Ducky One 2 SF RGB LED 65% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Ducky One 2 SF RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

 Cherry MX Black
 Cherry MX Brown
 Cherry MX Blue
$109.00 $104.00 On Sale!
 Cherry MX Red
 Cherry MX Silver
 Cherry MX Silent Black
 Cherry MX Silent Red
 Kailh BOX Brown
 Kailh BOX Red
 Kailh BOX White
 Kailh Polia
 Kailh BOX Silent Pink
 Kailh BOX Thick Jade
 Kailh BOX Navy



  • RGB LED Primary LEDs: RGB (SMD)
  • RGB LED Control LEDs: RGB



    • 10 additional PBT Double Shot colorful keycaps (Random color) 
    • Perfect for One 2 Mini users that want dedicated arrow keys, delete, page up, and page down
    • All new petite bezel design
    • Detachable USB-C cable
    • 3528 SMD RGB LEDs
    • 1000Hz polling rate
    • Includes either Year of the Rat or Year of the Ox spacebars


      Details and Specifications

      ModelOne 2 SF
      Switch StemsMX
      Physical LayoutANSI
      Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
      Frame ColorBlack
      Frame Top MaterialPlastic
      Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
      Primary LED ColorRGB
      Control LED ColorRGB
      Hotswap SocketsNo
      USB Key RolloverFull
      Multimedia KeysYes
      Switch Mount TypePlate
      Built in Audio PortNo
      Built in Mic PortNo
      Windows CompatibleYes
      Mac CompatibleLimited
      Linux CompatibleYes
      Dimensions4.25" x 12.80" x 1.57"
      Weight1.40 lbs
      Cord Length60 inches

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      • Love it. Great size, good sturdy construction. The stock keycaps are excellent. Sits comfortably low. The Kailh box whites are phenomenal, light and clicky. I'm not really an RGB guy but it's there if that's your jam. I can't find anything personally that I dislike, but I'm pretty low maintenance. Maybe hot swap switches would be nice but not really a concern at all. BTW, I bought the "returned - like new", and it is indeed like new with no issues at all which I appreciate.

      • I really wanted to love this keyboard. The Kailh box white switches are great, I enjoy the profile and the colors, etc. However, like some other reviews below mention, the key chatter was terrible. So, I contacted, went through all troubleshooting steps, and ultimately had a replacement sent to me. The replacement ALSO has terrible key chatter issues. I won't be buying another Ducky product.

      • Ordered this keyboard a year and 20 days ago (lol) and now I'm experiencing one of my keys I hit a lot for gaming double inputting on one press. I've read online I can open it up and lightly clean inside the case under the pcb with isopropyl alcohol but kinda sucks it's doing it in the first place. My last ducky one 2 mini works fine and I got this one to have new switches but have switched back to my old one because I'm too lazy to open this one up right now. Build quality other than this single issue is amazing in my opinion and my one 2 mini hasn't had any problems at all and I got it 2 years ago.

      • Some of these reviews are comical. It's a 65% keyboard meant for fps gaming. I've owned a corsair k70 and logitech G810 and this beats them for my needs in FPS games. Sounds great, looks great, easy to transport, keys have no issues 2 years later.

        If you want to record an email address to a keyboard this is not the keyboard for you. Do not buy a 65% keyboard an expect productivity as the main use.

      • This is my first 65% and I absolutely love it. The design looks so good and the cherry mx brown switches sound pretty good coming from a blue switch. The only complaint I have is the year of the rat keycap is abs and not pbt like the rest of the keycaps, which is a noticeable lower quality than the pbt but other than that this keyboard is perfect for me.

      • Just recently got this keyboard with the box jade switches and i absolutely love how it feels to type and game on probably one of my all time favorite keyboards right here i personally would buy another one in the future and would definitely recommend this to another person simply based of how it feels and its build quality for the price.

      • I bought my Ducky One 2 SF in Jan of 2020 (Cherry MX brown(. 18 months later I started experiencing key chatter (limited warranty is 12 months). I have performed all of the suggested solutions, and nothing made a bit of difference. What a piece of junk - I will never by a Ducky product again.

