Tai-Hao 104 Key ABS Double Shot Keycap Set Carbon

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Tai-HaoTai-Hao 104 Key ABS Double Shot Keycap Set Carbon
  • ABS Doubleshot Keycaps
  • OEM Profile
  • White with Gray Legends / Gray with Orange Legends / Orange with Gray Legends
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible

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  • Five star rating

  • Just got this set for my Rosewill RK-9000V2. The keys are much higher quality (thicker and better plastic) than what came with the keyboard. Everything fits perfectly and the colors look great. A significant upgrade from the stock keys. I am very happy with my purchase.


    I couldn't justify(right now) the cost of the SA and the wait so got these instead. While the printing on a couple of the keys could be brighter, it's worth it. Had I know these were out, I would have kept my group buy order. I'm using these caps on my Leopold FC660M with the help of improvised keys such as the Menu key is now my FN key and the numeric delete key is my win key, for now. The feel of the keys are smooth. Again, for the price is worth it. I'm considering another. Did I mention how AMAZING they look.

  • This keycap set was my first, ever. Upon arrival, I installed them on my magicforce 68 with gateron browns. The feel and texture of these caps are amazing and really are superb quality for the price you're getting. I feel like I'm typing on keycaps that are worth ~$60. I now own more sets from SA and GMK and by far these are the best bang for the buck. Plus they look really great on your keeb!

  • I just got these and put them on my kbp v80, and they look and feel fantastic. One of the spacebar's supports was slightly too large though and the stabilizer would slide in and out and leave the spacebar at an awkward tilt (and un-usable until wiggled back down). However, this was very easy to remedy by putting a bit of athletic tape on the tip of the stab so that it wedged in better. Worked like a charm, wasn't really a big deal.
    Love these caps.

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