31 Key Rubber Backlit Double Shot Keycap Set - Blue (Ducky)

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Ducky31 Key Rubber Backlit Double Shot Keycap Set - Blue
  • 31 key OEM profile keycap set
  • Rubber and transparent ABS material
  • Textured rubber top provides excellent grip for gaming
  • Compatible with MX Style Switches
  • R4: Esc, Ducky Esc, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • R3: Q, W, E, R
  • R2: A, S, D, F
  • R1: 2.25u Left Shift, Z, X, C, V,
  • R0: Ctrl, Win, Alt, Spacebar, 4x Arrow Keys
  • ISO 1.25u Left Shift + 1u Backslash

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  • Let me start by stating that these are an incredible value, especially when you start to compare them to other offerings.

    I would much rather pay $34 for 31 keys (including the SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, WIN, & spacebar) relative to $22 for 18 keys. Considering those other offerings don't include the bottom row: Z/X/C/V or if they do (22 key set) they still don't include the function keys: SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, WIN, & spacebar like the Ducky set does.

    I have a Ducky One 2 Mini white RGB that I purchased these for and they are a perfect addition. I will add that I didn%u2019t use the #5 or #6 keys as they are not proportional having two extra keys relatively speaking in the top row but, others may not mind.

    The quality is top notch; as top notch as you can achieve with rubber, that is. The textured diamond pattern really makes a huge difference with grip. Once I switched back to PBT it had felt like I went from concrete to glass, relatively.

    I'm not sure exactly how long I used them before they started to evanesce maybe two - three months, max; playing multiple hour sessions nearly everyday. When I mention wearing it%u2019s nothing major, the more popular keys (Q/W/E/A/S/D/Z/C) have a slight discoloration akin to having a small top layer descent into dematerialization. This made a noticeable turn from immaculate blue to a much lighter blue with an overtone of white.

    Of course the lettering/font also suffers from the deterioration but, as far as keycap usage can "theoretically" be observed; the lettering is at the very bottom of my complaints to accompany the expected wear and tear.

    One thing I will note for other users is this particular material is susceptible to staining via cigarette smoke. Obviously tar sticks to your fingers during smoking & I admit I tend to smoke during my gaming sessions. The staining is overwhelming but, definitely noticeable.

    I tried to counteract the aforementioned staining firstly with water, to no avail. I then added soap into the mixture while gently washing the affected keys by hand. Once again feeling defeated I introduced a cleaning agent into the recipe - comet - while also adding a wash cloth into my stubborn attempt to remove the cigarette stains. To no one%u2019s surprise, it did manage to improve the aesthetics relative to the staining but, it took such extended effort of scrubbing that it without a doubt was slowly removing the rubber as well as the staining.

    Now of course this is no fault of MK.com or Ducky; I take complete responsibility for that. I just wanted to add that in for any future customers that may also be a smoker. While all is said & done, I highly recommend this product to anyone but, especially gamers. I will be purchasing the purple edition in the near future without hesitation or any side thoughts of venturing to another brand.


  • These rubber keycaps wear out incredibly fast. I thought since it was made by Ducky, it would be at least better quality, but I thought wrong. I used rubber keycaps from a company called Matrix Keyboards before this and those were way cheaper and lasted far longer. These Ducky rubber keycaps are terrible quality and wear out so fast.

  • I love the rubber keycaps in general but they need to stop making these little tiny packs. Lets get a whole keycap set made of rubber?.

    Imagine a miami keycap set of nothing but rubber. These caps are a must have for any gamer or anyone who likes their keys grippy. They are amazing.

    But again these little packs seem to be a waste of money when they could be making whole sets.

  • Perfect for my "Ducky One 2 SF RGB" Keyboard!" Perfect fit and feel! A , 5 Stars!
    ***(P.S: For the guy who commented below me, these are made only for DUCKY Double Shot PBT Keyboards, NOT the Apex Pro like he has. Ignore the other review for this as it says right in the title which keyboards these are for, and him reviewing them terribly for a keyboard they are NOT made for is wrong! So only buy if you have a DUCKY keyboard with DOUBLE SHOT PBT!!!)**

  • Beware of buying these for the Apex Pro!! The inside of the keycaps are a little too small so they catch on the light on top of each switch. Had to spend about an hour filing down the top of each keycap so it wouldn't catch.

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