      • I was looking for a small portable keyboard and wanted something better than a Logitech. I do not game.
        The keyboard is nice and works well.
        However, the macros are basic. Not nearly good enough // at least for productivity work.
        Could not record an email address as a macro .
        Contacted Ducky Customer Service . do not bother. inexistant.

      • I'm quite new to the mechanical keyboard game (and PC game in general). I had originally bought a Leopold FC660C for writing and quickly discovered that while the typing experience was beautiful, it wasn't ideal for playing games. So, I bought this board on a whim (cherry browns) to use for gaming. The deck has a little bit of flex if you squeeze the top and bottom, which is an 'issue' I've seen many people bring up, however, how often does one do that? It has not really been a problem for me. Lots of preloaded RGB options and patterns, amazing size and layout. I came from a 100% keyboard which was just too large for my desk, and this is perfect. Reasonable price point for what you get, too. Also, MK's customer service is always top-notch -- never had a problem with them! Great board for games and pleasant to type on too.

      • I got this keyboard a few months ago, and it's my favorite one I've ever had! I don't like the clickyness of regular mechanical keyboards so I ordered the Cherry Red Silent switches and it's perfect for me, as I type emails basically for a living and would go crazy with the clicking otherwise. The only thing I wish it had was a way to skip songs, which is the only thing I miss from my previous keyboard. I know there's some techy way to do it with macros possibly, but I'm not that big of a nerd to know how to do that. Overall, very excited still about this keyboard.

      • I got my ducky keyboard a couple of weeks ago and it is great. The stabilizers aren't bad for a prebuilt and it comes with good RGB and pbt keycaps.

      • Terrible key chatter on this board, which seems to be getting worse over time. Highly do not recommend. Spent over $100 on a keyboard that worked well for a few weeks. What a waste of money. My new policy will be to initiate a return at the first sign of chatter.

        It's gonna be a 1 star from me. Nothing else really factors into this review, the board is rapidly becoming unusable. A quick google search shows that this is a prevalent problem on these boards which has not been addressed by the manufacturer in any way.

      • Great keyboard and great layout just wasnt a fan of the switches i picked which as the cherry mx silver. Will be ordering a different switch.

      • I am really disappointed with this keyboard. The RGB lights stay on in Sleep mode and there doesn't seem to be any way around this. Had I known about this issue prior to purchasing my One 2 SF, I would have kept my old keyboard. Overall, despite all the other things I like about the board, this is a real deal-breaker for me.

      • I really like the features (macro programming, lots of RGB patterns). But I'm writing this review on a cheap membrane keyboard because chattering is so bad.

        It looks like a few other recent reviewers are also having issues with this keyboard chattering. Originally I gave it 3 stars, but knocked it down to two due to poor support from Ducky. I contacted them about the issue and never heard back.

      • I have the same to say as "Ryan - 03/20/2021 07:05pm" this Keyboard is very good Build Quality and Solid and I loved it during its use. I used my Ducky board as normal, it never left my desk. I bought mine in late November 2020 and the Keyboard started Chattering in Mid March 2021. Keyboard was used Daily, almost all day really, for Typing and FPS Games. I had the Cherry MX Browns and for the price point and the quick failure of the Board/Switch being unrepairable is not acceptable.

      • I was extremely impressed with this keyboard until the last 2 months or so when I started getting horrible key chattering that ruined every FPS game that required me to stand still to be accurate. Plus it makes typing things like this a total pain in the ass. Ill never buy a ducky again after this. I've had keyboards I've beaten up, spilled food and drinks on that lasted for several years. I've babied this keyboard way more than any other I've had as I specifically got it to give me more mouse space and room on my desk. If this wouldn't happen Id b giving it a 5 but once I googled the issue I've found its fairly common amongst this brand. F

      • Last keyboard I'll ever buy!?

