Leopold FC660C White Case 65% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Leopold FC660C White Case Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Topre 45g thumbnailTopre 45g


The Leopold FC660C Mini keyboard offers Topre's Capacitive switches. This extra compact layout allows most functions of a full size keyboard by using the embedded function layer. LEDs are under the caps lock and insert keys for convenience. Steel plate construction and 45g switches make for a pleasant typing experience.

Dip Switch Functions :
Dip 1 / SW1 - Ctrl (left) and Caps Lock swap
Dip 2 / SW2 - Windows and Alt (left) swap
Dip 3 / SW3 - Windows and Fn swap
Dip 4 / SW4 - Windows Key Enable / Disable

Details and Specifications

Switch StemsTopre
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorWhite
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key Rollover6
Multimedia KeysNo
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Warranty1 year limited warranty
Cord Length72 inches

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  • I have this keyboard with silent switches and I have the Blue and Grey with non-silent. Both are excellent keyboards, however I do prefer this one better. The silent switches just feel a lot better. Also, the keycaps are somewhat softer feeling. Really does feels like you're typing on clouds and the closest Leopold keyboard to a HHKB Hybrid Type S (my favorite).

  • Received mine today, oh my, this is so worth it, this is such a unique feel that out class any cherry switches or buckling spring variants. I am so glad I made the purchase. One small thing though, seems the paint on the key caps are not evenly spread out, this is a minor issue though, the quality of the board and the feel of the switches just out shines this little problem.

  • The construction of the case is extremely high quality, the keycaps are high quality, the topre switches (which is why the board costs this much) are amazing. They have very little wobble, and feel much more consistent than cherry mx. They are definitely more tactile than any of the tactile MX switches.

    If the lack of keysets available for this keyboard deter you, there are sliders you can buy that will convert the stems to be MX compatible. Jtk sliders, and novatouch sliders will work. Just be aware that this keyboard has 2 left shifts, so you'll need an extra left shift as the right shift in your keyset will not fit. Also worth noting that the spacebar is 6u, so it would be best to leave the topre slider on the spacebar, because most keysets do not come with a 6u spacebar. There are several topre spacebar options that will likely match your set, so it's not really an issue. Silencing rings (dubbed 'hypersphere silencing rings', found on ebay when "topre silencing rings" is searched) can also be installed, which makes this keyboard very silent, but still has the satisfying thock which topre is known for. Normal mx o-rings do not work with topre. There is also a controller for the fc660c being developed right now, release date in a month or 2, and prototypes are already in circulation, courtesy of Hasu. It makes the board fully programmable. More info on that can be found on geekhack.

    The best part about this keyboard though is that all of these add ons are purely preference. A lot of people agree that you can't go wrong with a stock fc660c, if the layout appeals to you. The aesthetics are minimalistic, but the board has a classy look to it that isn't really conveyed in these photos.

    If you are hesitant about the price, these boards generally sell for 200-250, (mechmarket on Reddit is the best for selling niche boards,) so if you don't like it down the road you can always get most of your money back.

  • Really great keyboard. Before I bought, I had doubts about the relation quality/price. but now i must say it is the best keyboard I ever used. Also great costumer service for mechanical keyboards.

  • Beautiful keyboard -- moreso than the pictures suggest. Build-quality and keycaps are both superb.

    My non-complaints are that the Backspace key isn't in the same place as on the HHKB (but hey, different board different rules), and I wish I could have bought this in a 55g configuration. I've got a HHKB Pro 2 that I've dome-swapped, and will probably do the same for the Leo, but I would to not need to buy another Realforce 87u. I might be an enthusiast, but I ain't made of money.

  • -Excellent build quality
    -Nice size, still has arrow keys
    -Topre switches are very nice to type on and quiet too
    -The white and grey colors are cool
    -Dye sub printing looks great
    -PBT keycaps look, sound, and feel very good

    The insert and delete keys look a little weird floating off on their own though.

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