Vortex Race 3 TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Vortex Race 3 Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
$139.00New Version Available!
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
$139.00New Version Available!
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
$139.00New Version Available!
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
$139.00New Version Available!
Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
$146.00New Version Available!




Vortex's newest 75% keyboard, the 83-key Race 3! Do you need dedicated arrow keys that your 60% doesn't provide, but don't want the size of a TKL? A 75% may be just for you! Most of the keys are in the "normal" spot, so there's nearly no learning curve for this keyboard.

The Race 3 features a silver anodized CNC case and cone feet. It also has DSA keycaps with dye-sub legends in a vintage grey colorway with 19 extra RGBY and MAC keycaps.

3 programmable layers on top of the default layer. Assembled in Taiwan.

Key switch damage resulting from the removal of keycaps is not covered under warranty.

Details and Specifications

ModelRace 3
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorSilver
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Dimensions4.73" x 12.21" x 1.18"
Weight1.44 lbs
Cord Length50 inches

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  • Keys are great and colors look super good. USB barely works, disconnects all the time and you have to wiggle it to get it to cut back in - for nearly $150 there's absolutely no reason to still be using micro USB in 2023. You also have to have a PC to connect it to so you can program the keys to be usable with a Mac which makes no sense. Mine also didn't come with the stands to prop it up in the back.

  • Having tried and owned several highly touted mechanical keyboards, numerous switch types, and many different layouts and sizes over the years, this is the only configuration I have stuck with and remain comfortable with after years of use (Race 3 with Cherry MX Clear switches). The only things that could make this keyboard better are Bluetooth connectivity and a backlight with Cherry MX Clear switches. It will be a very sad day and inconvenient forecast if this board breaks and I am unable to replace it. Sure it has some quirks, like the keys could feel more solid or the caps be more uniform, but the combination of the layout and switch type are perfect for me, exactly what I want and not more than I need, all in a compact, comfortable, and durable package.

  • This should have had an integrated cable or USB-C, the micro USB frequently disconnects and is unnecessary. Decent, overpriced keyboard otherwise.

  • I'd never used a mechanical keyboard before - so a review from a newbie.

    The keyboard is overall very nice. I like how you can switch out the grey keys for colourful ones (as in the picture). The frame is metal and feels sturdy and has weight to it. Location of home, page up, etc buttons are convenient. The keys feel nice to touch. Mine had no defects. Changing volume is done via holding fn F2 or F3, which was something I had to get used to.
    The keyboard comes with add-on feet to raise the back off the desk by about 1.5cm.

    Only complaint is that the space bar is slightly bowed up at the ends . I've found easy fixes online for this so not a biggie!

    I wish I had bought the LED version so I could game / type in darker environments!

    I have Cherry MX Brown switches which are somewhat loud. Not really suitable for an office but perfect for home.

    This website's international shipping (to Oceania) was prompt and I had an overall good experience with them!

  • It's decent, but I wouldn't purchase a Vortex keyboard again.

    I like the way the keys look and feel and I like the overall typing experience, although as others have said, some of the keys have some flashing around the edges. My spacebar key is also slightly bowed, but ultimately, not a huge deal.

    The micro USB sucks and you will probably have to buy a better cable than the one that is supplied. It's rigid and frequently disconnects. I really, really wish this keyboard used USB C.

    The aluminum casing is nice, no complaints there. Mine has no issues.

    The documentation is awful. Half of the functionality is glossed over or not explained well enough. I have found better user documentation on how to edit keybindings and other features.

    All in all, I think there are better keyboards at this price.

  • I'm not impressed.

    For $139 I would expect at least some degree of quality control to be present. First, the keyboard does NOT arrive as pictured. You get a bag of colored keycaps to replace the gray ones it comes with, but the keycaps don't even match the rest of the keyboard. They're all a little off on height and font. Several were so different I didn't even use them. It does not come with a keycap puller.

    Across the whole keyboard, the keycaps themselves are poorly manufactured; they all have mold flashing around the bottom edge which gives them a really shoddy, ragged appearance. Nothing crisp or polished.

    The machined aluminum keyboard base IS NOT FLAT! This is by far my biggest gripe about this keyboard. They couldn't figure out how to fixture it during machining, so it doesn't even sit flat on my desk, even with the rubber feet it comes with. It's incredibly annoying having the left side of the keyboard lift up when I type on the right half.

    As other people said, the microUSB port is pretty janky. Not ideal for anyone going mobile.

    Honestly, I feel misled by the advertising and would not buy another Vortex keyboard. I would return this one, but I don't want to go through the hassle so I'm tolerating it for now. I'll probably sell it. This was my first mechanical keyboard, and it was a big letdown. The MX Clear switches are great for typing, but that's the only positive thing I can say about it.

  • Not complaints with this keyboard so far. It's for daily use for work and the keys feel great. My complaint is I needed to finagle the micro-usb port for the keyboard to work. However, customer service was kind enough to place an order and send a new wire over. Overall great keyboard for the price.

