Tai-Hao Miami Lights Backlit 117 Key OEM Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set

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Tai-HaoTai-Hao 117 Key PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set Miami Lights
  • ANSI US Layout / 104-key + 12-key Add-on
  • Blank Keys - 4*R4, 4*R0
  • Stepped Caps Lock Key (3800) - Qty 1
  • Stepped Caps Lock Key (3000) - Qty 1
  • 1*1.75u Shift
  • 1*1.25u Fn Key
  • MX Stem Compatible
  • OEM Profile
  • Not Compatible with Steelseries Apex Pro Switches
  • **Keycaps Only** Keyboard not included

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  • Follow-up: these are SUBLIME, they literally give you a new keyboard experience. Tai-Hao are perfect for me.

  • Lovely. Rougher the better! Some reviews: if you want smooth go ABS right? Not sure why you'd want PBT; it's known for texture.

  • The look is amazing, no doubt. For me its kinda weird that 90% of the keys feel grainy but some of them like the spacebar are smooth as Id like it to have. Also my Caps Lock had a tiny scratch which is kinda unsatisfying for me. I am using them on my ANNE PRO 2 right now and together with the Cherry Blue Switches it still has comfortable feeling of typing. As I said, Look is amazing but the grainy keys and the scratch kinda destroy it for me.

  • At first, I didn't like em. It's true, the teal keycaps shine pink and the pink keycaps shine teal--this is because of the film inside of those respective keycaps. With an all white LED's, the board will shine like you have RGB. So be mindful with RGB, colors may not appear as it seems. Also, the keycaps felt a little grainy at first however, over time they lost that unpleasant feel. Maybe I got used to them? As far as bleeding goes, it's nonexistent for me. Currently, I'm using this set on my One 2 Mini. I got different variations of white going for a few keys (QWER,ASDF,ZXCV,1-6) and "Raindrop mode" for the rest of the keyboard. Still, the keycaps are aesthetically pleasing and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Overall, I'm satisfied with how they turned out.

  • I already own the Non backlit Miami keycap set and pre ordered these once I saw them. Not disappointed with these. They go nice with my pink neon rubber keycaps. I can finally game in the dark with my favorite keycap set.

  • These are decent. Not perfect. I bought this mostly because this is one of the only shine-through sets that comes with a shortened right shift key. The keycaps are a bit grainy, not as smooth as I'd like. Also the lettering is Wonky, to say the least. The M key, for example, is a bit too condensed/bold so the lettering on the right side of the M bleeds over a little, it's only noticeable if you look closely, but now that I've noticed it's a bit annoying. Also the decision to color the actual lettering sort of defeats the point of RGB. If your keyboard just has white LED's, then it's kind of cool, because now it looks like you have colored LED's for certain keys. But since I have RGB, pretty much every color I shine through the keycaps just comes up either teal or pink. This isn't really clear in any of the pictures, so it was a surprise to me. I appreciate all the extra keycaps they throw in there (there are a bunch of random blank ones) but it'd be much nicer if they gave 1 blank for each row size, rather than give 4 blanks from the same row (R4). Overall, given the price and the sheer amount of keycaps in the set, this is sort of worth it. But the quality control is a bit lacking and the keys are quite literally a little "rough around the edges." I'll be looking to replace these with a smoother/better lettered shine-through keycap set when one becomes available.

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