        I've used cheapo membrane keyboards most of my adult life, most recently wore out an Dell L100 membrane board, and decided it was time for a change. I use my keyboard on both my laptop for work (primarily) and gaming on my desktop (occasionally), so I wanted something compact but customizable, comfortable, quiet, and versatile.

        I initially purchased a blackwidow elite on a different site and immediately regretted it. It was very loud with audible pinging on the metal backplate when keys bottomed out, and I hated the tactile bump of the orange switches.

        I did a little research and settled on this keyboard, specifically for the MX Silent Reds and the 65% design. Boy am I impressed. The keyboard feels well made, the backlighting options are great and I LOVE that the backlight programming is within the keyboard itself, so there is additional software needed. To me, this keyboard with the silent reds is very quiet. much quieter than my older membrane keyboards and a total opposite of the blackwidow keyboard. I don't expect the keys to be truly silent (they are not), but the noise level is what I hoped for. The keycaps feel great and have a nice heft to them, and I love the included alternative keycaps (I received blue ones). The alternate "year of the rat" spacebar is really nice when illumunated, but I did notice this space bar is a bit louder and doesn't feel as nice as the standard non-illuminated one installed by default. The linear silent reds feel fantastic for typing and gaming for extended periods of time, and have a nice responsive snap to them.

        I am really enjoying this keyboard, and I cannot see ever purchasing anything else now aside from this one. The only complaints I have are minor and do not detract from the performance of this keyboard. One is the lack of keycaps. I'd like to purchase a second set of non-illuminated keys in different colors but the non-standard size on a few of the keys makes this difficult. The other is I'd like to see this model made in a hot-swappable version in the future, to allow for easy repairs/customization of switches.

        Overall, for the price I highly recommend this keyboard, and recommend the Silent Reds if you are looking for a quieter typing experience.

      • Great Keyboard, love the RBG and this being my first mech keyboard I must say I've a huge fan and will never go back to a membrane!

      • Came within just 2 days to Australia despite COVID-19, very satisfied with the product and the punctuality of MK.

      • This is a killer first mechanical keyboard. I love it, but there is 2 major flaws. I don't want to give it a 3 star because it may just be my board, but even then I am still satisfied.

        My main issue with this board is how loud it is. I got silent switches and they are VERY loud. Pretty much the same as regular reds. Especially my space bar and backspace key. I would highly suggest modding stabilizers to reduce rattle as well, because after only 2 months of use, my space bar rattles a lot. Despite my issue with the silent switches, I still really like this keyboard. I did want a quiet board, but at this point its only a small oversight. I also really wish it was hotswappable. If they made a hotswappable version of this, I would say its the best small form factor keyboard hands down. It's small yet comes with arrow keys, something I could not give up. Good keycaps, detachable cable, RGB, it's a great board. I highly recommend this board to anyone looking for a low compromise small keyboard. Just don't buy silent switches, and be prepared to pay a premium on shipping if you are outside of the us. Shipping to Canada was $50USD with duties.

      • I've been using this keyboard for almost 2 weeks now; I have to say I am extremely impressed and I ended up liking this board a lot more than I thought I was going to. I chose MX Browns for this one but I have other keyboards with Kailh Blue and mecha-membrane switches, I have to say of the three I think this one is by far my new favorite. Not only is the typing experience wonderful due to the high quality keycaps and stabilizers used, but the small form factor and detachable USB type C cable are a huge plus as well. I also purchased a pack of Blue 40A-R O-rings from WASD and they help a ton with sound dampening and key rebound from the bottom out position. Overall highly recommend this board and I will update this review later on down the line to speak on its long term performance.

      • I have had this keyboard for a bit more than a month now, and I've been really enjoying this. I primarily purchased this one for gaming for the smaller form factor, and I honestly don't know if I could go back to anything else now in terms of size. I went with cherry mx brown switches, and I'm sort wishing I had gone with a more linear switch like the silent reds for less noise when typing and less actuation for gaming. My only improvements to the board itself would be for them to make the case aluminum for the base model, and the space bar is too sensitive. Also, I would like to see ducky implement an actual software program instead of using keys to change the RGB effects. Overall though I really like the board, and I haven't had any technical issues with it. The design and the extra keycaps to give it some flair that are much appreciated. Also, this keyboard shipped to me way faster than I expected right before Christmas, so I appreciate the prompt service.

