Artisan Hand Painted Keycap - Aesop (Peacaps)

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Artisan Hand Painted Keycap - Aesop
  • 3D printed, made of photopolymer resin and hand painted
  • Each keycap may differ slightly due to the handmade nature of the process
  • Includes a character sticker and a keycap puller
  • Beautifully packaged in a specialty tin
  • Limited stock available
Aesop has always had big dreams for someone growing up in the decrepit underbelly of Scarlet City, the world’s mech capital. But opportunities are slim for those born without the luxury of wealth or power. He becomes trapped as most do in his impoverished community, forced to find work at one of the many corporations in the Augmentation Sector - known as the Aug-Sec - where scientific progress is worth more than morality and ethics. Being a courier in the Aug-Sec isn’t so terrible. Aesop knows the city like the back of his hand, and he gets to work alongside a few of his friends. It’s not what he imagined doing with his life but it’s far better than nothing. One night, a last minute delivery to the head scientist of Amorium Industries leaves him out past the mandated curfew. Recruiters - mercenaries working to fill the Aug-Sec’s high demand for fresh volunteers - are out as well, on the prowl for unwitting civilians. Aesop is arrested despite his writ of permission to break curfew. Instead of a cell, he finds himself in Amorium’s labs, forcefully inducted as the next participant for experimental cybernetic enhancements. The days blur together as his body is modified against his will. He knows if he doesn’t escape, he won’t survive whatever horrible procedure is next. Weeks of waiting for his opportunity pay off and Aesop escapes, freeing as many of his fellow test subjects as he can. They raid the labs for prototype gear as they go. If they are to stop Amorium and the rest of the Aug-Sec from continuing to use people as experiments, they’ll need it. And Aesop knows the first objective in their mission is to put an end to where it all starts: the Recruiters. Word spreads quickly through the streets eager for revolution. Soon, others affected by the cruel indifference of the Aug-Sec come forward to join the cause. The nightly curfew siren becomes the signal for them to step forward rather than cower in obedience. Those ready to stand and fight rally behind Aesop, the face of the new revolution.

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