MK Night Typist Warm White LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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MK Night Typist Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Kailh BOX White thumbnailKailh BOX White
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Green thumbnailCherry MX Green
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red



  • White LED Primary LEDs: White (THT)
  • White LED Control LEDs: White


  • Industry-first warm white backlighting
  • Highly durable PBT Double Shot injection keycaps
  • Over 10 built-in layouts including: QWERTY, Norman, Workman, Dvorak, MiniMak, Alphabetical, and more
  • Dedicated programmable layer that allows you to assign any value to a given key
  • Detachable USB-C connection w/ type A to C USB cable included
  • Win / Alt swap options
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Macro recording functionality
  • Adjust key brightness with FN + Up / Down and indicator light brightness with ALT + FN + Up / Down


Details and Specifications

SizeFull Size
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Frame Top MaterialPlastic
Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
Primary LED ColorWhite
Control LED ColorWhite
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleNo
Linux CompatibleYes
Dimensions5.51" x 17.32" x 1.61"
Weight2.87 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • Quick note for everyone that thinks the Indicator LEDs are TOO BRIGHT: the indicator lights have their own brightness setting - [Alt] [Fn] [Up]/[Down].
    (As opposed to just [Fn] [Up]/[Down] for the rest of the keys.)

    Awesome keyboard, solid feel, great action (Cherry MX Silent Red). Clean and minimal, as small as it can be while still being full-size and full keys. Only complaints are 1.) the LED's don't fully or evenly light all of the keys, especially the ones with longer names ([2@], [Home], [PgUp], .); and 2.) after about 18 months of use, several of the LEDs no longer work ([Tab], [Q], [E], [G], [K], and NumPad [5]). Not sure how/if they can be replaced (I'm not a de-solder-it/re-solder-it type of guy). Broken LEDs are disappointing from a visual standpoint, but all the keys still work (and feel) perfect.

  • I've been using this keyboard every day for many months now and I'm completely satisfied with my decision to purchase it. It feels and sounds wonderful to type on (cherry brown switches). The superior craftsmanship is very apparent. The advanced key and macro configuration options are also much appreciated. My only minor nitpick is the LED brightness. The lowest setting is still a bit too bright, and the status indicators in the top right are so blindingly bright that I've had to keep them covered with a small object.

  • Got this keyboard to put in a professional office environment. feels and types amazing. Only bad thing that I came across is that I bought this keyboard in Jan 22, 2019. As of now (Dec 2021) i have 3 LED's that have died. currently it's the Q, Y, and 6 on the num pad. not sure how long these are supposed to last but just worth noting. They still work just no LED.

  • I've owned several mechanical keyboards over the years, the latest a CORSAIR K70 LUX model with brown switches. I recently purchased the MK Night Typist with MX Green switches and it is easily the most satisfying typing experience I've ever had. I highly recommend this keyboard for anyone that does a lot of typing, though I've also had a lot of fun playing games with it as well.

  • Got this to replace my old Logitech keyboard with Romer switches which was a steaming pile to say the least. On that keyboard the keys chattered and double or often triple typed things, and would also often not register a lot of the keys making the typing extremely slow because I had to go back and edit nearly every other word. I kind of grew used to it I guess because once I got my Night Typist it was incredible how much better the experience was. This is the first time I tried a keyboard with MX Greens and I have to say I do like them. I'm not sure if I like them better than the MX Blues I've tried in the past, those were way too light for me and these MX Greens are a little on the heavy side but not annoyingly so by any means. They're great switches so far and I've been able to type much more efficiently than on that junky logitech.

    As for the specific features of the keyboard they're pretty cool. The backlight is EXTREMELY bright on the highest setting if you were wondering about that, like way too bright for me even during the day in my brightly lit room, but I would sure rather have that than the highest setting being too dim. I keep mine on the lowest setting most of the time but it's very nice to have the variability, if I had to have one criticism about it I'd say give me like 10 levels of lighting instead of 4.

    The macros are the biggest downside for me, the guide to programming them is extremely confusing and I wish they had a video that showed you how to do it. It may just be my fault though and personally I don't care about custom macros at all so it's not a significant downside, not enough to be worth knocking off a star. I can't explain how highly I appreciate media keys being programmed in by default though, I'm often watching/listening to TV shows and music while I do other things on my computer so it's nice to not have to switch windows and click or use the space key to control my media.

