What is
Geekhackers is mkawa’s community-driven and community-centric retail entity. It is a fully registered business, located in California, USA. Geekhackers sells and has sold primarily tools, specialty chemicals, geekhack novelty keys, and various other items. Although Geekhackers is not a non-profit federal entity, its mission is:

First, to help promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education via tool kits, materials kits, and novel keyboard products that highlight the limits of manufacturing technology (for example, overmolded polycarbonate and ABS keycaps, silver alloy/zinc superalloy coated keycaps, and more).

Second, Geekhackers aims to build a "nest egg" for If there were to be a black swan event (such as what we now call "the rootworm incident"), Geekhackers' aims to be ready to step in with money to recover service and an orderly forum as quickly as humanly possible.

In order to achieve these two missions, Geekhackers, first, does its best not to make money year-over-year. Profits from individual sales are reinvested into the retail outlet and into the community. Note that the book-keeping here gets a bit messy, as Geekhackers must spend on inventory, community labor, and return of initial and supporting investments by the business owner (namely one mkawa).

Note that despite being a non-profit, because of the second mission statement, Geekhackers also collects donations collected by the donation links on the forum.

Who is behind

The main force behind is mkawa. However, many community members have helped Geekhackers projects come to fruition, including but hardly limited to: Cptbadass (who designed the original solder spool), Melvang (who did the vast majority of mechanical work on the workholders), jdcarpe (who has contributed multiple engineering drawings for the titanium sheet metal projects), photoelectric (who consults on Krytox formulations), Binge (who helps support the mold and casters in the community), Boilermaker (who donated fulfillment of the first year of novelty keycaps), and many many more.