Leopold FC660C White 65% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Leopold FC660C White Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Topre Silent 45g thumbnailTopre Silent 45g



  • Electrocapacitive keyboard featuring Topre silent switches
  • Dip switches for customizing layout
  • Space saving form factor

Details and Specifications

Switch StemsTopre
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorWhite
Frame Top MaterialPlastic
Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key Rollover6
Multimedia KeysNo
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Interface(s)Mini USB
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Linux CompatibleYes
Cord Length60 inches

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  • I thought of a lot of nice things to say about this keyboard, but a lot of it has already been said. Some people over-exaggerate and some people under. Bottom line, I really like this keyboard. You don't have to mod it, at all. There is a slight amount of rattle as it breaks in, but its very small and muted by the purple sliders. Other $400 MX style keyboards that I own are louder and rattle more. I can describe the feel by a tactile resistance at the top, followed by a 4 mm collapse, leading to a strong bottom out feel due to metal plate. The tactility is stronger than I thought prior to purchase. I feel it really shines when typing for longer periods of time. I could type for hours and feel very minimal fatigue, in contrast to other keyboards I have with heavier springs. My typing speed actually increased from about 80 wpm to 110 wpm average, the very first time I started using this board. Layout is good because it has the arrow key cluster, in contrast to HHKB. I use this alongside a macropad for number input for 3d modeling, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything. For those interested, the bottom of the keyboard I purchased in October of 2022 says designed by Leopold, Inspected in Japan, made in Japan. Also for those interested in modding and such, there are aftermarket cases, mx style adapters, multiple controllers (usb C, bluetooth, QMK compatible), and such available for this keyboard (but as a disclaimer, I'd say this would void any warranty you have). Obviously there are cables too, but do keep in mind the default in this is USB mini (so I personally got a custom). For now, I'm choosing to stay stock because there is a minimalistic simplicity that feels beautiful everytime I sit down to type on my computer. I love my keyboard.

  • Excellent keyboard. I have this one with the purple switches, and I have the same keyboard with a blue/grey color scheme with the regular switches. I feel like the silent switches are better. However, I prefer my HHKB Hybrid Type S, (s for silent switches). Now one thing to keep in mind, is they feel different because of the board. From what I understand, HHKB is pretty much all plastic, but the Leopold has steel. This gives them a distinct feel, and I prefer HHKB. But this might be something to consider if you were considering between these 2. Now HHKB has more features, like blue tooth with absolute awesome connectivity stability and the ability to easily swap between 3 machines. Also, the wireless life on the HHKB is just awesome. So feel and features really make HHKB and Leopold different Topre keyboards. Giving 4 because I feel HHKB is 5.

  • I just received this keyboard (just two days after ordering it from MK) and have been typing with it for the last 20 minutes. My previous keyboard was a Varmilo VA87M (a TKL keyboard) with Cherry MX Brown switches. That's a totally solid keyboard and a pleasure to type with, but the FC660C really is in another league, and I've retired the Varmilo for use on my other PC. Forget those youtube videos you may have watched - the FC660C is much quieter. And not a hint of scratchiness. It's got a solid feel and a bit of heft. I was a bit concerned about adjusting to a 65% keyboard, but there's nothing to it. I'm not a gamer, so I can't offer an opinion on how suitable this keyboard would be for gaming. But for typing, it's fantastic. My sole concern is: what do you do if something malfunctions or breaks? Does anyone do Topre repairs?

  • I recently just received this board after waiting a week (since I live very far away) and I must say, typing on this keyboard feels exquisite. The sound and feel of this board feels so premium, you really get what you paid for. I usually don't do these reviews, but I had to for this keyboard. The silent topre switches feel very responsive and they're not too light for me (avid 55g-70g switch user here.) I'm glad I chose this board after weeks of research between the HHKB and Leopold. If you're hesitant on getting this board, let this review push you over the fence and grab yourself one of these. You will not regret it.

  • Let me cut to the chase before I get into specifics.this keyboard is a dream. It looks, feels and sounds really great.

    I originally went for the all black version, but when the ETA kept getting pushed back I didn't feel like waiting any longer%u2014so I got a refund and picked up the white and grey version. And honestly, I think I'm more happy with this colourway than I would've been with the all black. It's more of an off-white/eggshell white in person, which I prefer-it's definitely not as true-white as it looks in the photo. It feels solid and of really high quality, which I expected after reading the reviews here and elsewhere and it delivered on that front. I'm coming from a hand-me-down, full-sized gaming keyboard (which I was using for both writing and gaming, I'm a writer) that had really clicky switches. These silenced Topre domes are absolutely incredible feeling. Super quiet with more of a deep 'thock' sound like others have mentioned and the tactile feedback feels deep and satisfying. I've only been typing on this keyboard for a few hours so far and I can already tell it's going to be tough to beat this thing, shall I ever (and I'm sure I will) venture into other keyboards. The price tag is a bit higher, but there's a reason for that. I highly recommend this board, especially for writing.

  • So I got myself a new rig and decided I wanted a nice set of keys to go with it, so I did a BUNCH of research into the subject and ended up with this guy, the FC660C. This is my first mechanical keyboard and I must say I really enjoy the feel and sound of the silent Topre switches. I both game and type so I knew I wanted a do-it-all switch in my board. I also like to bottom out the keys with relatively heavy force so I knew I also wanted/needed something with a steel plate. I really dig the color, I was worried it would be a brighter white like in in the photo but I think it looks decidedly old school/retro. I really wanted the fc660m two tone beige colorway with its lighter colored modifiers but I am really pleased with how this board looks. Its a rather heavy and sturdy board given its size. I was also worried I wouldn't like the shortened right shift key with the 65% layout but Ive since realized my finger never touches the right side of that key ever, so having the arrow keys squished up in there is a non issue for me with normal touch typing. The sound is also freaking amazing, as an old drummer its almost like an instrument really! Like rain falling on a tent, I find it very soothing and relaxing, the girlfriend feels the same. The space bar feels and sounds very solid and has a deeper tone/thock relative to the smaller keys which I think is nice. Ive seen some videos on youtube on how to take this thing apart and lube the stems and stabilizers in and effort to improve the feel and lessen the key rattle on the stabilized keys, but honestly, as a mech keyboard noob I dont feel like it needs it, for me right now anyway. I think Im gonna rock it stock for a bit then maybe once it needs a good cleaning I may open it up try some snappier BKE domes and may lube it but honestly Im just gonna enjoy it stock for now. Also, the aftermarket for keys for this thing is basically non-existent so dont be expecting to do a full keycap swap like you can with many other mech boards. The topre switches, the layout, and the odd placement of the understems on the spacebar on this particular keyboard are all an issue when keycap searching. so basically you are stuck with the majority of the set. Furthermore the keys have their own profile called Stepsculpture 2 which is a bit lower profile than cherry profile from what I understand. Ive typed on many many keyboard through my life at school and work and this is by far the nicest feeling. 10/10, Highly recommended. End rant/review.

  • This is by far the best Topre keyboard 've had the pleasure to own, and now use it as my daily driver. This new version is the Topre Low Noise variant (45g Topre Switches, purple switches). It's beyond amazing and has the perfect form factor for me. MK is always great and shipping was very prompt as stated, very professional. I can't recommend this keyboard enough, and I've tried all the Topre switch variants available from variable to 55g all, silent and non-silent. Leopold is quality and aesthetic. Bottom line this is a top notch keyboard!

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