    Build quality seems pretty solid. It's fairly heavy, I assume it's deliberately weighted to help keep it from sliding because it's definitely above the weight of what the circuitry inside keys casing would weigh, I like it either way, light keyboards slide all over and are difficult to deal with (like that logitech I had). It has nice large feet on the back to keep it stable if you like it angled up like I do, they click into place very solidly too. Being PBT it of course feels just better in general than cheap ABS, metal would be a nice upgrade, especially for the case, but of course I'm not expecting that on a keyboard in this price range. I expect to keep this keyboard for many, many years to come and I hope it ends my streak of having to replace keyboards nearly yearly for the past several years.

  • I just got this keyboard, and HOLY CRAP it's incredible. I got the mx silent reds (i'm a huge fan of the thump feeling), it was my first time with the switch, and i think these are now so far my favorite switches ever. they are properly lubed, there's no pinging, and the PBT caps are EXCELLENT. feels like heaven to type on. i don't like the spotty lighting like other reviewers have mentioned, but luckily my spots were extremely minimal, so its easier to ignore. this keyboard has the perfect aesthetic for a "night time" keyboard, exactly what i wanted.

  • Despite the flaws (namely the inconsistent amount of light the keycaps let out and the abhorrently tight cable routing), the keyboard is an all a round solid keyboard. I'd also like to mention that even though the keyboard is made almost entirely out of plastic, the stellar and rigid construction gives it an almost 'premium' feel.

  • I think reviewer 'AB' hit the nail on the head and covered mostly everything I wanted to write, but for me the slight imperfections aren't worthy of losing a 5 star rating.
    It's my first MK and the Cherry Red are fairly quite to my ears, about the same as a non-MK KB when compared to my standard Dell unit. I did look at getting the switch dampeners but opted not to in the end, although now I would be interested to know/hear the difference, as I don't think the online videos give a true reflection. I got this to reduce eye strain when working (I.T.) early mornings and late afternoons and it works a treat. I can see how people "get the bug" with MK's, I'd already like to get some custom keycaps made. I've paired mine with a 'Contour RollerMouse Red' central pointing device and they work well together. I offset the KB to the right so the central 'page scroller' roller lines up with the middle of the G & H keys, this makes it nice and ergonomically aligned for me.
    Also the MK team were fantastic to deal with, kept me informed during purchase and my MK was received much sooner than I thought it would be, so thank you team :)

  • This is a solid keyboard that does well with both gaming and programming. I have the MX Brown's and they did feel a little "gritty" at first but that quickly went away as I got used to not pushing the keys all the way down. I can type faster and more accurately on this than I could on my old roommates MX Blue's, so if typing is your main concern this is a great keyboard. I don't game quite as much but it works well enough when I do, since I am not a competitive gamer I can't really comment on that side but this isn't a keyboard that is designed for competitive gaming anyways.

    Build Quality:
    Very decent, I would put it on low end of high end, if you know what I mean.

    Heavy weight and definitely won't move unless you want it to, never has missed key strokes like my laptop keyboard does when I type too fast, and has the programmability, macro options, and adjustable feet that many typists are looking for.

    My backspace key and space bar sometimes makes a springing sound if you only push it down far enough to register the keystroke, and it's worse if you don't push in the middle. That almost drove me to return the board (as well as almost driving me insane), but I've learned to instinctively push it all the way down from the middle and then they do not make the noise.

    It has cable routing, but its essentially unusable. Look at their display picture of the USB-C connection. Do you think a 90 degree turn to fit in that routing channel is possible without messing up the life expectancy of the cable? Maybe if you never moved it again, but I was not willing to take the risk.

    There are minor aesthetic issues that I go into way too much detail on below.

    Tl;dr inconsistent "clear" on the caps makes them look smudged, but its still a great keyboard that probably can't be beat for the price. I do like how it looks, you can begin to see some flaws but how often are you really looking closely at your keyboard anyways?

    A whole lot of what would be excluded from a 60-key board has backlight smudging issues. The light shines through inconsistently on the num pad alternate functions. Home (7 on num pad), PgUp (9), PgDn (3), End (1), Ins (0), and Del (.) . It makes it look like those keys are dirty or smudged, but they aren't. If you turn the brightness way down you can tell that the "clear" part of the keys are not entirely clear in all spots, some small sections are still black.

    I can't attach pictures, but you can see it even in their model display photos, which tells me it is common for all units. Click their main display picture and look at the dedicated Home key (the e looks smudged), as well as the PgUp, End, Ins etc. on the number pad. Also, click on the picture that is completely dark with the brightness all the way up and look at the Pause key. See how those look slightly smudged? That is also the case for quite a few other keys on my board.