      • good. it shipped faster than it told me. it said it would be 3-7 business days that is quick but two days was quicker

      • I've ordered Ducky keyboards twice now, about 1 year apart form each other, and both times the keyboard has started to double click/chatter about 6 months in with regular usage. I thought at first that it was because I was pressing the WASD Shift keys too hard, but it turns out that simply pressing them too many times can lead to issues. The reason I'm not giving 1 star is because everything else about the board (RGB, features, profiles, etc) is quality, but given that this quality is undermined by a major flaw in the design of the switches, these nice features don't really add much to the experience if you can't even use your keyboard after less than 6 months. This is made worse given that I had purposely tried to press the keys on my second keyboard (One 2 SF) with much less force than my first keyboard (One 2 Mini) which broke after about a year of aggressive use/typing/gaming. Unfortunately, the One 2 SF didn't hold up and actually broke down much quicker than the first for some unknown reason. I even made sure to handle the keyboard with extreme care when transporting it for a max of a 1 hour drive, and ensured that there were no spills or any sort of liquid near the keyboard at any given moment (too many times where I've lost keyboards because of spills). Overall, this is a great keyboard if you can somehow find one that works for at least more than a year. For an investment of $100 , I would expect this product to have very few flaws, especially this soon after purchase, but Ducky keyboards have let me down too many times to buy one ever again.

      • This is the perfect size keyboard for me!
        Much more smaller than my full size keyboard, compact, easy to carry, has the arrow keys. And the Cherry MX Silent Red is more quieter than the "fake mechanical" sound that my keyboard gave that is just so loud.
        Overall a decent product.

      • Perfect sized keyboard, brown switches are satisfying to type and game on, and the RGB is great. Quality board overall.

      • This keyboard is awesome! I previously had a TKL keyboard, but I enjoy this layout so much better! It is so much more compact but it still has many functional keys. I got it with Cherry Reds and they sound great in the board. The keyboard has a very good build quality, and the keycaps feel great. I really like the extra set of keys they give you. The lighting is also very nice.

      • Love this size keyboard! I've had the Ducky TKL and the one 2 mini, but this one keeps the sleek design and yet has necessary arrow keys! Absolutely amazing build as always by DUCKY! This one is for sure a keeper!

        ***PLEASE NOTE***
        If your looking to purchase keycaps for the Ducky One 2 SF the right "ALT and FN" keys are smaller and the only keycaps that have the smaller ALT and FN keys is the "TFUE" keycaps set! Please be aware of this.

      • I originally bought the Ducky One 2 Mini but I couldn't live without the delete or arrow keys. I returned it and couldn't be happier with the Ducky One 2 SF. It's the perfect mini keyboard without losing the arrow keys. Also, you can customize each key. So I turned the page up and down keys, which I don't use, into the volume up and down media keys I use constantly. It's just right for me!

      • This was my first ever Mechanical keyboard and I gotta say tha6t this is 100% worth it, everything from the keys to the board itself feels premium. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who is looking for a 65% keyboard. I would also recommend getting it from this website too because it is a lot safer than these other websites that sell this exact same keyboard. Other notes would be to make sure what key switches you like because that would greatly impact your experience. BUY IT.

      • Great value for the price. I got the silver mx for low sensitivity FPS gaming. With a tenkeyless, my mouse would sometimes hit the side of the keyboard since my desk isn't too big. That problem is gone with this board. Quality feels great and the various lighting modes are a pleasant surprise. I am also a mechanical keyboard enthusiast and have owned many and I'd say the only deficiency lies with the caps. When compared to other PBT caps from sets I've bought, they are lacking in the feel and sound. Thickness-wise, the difference is obvious with quality PBT caps. Overall, very satisfied with this purchase.

