117 Key PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set - Black (Tai-Hao)

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Tai-Hao117 Key PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set - Black
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible
  • OEM Profile
  • 117 total keys
  • **Keycaps Only** Keyboard not included

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  • So both previous reviews state the RGB/LED shine through is poor. I will say that yes, on some keys it is not great. All three "Lock" keys in particular, because part of the key legend is at the bottom of the keycaps. A few of the number specific top row keys like the #2 are also a little rough at the extreme left or right.

    That said, is it actually that bad and poorly lit? No. I don't really think it is all that bad, my F1-F12 are fine, and in many respects may come down to a question of how strong the lighting is on your keyboard and also what switch/o rings you may or may not be using. Personally I think the back lighting on these caps is more than sufficient, I love the legends of the keys overall, and the feel/texture is pretty darn good in my opinion.

    Why only 4 stars? Well I also ended up using the space bar from a different keycap set because the included spacebar seemed a bit off on texture and had no back light component unlike every other key in the set so I felt like it didn't match. So that with the spotty back light on a few keys seems reasonable to drop 1 star.

    In the end this is a great keycap set if you are looking for nice texture, PBT, great legends that don't scream "gamer", and reasonable but not really strong back lighting. If the strength of your RGB effects is a major concern though you should probably look elsewhere.

  • The caps feel great. My problem is the shine thru. If you have SMD LEDs, don't bother with these keycaps. If your keyboard uses SMD LEDs the legend is only really half lit, and it is even worse if you use non-translucent o-rings. Things are much better if you keyboard has the LEDs on top of the switch. The bottom gets noticeably dimmer, but at least the entire legend has some glow, unlike with SMDs.

  • For what it's priced at you get what you pay for.
    The PBT feel is nice, but the PBT texture is inconsistent with a few keys. Some are smoother than others.

    Backlighting on the main characters is highly visible but the rest of the keys are VERY spotty.
    The main number row and F1-F12 keys being the worst offenders.

    If you're okay with these problems it's not bad at all. I chose this keycap set for the font and I wasn't disappointed there.

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