108 Key PBT Seamless Doubleshot Pudding Keycap Set (Ducky)

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Ducky108 Key PBT Seamless Doubleshot Pudding Keycap Set
  • Full 108-key keycap set
  • PBT seamless doubleshot keycaps
  • Shine through legends and sides.
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible
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  • Decided to clean out and replace the keycaps on my old DK2108s w/ browns, after 7 years of hard use. The original ABS keycaps were so shiny I could see my reflection in them. The keyboard still functions great and I've brought it to work after replacing my home keeb with a Ducky One 2 TKL w/ browns. After painstakingly cleaning and lubing the DK2108, I slapped this keycap set on and was absolutely shocked with the end result. I absolutely adore the way my One 2 TKL feels with the stock PBT caps, but putting the pudding caps on my DK2108s was an absolute game changer. The caps have a nice and gritty texture, and the sound they make is super "thocky". Love them so much I pre-ordered another pair to replace the stock PBT caps on my new One 2 TKL. Highly recommended if you like chonky sounding caps with noticeable texture.

  • The keycaps themselves are solid. Good LED transmission, but unfortunately they don't have the right shift key, alt and fn keys for the one 2 SF. I was hoping that because this was a Ducky branded set that they would have them, but unfortunately they it did not.

  • while it is nice to have the letters on the keycaps complete, the shine through on these isn't absolutely bulletproof. if you look closely at certain keys you can see they printed/molded seamless clear letters onto a still separated white background on the keys with closed loops (QBRPOAD etc). you can see it in the 9th photo here where the LED transitions from green to pink. this creates a pseudo-seamless look with tiny gray spots in certain places in the white bottom layer. possible this will trigger you if you are a perfectionist or are upgrading from shine through ABS caps like I just did. no beating around the bush, ABS caps destroy PBT in the shine through clarity department. but if you're looking at these you likely know about the advantages of typing on PBT. the feel of these vs. the ABS is night and day, i wouldn't go back to ABS if someone paid me.

    worth mentioning that the tops of these feel a little narrower than my previous ABS set. the edges are fairly rigid, so these might be a pass if you have serious sausage fingers. mine are probably 7 linguica out of 10 so i will live.

    lastly the LEDs on my current keyboard are fairly dim so the separation is more pronounced, i would imagine this is greatly diminished with a brighter LED board. small seamless issues aside, 5/5 given gladly for packaging presentation and overall quality of caps. would definitely go to ducky in the future if i needed another set.

  • Very nice keycaps. One or two of the keys had a little unseemly plastic but nothing that effected keystrokes and definitely nothing i coulnt fix with a few minutes and a knife.

    They show color excellently and I really appreciate having a pudding keycap with a decent font.

    Nicely packaged and safely shipped. If you are stuck with ABS keycaps i definitely recommend the upgrade, and even if you want better looking pbt to show off your rgb it may be worth it for you.

  • I have been waiting for this set of pudding keycaps for my Shine 7 ever since I bought this keyboard last year. These pudding keycaps allow the light to shine through perfectly. They are much better than other pudding keycaps because the imprints on some of the letters on the keycaps are continuous and do not have an obvious break. They are PBT keycaps and definitely worth the upgrade from the stock keycaps that come with the Shine 7. Highly recommended if you like your keyboard to have a more pronounced look.

  • These keycaps both feel and look amazing. The shine through looks really good and is clean and clear.

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