MK Typist - PBT Double Shot keycaps, Type C USB, Programmable, 16 Layout Mechanical Keyboard

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MK Typist Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Kailh BOX White thumbnailKailh BOX White
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red




  • Highly durable PBT Double Shot injection keycaps
  • 16 built-in layouts including: QWERTY, Norman, Workman, Dvorak, MiniMak, Alphabetical, and more
  • Dedicated programmable layer that allows you to assign any value to a given key
  • Detachable USB-C type connection w/ type A to C USB cable included
  • Win / Alt swap options for Mac + Win key lock
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Macro recording functionality

The Typing Professional’s Keyboard

The MK Typist is built for typing professionals. We looked at everything a typing professional cares about in their keyboard and combined it to create the Typist.

Construction Quality

The weight, feel, and internal component stability of the MK Typist are immediately evident when interacting with the keyboard. Compare it side-by-side with another keyboard of your choice to truly appreciate the difference.

Clean, Professional Aesthetics

The classic styling of the Typist fits perfectly in a work environment, standing out through clean edges and quality – not flashy lights or branding.

Durable, easy-to-read Keycaps

The Typist keycaps are constructed using the industry’s most respected material (PBT) and print method (Double Shot) resulting in caps that will remain sharp, readable, and shine-free through years of use.

Best-in-class mechanical switches for a variety of preferences

Typist A: Kailh Box White Switches for high audible and tactile feedback.
Typist B: Cherry MX Brown Switches for moderate audible and tactile feedback.
Typist C: Cherry MX Silent Red Switches for minimal audible and linear feedback.

New Technology

The MK Typist features programmable keys, a USB Type C connection, updateable firmware, and 4 dipswitches that allow users to select from 16 different key layouts including QWERTY, Colemak, Norman, Dvorak, Workman, three Minimak varieties, and even Alphabetical.


The MK Typist is the perfect solution for those looking to outfit their office with uniform, high-end input devices without breaking the bank. Have a team of 50 members or more? Contact us about volume discounts.


As with all MK brand keyboards, the MK Typist comes with the MK Guarantee which extends the return window from 30 days to 60 days and adds a full year to the keyboard's standard warranty.

Details and Specifications

SizeFull Size
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Frame Top MaterialPlastic
Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleNo
Linux CompatibleYes
Dimensions5.51" x 17.32" x 1.62"
Weight2.87 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • Mine is with MX Silent Red switches. Purchased purely for use in the office to replace the default membrane keyboard. I have Ducky One 3 Classic at home and this one is not far behind, very comfortable to type all day and without any distractive lighting and visible branding. The switches and keycaps are excellent and white letters are clear and visible. What's not to like? Recommended for office use.

  • Spilled water on my previous keyboard with MX Brown Switches. I did some research and came across the Kailh Box White switches. I wanted a little more pop when I was typing for the tactile feedback. Can't go wrong with this keyboard. Sounds like you're typing 10x faster than you actually are!

  • I've completed disassembled the board and desoldered the stock cherry mx browns from the PCB. Currently preparing to solder Gazzew U4T's. Excellent quality components at a great price. Thank you MK!!

  • It's the best keyboard. I've had it for about a year. I've bought other keyboards but I always come back to this one. I have Kailh Box White switches and they're pleasantly clicky.

  • High quality keycaps, with just the right amount of clack, and the Kalih BOX Whites are super clicky.

    Overall high quality.

  • Good for the price. Lock lights are too bright though.

  • Absolutely love this keyboard. I was a long time Logitech user with normal membrane keyboards and a couple years ago began using mechanical keyboards. Again I used Logitech but that was mostly because I knew the brand and had good experiences with their products. Well, As good as they with "normal" / membrane keyboards, their mechanical keyboards leave a lot to be desired at the premium price they charge. I used a G610 for a little over a year, then tried both G815 and G513 this year. The G610 was the best of the three and the cheapest, but still felt lackluster. I am not a gamer, but I do a lot of typing and excel for my job, which is why I love the mechanical keyboards and the dedicated macro keys on the G815. The backlighting is a nice feature, but not 100% necessary, and honestly was just eh on all three, unless you went all out with crazy preset themes, which doesn't really appeal in the office with plenty of lightning anyway.

