140 Key PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set - Sakura Michi (Tai-Hao)

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Tai-Hao140 Key PBT Double Shot Backlit Keycap Set - Sakura Michi
  • ANSI US QWERTY 104 keys
  • + 28 keys add-on keys + 8 ISO-UK kit keys
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible
  • OEM profile

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  • Came sooner than i expected it to, very cute slightly textured. only issue i had was the keys aren't compatible with the stabilizers i have in my keyboard other than that great purchase!

  • Finally decided to buy this keyboard after weeks of deliberating. The keycaps are absolutely gorgeous and pleasing to the eyes, its all worth getting it if you love the hues of pink/purple! The pictures accurately matches the colours of keycaps in real life, in darker lighting the colours are more subtle/bright light they show more contrast. They keycaps itself has a tinted deep rich pink backlit therefore, the shine colour depends on whatever lighting colour below it (blue/greenish hue lights shines through light pink on keycaps rather than deep rich pink). The keycaps has a rougher surface than smooth (chalky feeling), which may take time for some to get used to. The box basically came with everything including the keycap puller and switch puller! Packaging was very neat and I enjoyed the initial unboxing. Overall, this was very worth of my purchase!

  • These look great - put them on my Ducky One 2 board, and the different colors of light shining through the translucent keycaps are lovely. Quality is good and they are nice to type with.
    That said, I did not like the texture of the keycaps. They felt rough in an unpleasant way. But I liked the look so much that I went to the trouble of sanding them down with 3000 grit sandpaper - took a couple of hours to get them all smooth. Now they feel perfect! *MK Note: Sanding your keycaps will make them ineligible for return.

  • You get what you paid for. For $60, you're getting a decent-ish PBT set, but the quality isn't necessarily that great.

    - Not too expensive (compared to other keycap sets, especially GMK ones, that might not be in everyone's budget)
    - Aesthetically pleasing gradient
    - Lettering is thick
    - North facing LEDs shine through keycaps very well
    - Font is pretty clean and easy to read
    - PBT doesn't get as shiny as ABS over time

    - Not suitable for all keyboard layouts ****NO 7U SPACEBAR****
    - You might have to remap some keys to keep the proper OEM profile and gradient on your keyboard (unless you use a bunch of artisan keycaps anyways).
    - Very thin, so it lacks a "thocc"-y (deeper and more bassy) sound that you would get from thicker keycaps.
    - Feels kind of terrible and cheap, texture is weirdly rough/sandy on the top (you can probably buy better keycaps for this price)

    If you're a keyboard enthusiast and you're seeking high quality keycaps, I'm sure you already know to stay away from Tai-Hao. I'm probably going to switch back to my previous keycaps though, since these honestly do not feel very nice to use, but I guess I got what I paid for.

  • I love these keycaps. I put them on my Ducky One 2, and I'm very happy with them, for the following reasons:
    1. Very nice to look at. The keycaps have a pink layer underneath which creates a pink hue. This contrasts very nicely with Ducky's white light (which is actually greenish).
    2. Lettering is much larger than the Ducky keycaps which also adds to lighting the keyboard. I work in a pretty dark environment so it's a lot easier to see the keys when I need to look at them (if I'm reaching from out of position, for instance).
    3. The texture of the keycaps is a little more rugged than the original Ducky keycaps. I don't know why I like it, but I do.

    Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase.

  • These are absolutely gorgeous key caps! Love them very much, would recommend getting! The shipping time was super short too as I live in Australia and it only took just over a week to get to me. 10/10

  • An absolutely amazing keycap set. Almost perfect craftsmanship and a beautiful aesthetic. I bought these on a whim to eventually use on something, and they ended up being the PERFECT match for the hue of wood I was using to make a case for a keyboard, they really pulled it together. A friend called it a great 'vaporwave aesthetic' with the pink/purple fade and hues. This kit comes with enough keycaps to outfit 2 keyboards, there is every combination of row/profile/ISO/EU/USA imaginable, WAY more keycaps than you'll ever need, but it's great to have the options to mix and match. The double shot backlit effect is tinted rather than clear, and a white or blue light shines through the legends as purple/pink.

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