Artisan Hand Painted Keycap - Vvorisst (Peacaps)

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Artisan Hand Painted Keycap - Vvorisst
  • 3D printed, made of photopolymer resin and hand painted
  • Each keycap may differ slightly due to the handmade nature of the process
  • Includes a character sticker and a keycap puller
  • Beautifully packaged in a specialty tin
  • Limited stock available
In a dimension much darker than those around it, creatures dwell in a twilight land saturated with magic. A strict hierarchy has long been established and Vvorisst has ambitiously clawed their way into the middle tier. Stronger than the smaller slimy beasts that cower in flocks, yet not so powerful as to inspire others to look upon them as a threat just yet. They weave magic like waterfalls of lighting and deep pools of sound to pass the time. After all, if they are not hunting, then they must always be sharpening their skills or risk becoming the hunted. Among the ever echoing shrieks and roars, a low murmur Vvorisst can’t ignore begins, and it’s unlike anything they’ve heard. They listen closely, to determine if the sound is from potential prey, or another predator trying to lure them out. The murmur gets louder and louder until blinding light rips through the carnelian sky and engulfs them. Between one moment and the next, Vvorisst finds themself in a world of sharp air and dry ground. All around them are tiny beings devoid of fur or scales yet draped in dark material not of their body. The murmur from before is their chant, and within that chant, Vvorrist senses their name. Angry at having been summoned - a type of dimensional magic not seen in the thousands of years since they hatched in the abyssal ocean chasm - they ignore the new chants and break free of the stony structure confining them. The world outside is even brighter, even clearer, and hard to bear. Strangely blue water is nearby, washing over a beach of sand instead of piles of bones. More tiny creatures scurry underfoot as Vvorisst emerges into this utterly foreign land. Not much of this world makes sense yet, but what is immediately clear is a new hierarchy must be established. They’ll have to be victorious if they want to survive long enough to find a way home. But then again, if there are none strong enough to oppose them, would it really be so bad to stay and rule this strange land as the new god?

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