    I think they were intentionally trying to make the 10 key alternate functions slightly less translucent so they would look dimmer than the numbers, but instead they just look smudged/dirty. Even then, that excuse wouldn't apply to the dedicated PgUp, Pause, Home etc. key caps that have the same issue,. Again, minor aesthetic issue but I know that stuff like that can drive some people crazy.

    For the price, this is a great board and you cant expect it to be absolutely perfect, if you want 5 star perfection you will either need to fork out a lot more money or build your own board.

  • Super good keyboard, especially because It's a step up from a Razer Ornata Chroma. Comparing this keyboard to a name brand keyboard, this keyboard is made of super quality materials, and good quality led's. The Razer keyboard was just all show, with the bright RGB lights, and not so good/ cheap material build quality. I highly recommend this keyboard due to its sleek design, and nice feel of the keycaps and switches. All around very good keyboard.

  • I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it! He was 100% shocked by how quiet and smooth this keeb feels when typing. This keeb is perfect for anyone who likes a simple layout. I got him the silent reds and they're super quiet, especially if you type slower. 10/10 I would buy again (if its in pink *wink wink*).

  • Purchased this keyboard to replace an older Logitech. This is a really nice keyboard. I went with the silent red switches and it is nearly silent, a big factor for me, now that I share workspace at home. By far the most luxurious mechanical keyboard I have typed on.

  • A wonderful keyboard made of excellent plastics with an excellent feel. Clear lettering on key-caps and a lovely back-light. A keyboard with the kind of solid feel and tactile qualities that give the impression that it was built to last. It has zero bling.

    Weirdly enough, it is hard to find a keyboard that has (1) durable, solid, double shot, back-lit key-caps, (2) back-lighting that doesn't approximate unicorn vomit or involve retina compromising blue-white LEDs, (3) nothing but cherry switches and (4) no weird graphics or other bling.

    This keyboard doesn't even have branding that is visible when it is the right way up. It is 100% classy.

    I did have to take care to not stress the USB C socket when attaching the cable. I got it right first time but care was required and I will be leaving it alone. Having the cable exit from the side is excellent too. Also, the space-bar is double shot, has three LEDs behind it but no way for the light to get through, weird but just fine (it maintains the 'between the keys glow' too, if it was black inside it would not do this properly).

    I have four mechanical keyboards. One is a vintage Amiga 2000 mechanical keyboard that is perfect the way it is. As for the others, I wish they were all MK Night Typists.

  • First time ever buying and using a mechanical keyboard and I love it! I got the MX Browns because they seemed like the best in-between switch from what I was reading online. It will take some getting used to the sound but they definitely aren't obnoxiously loud. Since this is my first mechanical keyboard, I can't get in to how it stacks up against similar products. What I can tell you is that this is a high-quality, no-frills, sophisticated-looking keyboard. Clean lines, simple typeface, no gimmicks.

    The construction appears to be very high quality. The keys are solid and the frame is sturdy. I really like how typing on this thing feels and I can see how people can get passionate about mechanical keyboards! The only key that feels a little off is the space-bar but only from the left side. That could just be me getting used to mechanical switches.

    It has substantial weight and good feet so it doesn't slip around on the desk. The back height is adjustable which is nice. I actually really like the dedicated volume keys at the top right. The calculator key above the keypad was new for me but I've been using it regularly already. Neat feature. My only complaint on the chassis is that you cannot route the cable out the sides without severely bending the USB cord. A bit of an oversight in the design if you ask me, but if the keyboard is up on the back feet, it's not an issue.

    The warm white LED backlight is all anyone should really need. Emphasis on the word WARM.

    Excellent keyboard! One point off for the off-feeling space-bar and the USB-c side cable routing oversight. I recommend for anyone looking to get into mechanical keyboards in the under 120 USD price range.

  • Great keyboard. Ducky-manufactured, featuring four different lighting intensities and a wealth of options for customization/alternative layouts. Very clean design and sturdy build quality.

    My only gripe is that some of the keycaps, especially those on the numpad, have a black material on the underside that blocks the backlight from shining through. This results in uneven coverage on some of the keys. The labeling for the functions on the numpad when numlock is off (Home, PgUp, arrows, etc) will not illuminate with the rest of the keyboard for this reason. It's a small point but kind of bothersome.