      • Shipping/Ordering: In terms of ordering I knew it would take a while based on pre order status given, so I ordered it mid August and it took ~month to get here, just pay attention to the incoming stock page to know when you should expect it to ship. The only surprise was that I didn't get my 2-3 random keys even though it was listed on the packing slip. Since I ordered that option has disappeared from ordering, so I don't know if they ran out of random keys or what, but that was a bummer. Overall MK made it a breeze and I am very satisfied.

        Keyboard: I debated this keyboard for a while, I was using a magic keyboard for work and a decade old Razer with blue switches that I just couldn't stand anymore (so loud). I finally pulled the trigger and I'm super happy about it. The small form factor is incredible; my desk feels more organized and the clean look ties the aesthetic of my work desk together. The feel of these PBT keys is amazing as well - it's like typing on legos.

        Also the brown switches have been a game changer. Comparing Razer's blue to these Cherry MX Browns: they aren't loud at all, but just as rewarding. There is a solid thud with each stroke and just enough actuation that I still know how hard to strike to maintain a really fast cadence and with the quieter sound I can use it all hours of the day even when my kid is sleeping in the room next to me.

        Last thing: it comes with some extra keys including a really cool spacebar key. The material is different though and it has a different feel and sound. I want to use it so bad but it is jarring when I use it because it's a higher pitched clack than the rest.

      • Amazing sound, fantastic feel, decent RGB quality, semi-intuitive customization, but key chatter between the n key, spacebar, and shift disabling itself during games making sprinting and reliable jumping almost impossible. Not sure what happened but I have never had a cherry mx keyboard break down to this extent after less than a month of usage.

      • I have had double clicking on many keys right after I got out of the warranty period. I would not recommend if you plannn to type with a keyboard. (Those 3 n's were not on purpossse and I just realized the n is now messed up too(Again, look at all that s on purpose.)) I need to now replace a $100 keyboard without even a full years use.

      • Keyboards very aesthetically pleasing, RGB is easy to learn even without any software. Was warned that larger hands wouldn't be suitable for a smaller size keyboard but there's really no issue. The smaller size will take a little to get used to for any body previously using a full size keyboard.

        The backspace and space bar sound a little springy, I am new to Mechanical Keyboards so take this with a grain of salt. I choose the Cherry MX Silver Switches, and while I like them the 'speed' is largely a gimmick and I'd recommend just getting Cherry MX Reds. I think the space bar is particularly sensitive with these switches.

        A few keys don't seem to shine the RGB through as well as other keys.
        I also didn't receive the manual, not a big deal since its online but still might have been convenient to have. Overall great keyboard from Ducky and such a sweet upgrade from cheap membrane.

      • I'm really glad I went with the Silent Red switches it's super quiet but still has the mechanical keyboard brilliance. The size is actually perfect, and I wonder why I haven't gone for a 65% keyboard until now. It has just the right amount of keys, nothing more and nothing less wanted. Build quality and typing experience is impressive considering the cost.

      • Got this keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown keys, and I'm extremely satisfied. I've owned a Razer Black Widow in the past and wasn't really fond of how loud it was but I find that the keys on this keyboard aren't as loud and I get this satisfying feel when I use it for typing. I purchased this keyboard to use with a gaming PC and also to have something to use for work, hence the choice of the brown keys. The keyboard comes with a Chinese Zodiac space bar and additional keys of a random color which I did not hesitate to use the included key cap puller to change the keys out.

        Waited quite a bit for this keyboard but the wait was worth it. If you're considering getting your hands on one of these keyboards, I say go for it and get on that pre-order!!

