Tex Film Never Dies Base 104 Key ADA Profile Laser Printed ABS Keycap Set

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TexTex 104 Key ABS ADA Keycap Set Film Never Dies Base Set
  • 104-Key 'Film Never Dies' Base Set
  • Black ABS Keycap / White Laser Printed Legends
  • ADA Profile
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible

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  • Absolutely beautiful. I love the shape and the way they feel. Thick. The only problem is that they aren't snug at all. They straight up fall off the switches. Tried several different switches but the hole is just too big. Get typing too fast and the keys just bounce right off.

  • Just got these key caps. They look and feel amazing.

  • These keycaps seem great at first, nice profile similar to DSA. However, I have been gaming on them less than a month and the WASD and left shift have already started to fade and wear due to the laser print. I do not recommend these keycaps.

  • I installed these keycaps four days ago. Multiple keys have letters rubbing off, I'm sure more will follow shortly.

    I guess you get what you pay for, but even for $40 I was hoping these would look nice for a little while. Save your money, get something else.

  • Pros:
    Some of the most beautiful keycaps I've ever owned. I use these on my GK61 w/ wooden case, and it completes the rustic/minimal look completely!

    Since the dish/dips on these are a bit deep, i tend to hit 2 keys at once, since the bumps on the keycap edges are a bit more pronounced. I'm a glyding typer, so it's more of an issue for me. Maybe i'll get more used to it over time, we'll see.

    The keycaps tend to slide on/off really easy. Not snug on the switch (I use Gateron Browns). Almost no resistance for me to pull it off. I feel if you were to put it in your backpack, some keycaps would most likely fall off.

    My number "2" keycap came with a little chip on the symbol paint and the paint on my "T" keycap looks a bit warped. Maybe an issue unique to me, but it makes me worry about the durability of these keycaps. Only time will tell.

    But overall, satisfied with these keycaps. Not too expensive for a beautiful set of keycaps!

  • Would recommend! An old school nice looking keycap set. It has quite a grippy texture, smoother than SP DSA, and similar to Vortex DSA. ADA profile has identical height to the DSA, but has a smoother and rounder edge, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on a preference. It has also a deeper dish, which feels very good. If you like DSA, you'll most likely will like this profile as well. Spacebar has an also an offset stem to match cherry keyboards.

    - There is no alternative CAPS with an offset stem in the set.
    - Horribly warped spacebar, barely usable. Spacebar from extension set is also warped.
    - Spacebar is flat and does not really match the rest of the set, it feels too weird under fingers. Replace it with right away with DSA spacebar.

  • Classically beautiful.
    I was worried about them being ABS but they have a very nice texture. With them being laser printed the characters are raised from the surface slightly so you can feel them but that's not an issue for me and isn't that noticeable when typing. I just got them so I can't attest for the longevity of these but they are ABS so they will develop a bit of shine over time which I tend to like. What I'm worried about is in 12 months will there still be font on the most used keys? The profile is like DSA with no different height between the rows and the dishes seem a but deeper and more spherical. They are roughly 1.4mm thick and make my BOX royals sound deep and bassy.
    A very pleasant typing experience. Buy these.

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