc.

  • Great keyboard! The best I have ever used.

    The keys feel superb. They have a nice tactility and are incredibly smooth (Cherry switches feel very scratchy in comparison).
    The sound is also good. It has a deep, bassy sound, and doesn't sound metallic like many other keyboards do.

    Build quality wise, it is built like a tank.
    It is very weighty for its size and has no flex whatsoever (thanks to the metal mounting plate).

    If you're after a high-quality keyboard that you can type on for hours on end, you can't go wrong with this one.

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