Tai-Hao Forest Deep Blue Backlit 140 Key Double Shot PBT Keycap Set

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Tai-HaoTai-Hao 140 Key PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set Forest Deep Blue
  • 104-key base set with + 36 add-on keys
  • Great shine-through performance. Legends are clearly visible with high-luminance LED.
  • Cherry MX stem compatible
  • OEM Profile
  • ANSI QWERTY layout with added ISO keys
  • **Keycaps Only** Keyboard Not Included

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  • Not great for the GMMK pro, the back lit portion is useless, the keys are all printed north facing.

    They work absolutely perfectly for the Mountain Everest however, as it has north facing LED.

    The quality of the caps are fine, nothing amazing and not terrible either. I personally enjoy the texture of the caps. You could definitely buy better caps, I feel these are priced right for what they are.

  • Very nice set of caps except for the f7 key it has some weird smudge I think the injector had like moister in it or something. Also if you could include an option for a 6.5u spacebar in the future or could custom make one I would happily pay for it as I need that size. All on all great set

  • These Tai-Hao Keycaps are not what I expected for this price. I know they aren't $175 GMK keycaps but I was expecting a little better than those decent $30 sets on amazon that every 12-13-year-old buys. The quality of these sets are average at best, and packaging is a 0/10 for its price point. I know cheaper Tai-Hao keycaps come loss in their packaging, but these keycaps being a little pricier than the average Tai-Hao caps I was expecting a little more thought in packing. Even those cheap Razer keycaps were better packed than these. I did not realize they came with a keycap puller, however, the way they were packed the puller was tumbling around with the keycaps which resulted in multiple keycaps already having a gouge across them and the spacebar & modifiers all scuffed up. I could care less for the puller if it meant they would package the keycaps in a tray so they would stay nice. I also got a free random #7 rubber keycap, which tells me that their packing department was careless and messy. I have not counted to see if I got all 132 keycaps yet!

    Aside from that, the Deep forest blue color is amazing and is a breath of fresh air compared to the neon colors that other manufacturers offer in their double-shot PBT backlit keycaps. Don't be fooled by the picture, I thought the modifiers were black but ended up to be an identical dark grey like those that come standard on the Drop keyboards which was a disappointment. The font is ok but not as defined as others and the modifier symbols are not my favorite to look at.

    Moving to the build quality, I found that the Tai-Hao keycaps had an average of 1.31mm thickness. For comparison, my ducky double-shot keycaps had an average thickness of 1.5mm thick, razer pbt keycaps 1.43mm thick, Drop keycaps 1.40mm thick. So, these Tai-hao keycaps are on the thinner side. They fit the stems of the switches just fine, with a few needing some persuasion to sit level with the rest of the keyboard. I agree with others here that these keycaps appear like they are sitting un-even. The build quality is poor for the price. They have a rough texture to them, more than most other pbt keycaps that I have tried. Some keycaps feel rougher than others while some have a smooth texture which is distracting when you type. For this price, I would have expected at least a consistent texture across all the keycaps. The Drop keycaps, Razer, Corsair & Ducky all having a better quality/consistency than these and at least the edges of those keycaps are straight and not warped.

    At the time of writing this review, these keycaps are on my Tofu65 with novelkey creams lubed (205g0) and Durock filmed with gold-plated 62g cherry style spring, brass plate, Mekanisk screw on stabs. The spacebar sounds amazing with a really nice thocc when bottoming out. However, the backspace, enter and both shift keys feel very sluggish due to them suffering from very bad warpage. I tried putting them on my other keyboards that have Durock/Everglide V2 stabs with no luck. The rest of the alpha keys have a nice sound when bottoming out but the sound is not as satisfying as my cheap razer keycaps laying around which is a huge surprise to me! Though your results may vary.

    In conclusion, for this price, I would look else where for keycaps. The build quality is 6/10, quality control 4/10, packaging 0/10, consistency 5/10, sound 8/10. If you're here for the color or need 132 keycaps to populate a keyboard with a unique layout, go for it. Just keep your expectations low, so when you receive this set you won't be too disappointed. For me, I'm on the fence about returning/exchanging or selling them.

  • Pros
    The keys are fairly thick when compared to stock Corsair keycaps
    The texture on the keys feel nice
    Decent RGB shine through considering the color

    The color displayed in the picture is not the color of the actual keycaps. The keycaps are a much lighter shade of blue, kind of like a "chalk" blue
    The stems of the keys are uneven making the keys look like they are at different heights. For example, the key Q looks much taller than the key W and this is prevalent across the entire set of keycaps.

    Because of the inconsistencies I received in key-height in the batch I received, I had to return which is unfortunate as they had a nice feel to them and a good sound when used.

  • This is my first set of PBT keycaps and were purchased to replace the OEM keycaps on my CoolerMaster CM Storm Ultimate Quickfire with Cherry MX Browns.

    The plastic quality seems good and a lot of different optional keycaps were provided, including a sample of the Tai Hao rubber keycaps. I appreciated this as I was interested in the rubber Keycaps for my WASD keys, but didn't want to buy them without a chance to feel them since they were so expensive. A large variety of function, ctrl, alt, and spacebar alternate sized keycaps were provided as well. I also had no trouble attaching them to my keyboard's stabilizers, which are older costar stabilizers.

    I'll echo the other reviewer, which is that the color in the photos didn't match the color on the keycaps. I was expecting a deeper blue, but it's much lighter than it appeared on my monitors. I am not sure if the color correction is off on my monitor, or if the pictures are of a different colorway or had the colors tweaked too much in processing. Despite this I think the keycaps look great and I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

  • This is the second Tai-Hao set I've purchased and I really like the quality of their PBT backlit keycaps. The finger feel and typing sound is great. Legends are crisp and simple and the shine through is really good for PBT. One thing I will add is that the colors for this particular set are light shades than what is shown in the pictures. I actually like the set more after receiving it and realizing. The modifiers may seem black in the pictures, but in reality, they are a very dark grey (I compared them to my full black Tai-Hao PBT set). The blue is a lighter shade as well, closer to what I would describe as blue chalk. I will certainly be ordering more of Tai-Hao's sets in the future and I'm looking forward to new colorways from them.

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