    That's when I found and was honestly in awe of the number of mechanical keyboard options. I tried friends Varmilo & Ducky and liked them, but found the MK Typist to be just as good quality with a much lower price tag. I really like the lack of branding and the clean black profile of the case & keycaps. I chose Cherry MX Silent Red and couldn't be happier. All day very smooth and consistent typing experience combined with the premium feeling PBT keycaps. I actually get more compliments on this "quiet looking" keyboard than I ever did on the Logitech's.

    The only thing left is to pair the OEM black keycaps with dark or navy blue keycaps to make my out layout. I would 100% recommend this keyboard to a newcomer or experienced mechanical keyboard user!

  • I am a software dev who types all day and I love this keyboard. Not a keyboard expert but I've tried a fair amount of mechanical keyboards and this is my personal favorite, especially for the price. This keyboard has really solid construction, it is probably one of the best minimalist keyboard for

  • This keyboard is surprisingly fantastic.even after all of the reviews had my expectations high, I was still impressed. After years of using a Das 4 w/ aluminum top as my daily driver, I was worried the technically plastic case would disappoint. Nope - this sucker is ROBUST. It feels as heavy as my das, only better quality, all the way down to PBT keycaps - super clean bottom edges, premium feeling, these might be among the best PBT keycaps I've used. The stabilizers are smooth, no rattle. You can tell care was taken with designing and assembling this thing. Like seriously, I smile when I type on it. Kailh box whites have proven to be a natural "upgrade" from the cherry blues w/ o-rings I've used for years and loved. This has really left me with good feels for anything MechanicalKeyboard branded. Kudos to those who had a part in this!

  • This is a great keyboard for office use. I purchased it with Silent Red key switches, and it's quieter than the membrane keyboard I was previously using. The built quality is fantastic, it has a nice heft to it. There is a slight ping in the case, and very slight stabilizer rattle on the backspace, shift, and enter keys (but not the space bar), but nothing major at all - definitely still very quiet and much better than most boards. This keyboard is basically a rebranded Ducky One with USB-C and proper white-on-black double shot keycaps (the actual Ducky One has shine-through caps, even on the non-backlit version, which is typically peoples' main complaints on that board. Overall, you're basically getting a rebranded Ducky One at a slightly lower price point, so you can't go wrong here. Also, bonus for actually being in stock in Silent Red!

  • Nice and simple mechanical keyboard for an office environment. Great build quality too. I ordered with the Cherry MX Brown switches as that's what I use on my other keyboards and they work as expected. I really like the USB C connection, but the minimal clearance makes it a bit tough to connect and disconnect. Finally a word of caution - don't look at the indicator lights straight-on as they are super bright. I assume that was done because they are sitting behind a row of keys.

  • My favorite keyboard ever is my mid-1980s IBM Model M keyboard. I started working from home full-time, and discovered that using that keyboard while in frequent video meetings was just not going to work. It's VERY loud over a microphone (I'd get comments like "who's breaking things over there?"). I spent at least two weeks learning about quiet mechanical keyboards, and finally decided on this one after a failed attempt with a Das Keyboard with Cherry Brown switches (it was still too loud - but a nice keyboard, still). I got this one with Cherry MX Silent Red switches, and it's nearly perfect. I have a pretty heavy hand, so I've had to learn to not pound the keyboard, but when I am cognizant of trying to type quietly, I've found that people on the other end can only hear it if they try very hard. So, it's silent enough. Aside from that, it's a great keyboard. I was reluctant at first being a militant Model M fan, but this keyboard has swayed my thinking. I use it full time now, not just for work, and love it.

  • This is indeed the ideal keyboard for an office. The discreet design blends in nicely among coworkers' rubber dome boards (assuming you're not trying to flex on everybody). With the silent reds it's almost completely silent, and is really a pleasure to type on. Even stabilized keys including the spacebar are basically completely silent. The board is sturdy and heavy at 3lb and the PBT keycaps are top notch. I haven't added any macros yet, which require a setup dance described in the manual, but it's nice to have macros stored on board. I'm using this on Ubuntu without any hitches (the calculator button even works!).