      • 4.55 STARS FOR ME
        Ordered Cherry Brown switches with my board. Upgrading from some hand-me-down hybrid board and ooooo mama this thing is amazing. The brown switches on this thing feel soooo satisfying. Its 65% size is awesome and having the arrow keys & Delete key were a must for me so I'm glad Ducky made this board a thing.
        Only con to me is the lack of software to customize the board. I come from a Razer lifestyle, so I'm used to Synapse (which has it's ups and downs) and the ease of use with it is amazing for all my Razer stuff. I could set RGB up way easier, plus the Macro's I had set were much easier to set up and offered more diverse options. However that's a small use case so I can't be too upset. The RGB is great and it has the size factor I was looking for. Now if only I got that early Year of the Rat spacebar instead of the second one. ;-;

      • Best keyboard I've purchased for sure.

      • Amazing keyboard. I got the silver switches, and my Corsair K63 is not even close to the feeling of typing with this. The only thing I would complain about is that the additional beautiful spacebar that comes with it is not as thick as the plain one already on the keyboard which makes it less pleasant to use. I love the design on it and how light reveals the design, but I am not going to use it because it doesn't feel as good.

      • I could not be happier. Moving over from a red dragon TKL with blue switches and a full-size corsair board with red switches and this is leagues better in every way. I went with browns and find them to be exactly what I was looking for. the lighting control being baked into the board is incredible as I hate bloat-ware that you need to use most other keyboards.

        My main two uses are gaming and coding so this works great for both. Very well done Ducky. Also shout to MK for the speedy and professional service.

      • Just got my Ducky One 2 SF with the silent red switches and this think is amazing. This is my first keyboard with silent switches and its amazing, you cant hear any noticeable clicking and the keys fell more solid and quality for a lack of a better way to describe the feeling. Obviously very compact and the RGB is very nice and looks better than my Corsair K65, although the customization is pretty limited without software, but it is very easy to change the lights on the fly which is nice and I like having one less software app to launch in windows. I have no complaints on the overall quality of the board. No serous wobble or flex apart from the plastic under the spacebar but even that is nothing unless you are weird about stuff like that. My biggest problem is about half the key cap lettering lacks uniformity in the light pass through. I never thought this would bother me but it is quite annoying considering i thought ducky has better quality key caps than that but definitely not a deal breaker. Also the right shift key being smaller does not bother me considering I have literally never used it.

      • Absolutely amazing keyboard. Use it to game heavily as well as for work and is always amazing to type with. Highly recommend to anyone else looking for a mechanical keyboard with great build quality and value.

      • really love this keyboard; no build flaws, glitches, or issues while using and the lights are amazing. ordered the browns so it would be abit quieter and smoother than my last keyboard, and that's exactly what i got (though i can understand now why browns seem sandy to some people). the only issues i had came down to personal preference and extras, which were the accent keycaps and what I'm guessing was supposed to be the free bonus. my random accents were orange, so i personally don't want to use them but that was all a matter of personal taste. i had ordered the frozen llama sticker as a free bonus, but instead i got 3 defected/extra german keycaps?? so that was weird, but this doesn't reflect on the quality of the keyboard or anything. lastly, this didn't come with a physical manual like I thought it would, but the manual is downloadable on the ducky website so that was all fine as well. overall satisfied with this board.

      • I got this keyboard yesterday. I have been using it to type up school work as well as game heavily. I love this thing. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a quality 60% mechanical keyboard. The keystrokes feel buttery smooth, the sound is perfect, the build quality is very good, the RGB is fantastic if that is important to you, and the random set of keycaps that it comes with are a nice added touch (even if I didn't get a down arrow lol). If you are in the market for one . get this!

        P.S. I chose the Cherry MX browns. I prefer Kailh over Cherry after having used both. But Cherry is still good.

      • I just got this beautiful keyboard today. I have been doing school work my university and gaming quite a bit today. The keystrokes feel smooth. The RGB is perfect if that really matters to you. Build quality is realllly good. Love the extra keycaps as well, nice little touch. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone who wanted a compact and quality keyboard. Ducky for life.

        P.S. I have the Cherry MX browns. From someone who has had both Kailh and Cherry . I would recommend Kailh due to it feeling more smooth and easy to type on.

      • Typing on this right now! This is the best keyboard I have ever owned!