    Overall, a great keyboard that I hope to get a lot of use out of.

  • Love the keyboard.

    The only downside is that it is clear that the LED's are at the centre of the keys.
    Which makes some of the keys illumination to be uneven.
    If this was fixed it would be absolutely perfect.

    Quality is extremely high as expected from

  • Wanted something a little quieter and nuanced and went with the cherry silent red switches and have no regrets. They dont have the "clack" of a normal MK but are still satisfying to type on without annoying the wife at the same time. Has a nice weight and to it and would recommend anyone thinking about it to grab one.

  • I'm new to mechanical keyboards, but wanted something that would feel excellent, look great, and be very reliable for typing my dissertation on my home desktop. This keyboard is all three (so far), and is a massive upgrade from my base-level Logitech. I really enjoy the feel of the Cherry Brown switches for typing and gaming. The adjustable back light is a feature I wouldn't have thought I'd love so much - it really helps to be able to dim the light when it gets darker out. Worth the investment for me, especially now that I'm spending more time on my computer than anywhere else. Even with a three-month pre-order wait, this was well worth it.

  • Great keyboard heavy and feels amazing. I use this a work daily and I love it more than my ducky one 2 mini at home. Keystrokes feel clean and super responsive!

  • Best Keyboard I have ever owned. Cherry MX silent because I type like a psycho sometimes and don't want to disturb my colleagues.

    Big fan.
    I mean, it's a keyboard, not a fan, but I'm a fan of it.

    Nice colors, only white LED, no need for yellow, what is this the 1890s?
    10/10 would type again

  • Bought this to use in the office, so I went with the silent red switches.

    Everything is fine, except for the fact that I have been using a Pok3r for two years. I wish the Caps Lock could be swapped with the FN key so that I could still program some frequently used key combinations to the FN layer. Having 6 profiles and almost two layers (top layer 80% of the FN layer) to record macros is nice, but the default position of the Fn key is pretty much unusable in normal typing scenarios. Meanwhile, I don't think anyone (that would be interested in this keyboard) presses Caps Lock that frequently.

    BTW I didn't have any issues with the build quality. Even on the tallest foot stands the keyboard is very steady, which allows it to fully utilize the low noise advantage of the silent red switches. As for the connection issue, the type-C connector needs to be plugged all the way in to be recognized, so it does need a bit of force. I think the one-star review person probably had bad luck, maybe it had one of the rubber feet coming off. Feel sorry for you.

    Speaking of type-C cable, one of the complaints I had on this is that although there are carved out channels to guide the cable to the side, you can't really use them because there's no room unless you bend the cable by 90 degrees right after the connector, which I think will probably break the cable. So the channels are pretty much useless. I mean, the keyboard came in a pretty box with a nice straight cable, a keycap puller, and a color-printed decent quality manual. It'll be very nice if it came with L-shaped type-C cable as well so that the cable can be routed to the side. But maybe I'm asking for too much.

    The white LED is more like white-yellow, which make sense because it's marketed as warm white. On the max level it's a bit too bright, but on level 1 or 2 it's a pleasant glow to have. The Numpad and Caps Lock indicators LEDs are, however, too bright in my opinion, and can be dazzling to look at.

    Typing wise I'm slowly starting to get used to these linear switches, having only used browns in the past. Key presses feel heavy if I push down too much, but that's just habits from using tactile switches. But as mentioned earlier, they're quite silent. Maybe except for the backspace key, where the satellite switches make larger noises. The other large keys like Enter and Space are all pretty good for their size.

    Can't give it 5 stars but I think 4 will do it justice. After all, it's a pretty solid keyboard.

  • I don't know if it was just me, but i've had this keyboard for the past month and oh man it was terrible. The usb-c connection kept becoming lose initially so I had to figure out a way to keep it connected. Another issue was the build quality as the keyboard was literary uneven when laid down flat, causing it to basically make a noise every single time you type something. RMA'd the keyboard and the build quality was a little better, but now the issue is my Windows machine won't even recognize the keyboard. No information that it was connected/windows doesn't recognize. I feel like I was just sent a dead keyboard. Overall, don't buy this, quality is terrible and ran into issues so much that it's not worth your money.