  • It's just perfect for work. The look just blends in and as a full size, it offers all the functions I need. The added calculator button is a really nice feature, especially for someone like me who is always pulling up the calculator on Windows. Because of the extra row of four keys above the numpad, you should take that into account when buying keycap sets. MX Silent Reds are really quiet and barely noticeable to others. This keyboard is, to me, actually quieter than other silent reds I've heard, but I have no way of actually measuring so take that with a grain of a salt. It has a smooth feel to the switches, which some may like and some may not. Also, the stock keycaps help with the sound too, I swapped for another set and noticed that the new set was just noticeably louder.

    Just to note, only reason I swapped keycaps was just for aesthetics, I have no issues with the stock keycaps at all.

  • My MK Typist came today! It's a fantastic keyboard, and the Kailh Box White switches are the perfect answer to the rattle prone Cherry MX Blues that I'm fond of. The aesthetics of the board are very nice, but I am probably going to buy a different set of key caps for them, as I find the dot on the Caps Lock key cap to be sorta obnoxious. Maybe I won't, because I certainly love the feel of these keycaps, but yea. I'd rate this a 5/5 for sure.

  • Very happy with this keyboard. Very professional and premium looking. For those concerned with aesthetics like myself I'd like to point out that my caps lock key cap does not have the dumb fake LED like the one shown in the pictures, thank god. The keyboard is really well built, it's amazing how heavy it is, and the key caps feel amazing, I don't think I can go back to ABS after these. The stabilizers are also pretty good, the keys do not rattle at all when typing. I do wish though that the alternate values of keys were not placed right beside the normal value because it's a little confusing and it looks dumb, especially in the case of the dash/underscore key.

    I would also recommend, unless you have already tried and like them, not to get the silent switches. I hate how soft they feel when bottoming out. I would recommend getting the browns instead, they are a pretty quiet switch and you don't need to worry about the extra noise because the key caps are quiet because they do not rattle and keyboard frame is plastic.

  • Absolutely loving this keeb so far. I wanted a nice mechanical keyboard for work, but without the "gaming" gimmicks. I saw this one, and thought it looked perfect; and after reading reviews of other thought I would give the box white switches a try. This keyboard is heavy, and is probably the most sturdy feeling one I have ever had. The Kailh box white switches have the perfect "clickyness" without also being rattly.

  • It is a magnificent keyboard. I gave up my Filco majestouch 2 (mx blue) for this. It requires little less force to actuate than cherry mx blue and so you will feel less fatigue in longer typing session. The sound is so clean and crisp, the material and keycaps feel rock solid and scream quality, extremely professional and minimal looking. I am truly impressed to find such a good keyboard at this price point.

  • I own multiple Ducky boards, a Filco & a Kb Paradise board.
    This noble board outperforms them all.

    Heavy chassis rivals metal anointed boards in terms of heft & quality.
    The stock PBT doubleshots, while slightly slippier than my preferences, are thick and - again, a word I'll echo a lot - quality.
    The Kailh Box White's are absolutely wonderful, tactile and responsive - super ultra clicky, just like I want it to be.
    I would call them almost Super Mx Blues - like an evolved version of that switch. Click Madness.

    I'll echo other complaints that the USB-C fit is a tad snug - but this is a super minor issue.
    Also, I would have upgraded to the Night Typist if that model had Box White's available as well, but only Cherry's were available - sigh. I think more Kailh switches on all future models would be a good move in the future - they make an awesome switch!

    Overall, just a bonkers amazing board. For the price, there is nothing even close in the price point.
    Sure, you don't get the snazzy color-ways out of the box, but at this build quality and features - who cares, just go get a box of keycaps and customize!
    Personally I'm digging the flow on them so even though I have fresh colors to change I haven't felt the need to do so yet. It may stay jet black!

  • I love this keyboard. The one that I ordered has box white switches, and they are just a joy to use all day - my favorite switch by far. The board is wonderfully clicky and looks great, to boot, especially with the all white SA keycaps that I added. I would absolutely recommend this board to someone who is typing all day, and I really like that there is no RGB or underglow. This was my first new mech and is the reason that I have purchased others for home use. It's also one of the few boards that I could find with BOX switches.

    I have only one complaint, and that is regarding the USB port. The cable is a tight fit - I had to disconnect the keyboard the other day, and now I am unable to reconnect because the port seems to be loose or to have moved. I'm guessing it's because I had to give a solid yank to disconnect?

