108 Key ABS Double Shot SA Keycap Set - Horizon (Hardcap / Ducky)

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Ducky108-Key ABS Doubleshot SA Keycap Set - Horizon
  • Full 108 key Double Shot ABS keycap set
  • Ducky's new SA profile keycaps
  • Keyboard not included
  • MX-stem compatible

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  • This is a SOLID set of keycaps. It's a lot like a new phone case. It can feel like you've got an entirely new keyboard, without having to spend the amount of money it takes to get a new one. Overall, the feel is amazing, but I want to talk about some of the finer points as well.

    The legends are very well defined, even when the font on some keys is fairly small. At times, the weight can be slightly irregular (some letters seem regular, others seem bolder), but this is one of the common things I've seen on double-shot keycaps and it's hardly noticeable on this set. Additionally, the keys are very smooth, and there are no issues with the finish that I can see.

    Another reviewer mentioned that there are no bars on the f and j key for homing, however, the overall shape of the key has an accentuated "dish" so that you can easily find the home row without looking. It might take some time to get used to the dish if you're used to homing bars, but the difference is prominent and present.

    I highly recommend this cap set!

  • these caps are really good and they came really fast. however, there are a few things im just going to put here for other people who want to get these as well. not necessarily detractors, but it would have been nice to know lol

    1). the finish on these is really smooth and the spacebar is somehow smoother than the rest of the keys. if this is a turnoff, maybe dont get these.
    2). the keys are like. taller? than other ones? like if i put my old default ducky keys next to these, these ones are about 1.5 times the height. might cause future wrist strain but idk lol
    3). there are no bumps on the f and j keys. again, not bad, but i just didnt know.

    the keys themselves are of great quality though and they look great with the Look im trying to go for and that's really all i wanted. five stars babey

  • Although the quality of this product is up there with other SA sets, it took almost half a year to arrive. Until I inquired about it, I had received no updates as to where it was, and it arrived the day after I complained. As weird as this was, for a product to take that long kinda scares me from purchasing from this site again.

  • so i just got into custom boards, i found this set and i knew for a while i wanted an s.a profile keycap set.i dont have an insane board or anything, but its the hyper x alloy pro fps tkl with cherry mx red switches. and i modded the switches, lubed stabs, bandaids mods but my thirst was still there but i didn't want too drop 100 plus on my first set of custom capssoo when i came across these i just had too have them, i wasn't able too find much online about them but i tok the chance because the price was unbeatable well i got these three days later and wowjust wowthese keycaps are truly amazing.theyre perfect, not was scratchthe legends are as crisp and as straight as one could get them.the sound. now i finally understand what taekeys and everyone that dose this talks about when they're modding boards. i gi ve these bad boys 10/10 and i will try and leave my review about them everywhere i can and maybe do a video myself on them since obviously not many or anyone else have these yet because now after i ordered them they went back out of stock and id assume if anyone else had them there would be reviews on them already. you will not regret this purchase, hopefull y you all will get too experience what i have with this set of keycaps because it blew me away, really it did, they should cost at least twice the amount as they do now

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