  • An excellent "serious business" keyboard, focused on getting work done as efficiently and productively as possible. Solid professional equipment feel and build quality without ugly/tacky/distracting effects or logos. Compares well against other popular "serious" keyboards like WASD CODEs and Filco Majestouches, at a better price. The white backlighting is great for clear, sharp key readability in any conditions. The "warm white" color isn't yellowish like some "warm" lights, but is clear and comfortable without glare at all brightness levels. Great for coders and writers.

    These are made for MK by Ducky, and are a version of their popular Ducky One (not Ducky One 2) keyboard customized to MK's specs. It has the stock Ducky One case and layout, but is upgraded to a USB-C connector and has top-end PBT doubleshot keycaps with the non-stencil font (no line breaks) whose labels will never show wear.

    The firmware includes the full Ducky Macro 2.0 feature set, but drops any lighting effects/customization and the key-mouse mode. All features are built into the hardware with no external control software required, so your macros will work on any OS with any app. The Fn (F1-F12) key combos have been reassigned to send media & Windows convenience commands: my computer, email, show search dialog, browser, media player, play/pause, previous playlist, next playlist, show desktop, show run dialog, Windows settings, and lock session, respectively, but these aren't shown on the keys. For details on the macro capabilities, see any Ducky keyboard online manual PDF; the printed manual is just the Macro 2.0 part of a standard Ducky manual, along with key layout diagrams for the various DIP switch selectable keyboard styles. (Note for MK: the included printed manual is fine, but it would've been nice to have an online PDF version for details when I was comparison shopping).

    Comes with a clear dust cover, 5 foot USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cable and an MK wire keycap puller.

  • Without exaggeration this is just the best keyboard I have ever used.
    I was previously using a keyboard with the Logitech Romer-G switches which I found to be very loud so I selected the Cherry MX Silent switches when I ordered the MK Night Typist. I am very impressed by how much quieter these switches are. The travel seems to be shorter as well so I feel as though I can type a bit faster. I bought this keyboard to keep at home where I share a desk with my wife and she loves it as well.
    Highly recommend.

  • I bought this in a Cherry MX Blue, and I am enjoying it very much at home for casual gaming (DOTA2). I will say that it is a much needed upgrade to an old membrane quietkey that I grew costumed to.
    Just clicky enough, and can definitely register each time I spam a specific key for in game action. Absolutely love the simple White LED lighting, its not obnoxious at all and love the fact that it can have different levels of brightness!
    Considering getting one in Cherry MX Brown for office use, as I hear it's a good mix of the MX Blue tactile feel, without the loudness. Albeit, something that I could consider is getting the dampers. this is something I could dabble into in the future.

  • I opted to switch to mechanical after having my Logitech Wave start having switches feel sticky and keys feel slick from wear. I am, overall, quite happy with my purchase. I would give a 4.5 rating if possible.

    Things I like:
    - The LED lighting is nice and simple; the lowest setting looks almost like non-LED keys
    - Typing feels very very nice; I much prefer these switches (MX Brown) over the Romer-G tactile switches I tried previously
    - Despite being made of mostly plastic, the build quality feels very premium

    Things I do not like:
    - I would have appreciated having the option to purchase a simpler model (i.e. sans DIP switch, macros, etc.) for a lower price
    - The LEDs don't light the key symbols evenly at the lowest setting; at higher settings, however, the effect is mitigated
    - The F keys have media functionality but are not printed with their function; I would have appreciated a set of swappable keys or, at the very least, a set of keycap stickers
    - The num/caps/scroll lock LEDs are really bright and do not adjust with the rest of the keyboard LEDs

  • Great keyboard! I had the non-lit Typist for work and decided I needed one for home as well to replace a very noisy Razor keyboard with green switches. The back lighting is very nice and the construction is rock solid. The silent cherry reds are fantastic for keeping everyone around me happy and are great to type and game on.

  • Great keyboard (Typist) made better! Owning the original Typist, the only "downside" I had about it was the inability to have backlighting in case I was in a dark environment and had to type a special character that isn't often used (^, *, %). The Night Typist has such a pleasant backlighting that doesn't strain your eyes in the least bit. It's like f.lux for your keyboard!

  • Love the keyboard and its function. The back lighting is very nice and I like the option for the different types of switches. I would like to be able to order custom keys with the keyboard so I know I am buying matching ones, meaning I would prefer to be able to buy the media keys to replace F5 though F8 at the time of purchase. Overall, would buy again.

    For me the cord is weak, I would like to see (or have the option) for a braided cord that is a little longer. It is nice that it is a USB type C so you can switch it out, but for me the included one is not long enough.

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