      • Keyboard has a pretty gamebreaking issue: it freezes or turns off (can't tell yet) extremely often. Will just stop receiving input. I have to fix by unplugging and replugging the cable. Have tried many different cables, so not sure if its an issue with the port itself or firmware. Either way, unusable.

      • This keyboard "randomly" freezes. Unfortunately I only found this out after buying it. Apparently a lot of other people are having the same issue (see e.g. Basically, whenever the MacOS is checking for updates, this keyboard will freeze -- with the backlight frozen and the keys non-responsive. Also disabling the system updates does not help 100% of the time, so there are some other issues with the keyboard.

        This is very unfortunately as I like the foam factor and the silent mx red switch on this keyboard. But having issues like this makes the keyboard unreliable as a basic input instrument. I'm considering returning mine already.

      • The Ducky One 2 SF has become my favorite keyboard to date. I love the 65% form factor and the fact that it comes with double shot PBT keycaps right off the bat. Arrow keys for me was also a must. I've even customized my keyboard. More than I ever could have with other keyboards from Razer, Logitech, HyperX, etc. and I believe Ducky gives you the freedom to do so. I chose Cherry Silent Switches as the switch type from my keyboard and I installed Cherry O-Rings to make them even quieter. I switched the normal cable for a coiled MechCables Type-C cable. I've added Grey Tai-Hoa Rubber Keycaps and also added Ducky's color of the year, 2019, keycaps, Living Coral. Then, I plan on switching the plastic case that it comes with an aluminum one. All I can say is that if you're thinking about buying this keyboard, do it! You won't regret it. It does take a bit to get used to the 65% layout but, that's not a problem. especially if you're coming from a TKL layout. But yeah, give this keyboard a chance! I don't see myself ever going back to TKL or Full-Size layouts ever again.

      • I absolute love this keyboard! I had initially been using the ducky one mini, but being a graphic designer, was dying for arrow keys. I had been looking everywhere for a 65%, but nothing out there was really worth looking into. When this came out, I instantly hopped on it to give it a try and I haven't looked back. It's so smooth and feels the way a mechanical keyboard should feel. I highly recommend this little gem.

      • This is a phenomenal keyboard. It is solid and a bit heavy. Includes the arrow keys as well as Del, PgUp, PgDn, so that you will have an easier time adjusting to a 65% keyboard. Good build quality and appreciate the extra keycaps that are included by Ducky. Very satisfied with this purchase.

      • love everything about this keyboard!

      • This is the fourth mechanical keyboard I've owned, but the first that makes me think not all mechanical keyboards are created equal. The key weight and lack of "clack" from bottoming out set it apart. The the spring resistance of my cherry brown SF is a tiny bit higher than the keyboard it replaces. I don't think the bottom of the switch travel is dampened, so this resistance must be responsible for preventing the clack. It makes the keyboard a bit quieter and gives the One 2 a distinctive tone. I bought this 65% form factor to use with my laptop on the go, but it's actually great for desktop use. I'm a big fan of the number pad, but slimming the design up absolutely improves the ergonomics of everyday typing and FPS gaming. I'm not reaching or mis-centered or spreading my wings wide. The keyboard is always close and comfortable. I was a bit skeptical about putting all of the light controls on the keyboard as opposed to setting it with software, but I prefer it now that I understand how to use it. The best feature of all is Fn Alt Space for setting a static color. Every key displays one shade of the rainbow and you select what to display. I prefer the scrolling rainbow effect, but one static color seems more professional while at work. One final clarification: the outlet on the keyboard is a USB-C but the other end of the provided cable is USB-3.0.

      • Love it! I had a mechanical keyboard with blues. Got the Ducky SF with browns. Like the quieter keys but still a bit of tactile feel. Smooth key strokes, time to customize it for my setup.

      • Worth every cent! Keys feel amazing, no flex, great sound, great RGB, and exactly the quality I have come to expect from Ducky. Only complaints would be the included spare keycaps dont have the extra legends on them like the stock keycaps, and the included cable is kinda cheap feeling but easily replaced. Highly recommend this keyboard!

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