    I have no idea how to fix this (and am not comfortable taking the board apart to look inside), which makes me sad as I don't want to go back to using the crap keyboard that my employer provides.

    Long story short, buy this board and leave it connected. You won't regret it, I promise.

  • As a developper I was looking for a mechanical keyboard with sober design that I could bring to work.
    When I read reviews about khali box white, and people saying that's what cherry mx blue switches wanted to be, I knew that was the switches I wanted.
    And yeah, it's exactly as I thought it would be. Those switches are just insanely good for typing. Never buying a cherry mx keyboard again !
    Apart from the switches, the keyboard is quite heavy and overall feels very strong and well built. Just wished the caps would be more shiny (It's a bit mat) as moist fingers leave marks quite easily on mat black which is not very aesthetic in summer (Yes I'm looking for reasons to complain, couldn't find anything worth complaining for, I just want to type with this amazing keyboard lol).
    Solid 5/5

  • I ordered the MK Typist because I was looking for a new USB-C keyboard for my 2018 MacMini and dislike the current Apple keyboard options for numerous reasons. I ordered the model with the Cherry Brown switches as I have my computer in the main living space of my home and didn't want a very loud switch. The key travel is smooth and I am very pleased with the weight of the board (substantial) and the overall quality of the keyboard and key caps.

    After remapping the Alt, Win, Ctrl keys to match MacOS, this keyboard is great. There is also a hack to modify the Home and End keys as well. I really wish there was an option to order MacOS style keycaps for the Alt, Win, and Ctrl keys, but I rarely look at the keyboard as it is.

    I originally receive the MK Night Typist by mistake and after contacting customer service they sent me a new board very quickly. Overall, this is a very nice product.

  • I have this keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches and I also have a Ducky One 2 with the same switches. They're both good keyboards, but the MK Typist feels more solid than the Ducky-branded one. I also have a Das Keyboard 4 Pro with MX Brown switches. The MK Typist, IMO, is a far better keyboard than the Das Keyboard one.

    I used to like having different keyboards and using one or another of them depending on my mood. Since getting the MK Typist, my other keyboards have been sitting on the shelf. It just feels perfect and I don't want to type on anything else. I'm planning to get a second one so I have one at work and one at home.

  • This board, with box whites, is just ludicrously good. No frills, no gimmicks, no branding. The caps it comes with are actually surprisingly good, but after throwing on some SA profile caps it's even better; I'd describe it as almost a "modern Model F" feel. I have (too) many boards, of various makes/switch/layout, and yet I'm coming to prefer this one even to my high-end/artisan/Topre boards. It's a joy to type on.

    Minor gripes: as has been pointed out, the silliness of the fake LED "light" on the stock Capslock key, and the *insanely* bright status LEDs. I wonder about where the reviewer who complained about the status LEDs' visibility works. To me, they are approximately 100x brighter than the sun. I have an allen wrench over them to cut the glare.

    I rarely write reviews - maybe I just wrote this as an excuse to type some stuff, which should probably tell you all you need to know.

  • The box white is the perfect switch. The build quality is perfect.

    The only thing I want is a TKL version and color options because I want to buy more of them.

    I rectified the color issue by swapping the caps, but I couldn't find a doubleshot set I liked and had to do printed PBT hence the reason I want color options ;)

  • Picked one of these up for work. Great to type on. Box whites don't have a super loud click, so I'm not getting dirty looks all the time. Good design and feel. Quality.

  • This keyboard is a game changer! I have the Cherry MX Silent Red (Typist C) model and love it. My co-workers appreciate that it is *significantly* quieter than my previous keyboard (Ducky One with Cherry MX Browns), and the keyboard is a dream to type on. In fact, I am beginning to think that I even prefer the feel of the silent reds, and I definitely prefer the acoustics. Everything about the keyboard is great. You truly can't go wrong with this one.

    MK - please do keep making this keyboard - it's awesome! - and consider producing a TKL variant as well. (The TKL layout is great for smaller desks and results in easier transitions from keyboard to mouse for right-handed typists.)

  • Wonderful keyboard! I have had this keyboard for about 2 months, and it works great! Really sleek, and great key caps.

  • This keyboard is pretty great. Switches keycaps build = nearly perfect.

    I really enjoy typing on this keyboard. I ordered mine with the silent reds and it feels great to type on. Not to mention that its great in the office because its much quieter than other keyboards i've used, including ones with key dampeners. The keycaps feel premium, almost as great as the Vortex Poker keycaps, just not as smooth on the top side, but that's a good thing as i'm not a fan of really smooth tops (think code/wasd keyboard abs caps). The combination of the keycaps, switches, and build almost make it feel like a topre keyboard, but w/o the bump since these are red switches.

    All in all, great build, great quality, and awesome typing experience, just like the name says, this is for the typist!
    Would be awesome to see these boards with some backlighting, doesn't have to be RGB,

  • This is the perfect keyboard for work (office environment). Absolutely silent, no RBG, simple, clean and professional design. This was exactly what I was looking for.

    Top notch quality keyboard. I was very surprised about the build quality when I received it. Even after coming from an expensive topre keyboard and Ducky Shine 5. I've been told that this keyboard was manufactured by Ducky, though it seems to be of better quality than Ducky's own keyboards. The spacebar does NOT rattle like the Ducky I have. Keycaps have a nice rough surface to them. The keycap puller is a nice extra to be included!

    The only minor complain is that the space around the USB C port seems to be small, so if you have a thick USB Cable, it is a tight fit.

    Please continue to make this keyboard!

  • I just picked one of these up for work and I am very happy with the purchase. Went with the Brown MX Cherry's because I wanted a nice tactile feel but didn't want to piss off my co-workers with a really clacky switch. I like how the keyboard is well made, sturdy, and has a nice overall feel. It has a detachable USB-C cable which is nice, and can be set at three different heights with the fold out legs. The fold out legs have a nice rubber pad at the bottom which helps keep the keyboard in place. It also has some nice macro keys such as a calculator key and volume control keys.

    It took a while to get used to since I've been typing on a membrane pad at work for years. I use a Ducky One 2 TKL with Silver MX Speeds at home and I feel like the quality of the MK Typist matches Ducky. The key cap set on the MK Typist is different than the One 2, its less smooth but not in a bad way. Both keyboards have double shot keys so they are very similar.

    If you are looking for a non-descriptive, no frills keyboard that just works, then this is the one for you. Have used it for two weeks now at work for 8-10 hour days and have zero complaints.

  • I've been using this keyboard for a few days at work now and I absolutely love this keyboard! Very solid construction, nice weight, the silent reds are perfect for a close work environment, and the PBT key caps have a nice texture.

    My only gripe is not being able to see the indicator LEDs behind the number pad keys. I think the addition of a caps lock LED on the left side under the key itself would be a nice addition.

    If you're looking for a rocksolid, nonflashy keyboard for productivity, this is a great choice.

  • This is a wonderful keyboard. The switch action is satisfying, with just enough resistance, and the response time is fantastic. I have many other boards, and this is by far my favorite for typing. The box white switches are just enough easier to press than Cherry Blue.

  • I needed a keyboard for work. I looked for a long time and never found anything that really matched what I wanted. except for this keyboard! It's amazing!

  • Very solid keyboard that is a pleasure to type on. Much more solid feeling than the Corsair Strafe RGB Silent (also has the same Cherry Red Silent switches). The keys on this MK Typist board feel solid and have no ringing when pressed. This is the perfect keyboard for a professional office environment. Quiet, professional looking, with some useful features (I like the calculator key especially). The PBT doubleshot keycaps feel great.

    My only dislikes on the board are the fake LED dot on the capslock key (the capslock LED is over on the upper right) and the placement of the indicator LEDs. When seated and typing, the LEDs are hidden behind the top row of the tenkey group. I can only see the LEDs if I sit up and look over the keys.

    Minor nitpicks. An overall great board!

  • I was looking for a mechanical keyboard to fit my needs for weeks. I needed something that was low profile enough to bring to work without attracting attention of my I.T. department. I strongly feel I found the perfect keyboard for my needs! It feels amazing and has excellent stability and build quality. I really like the fact that there is no brand labeling, the key font and symbols are professional(in my eyes), and USB-C is awesome! The addition of macro and various layouts is a big plus. As someone that's used this keyboard at a terminal all day for over a month, I approve this keyboard for work!!!

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