  • This is my second vortex race3 KB, the first one I bought long time ago, not too long after the release. At the time I was impressed by build quality. This time not so much. The keyboard itself is fine, but the quality of keycaps has dropped significantly since then. They are uneven and distorted. On top of that, they used to have the printed FN layer on the side of the keycaps, but not anymore. Which is a shame. But since I bought this KB to put different keycaps anyway, I let it slide, otherwise I'd return it and bought something else.

  • This has been my daily driver for over a year now. I use it for work and home every day, and with MX Browns, it is an absolute pleasure to type on. Probably not the best option for gamers though.

  • The micro-usb port is awful. Everything else about this keyboard is perfect. The layout, the keycaps, how it looks. I love it.

  • The quality of the keys and the experience typing is amazing. I'm happy with that.

    HOWEVER - mine arrived with 1 screw holding the keyboard to the aluminum frame missing. Moving the keyboard about the desk (as one usually does) imparted so much stress on the screw on the opposite side that it started coming loose from the Aluminum. Now, there's nothing holding the PCB to the Al frame.

    For the price of the KB, I'm terribly unhappy. I won't recommend this to anyone else unless this issue is fixed.

  • Poor quality for the price. The microusb is extremely finicky and becomes unplugged every time I move the keyboard an inch. Over half of the screws holding in the aluminum plate are in crooked and are nigh impossible to remove.

  • I have nothing but praise for this keyboard! It looks and feels fantastic. I got Cherry MX Silent Red switches as I find the normal clacking of mechanical keyboards annoying to myself/others around me/the boys on discord and they feel great and are exceptionally quiet! I personally have no intention of customizing the key caps and thus haven't tried (but I have seen some reviews raising concerns in this department). From my perspective this the perfect keyboard, it feels great, its compact, and it looks especially clean and professional. Would recommend this to anyone!

  • I've had this keyboard and used it daily for about 7 months now. I'm not totally pleased with it.

    I am disappointed that my S key has developed a "chatter" which means I get doubled S characters randomly but regularly. It's pretty annoying for a keyboard as expensive as this. I did not do anything to the S key other than type on it so I can only figure its a bad switch or bad soldering.

    The Caps Lock key is a pain and regularly gets mistakenly activated. It should be re-contoured so that it has more of a gap between it and the A key.

    Another annoyance - the ability to program your own macros is limited to keystrokess that physically exisst on the keyboard. Meaning you cannot make a macro to type any sort of ALT-code for characters like degree symbols, trademark symbols, etc. Something to be aware of if you are buying this keyboard for use in professional work.

    My lasst gripe is the aluminum frame - the edges and corners on this are too sharp. They should be beveled or rounded ssome more. If you pick up this keyboard and tip it so that an edge scrapes your desk, you're likely to put a scrape in the dessk.

    The only real positive things I can say about this board is that the keys are nice - the retro look is really lovely - and that it feels very heavy and solid.

  • Great keyboard design, but the tool to remove the caps and add the coloured ones is not part of the delivery. What a shame for that price

  • This is my ideal keyboard. Smaller than a TKL but with a pragmatic layout (separate arrow keys, function, and navigation keys). Cherry MX switches (I chose blue) and a solid build. The colored and Mac modifier keys are a nice option and I love the OS and programmable layers.

  • My first mechanical keyboard and I'm very very happy with the feel and look.

    Given the price, I'm disappointed that it didn't come with a tool to remove the keycaps. I'll admit I didn't check if this would be included before buying, but since the keyboard comes with alternate RGBY keycaps and the main photo on the products webpage (see above) advertises the board with the RGBY keycaps on, I don't think it's asking too much to be able to use them out-of-the-box.

    Also, for anyone curious, the Caps Lock key on this non-LED version of the keyboard *does* have an LED switch to indicate on/off. Couldn't seem to find that information anywhere else online, so there you go.

    4 stars because of the lack of keycap puller.

  • Amazing keyboard, absolutely love it. Would've appreciated a manual with more info about the functions, but that's not too hard to find online.

  • The manual is truly horrible. "Caps Lock interchangeable with L_Ctrl". BUT HOW? At some point it refers you to the manual for a different keyboard, which is just as bad and give conflicting instructions. Maybe I'm spoiled by the Ducky one 2 SF manual, which is very straightforward and understandable.

    Also, the micro USB is very difficult. I don't dare unplug the cable now that I finally got it connected.

  • I really like this keyboard. The keycaps are of good quality, the switches feel good and the small format is perfect while offering more keys than a 60%. As mentioned by others, there are no bumps on the home row. However, the F and J keycaps have a more pronounced concavity so they are easily identifiable. Overall I would recommend this keyboard to anyone.

  • It's no news that this is an amazing keyboard! So today I'm leaving a review for mechanicalkeyboards.com. I ordered this some time mid May as a pre-order and the estimated stock income was June 15th. But I just received mine today waaaay earlier than I expected! Not to mention that I live in Australia and atm this website is the only solid option for purchasing the Race 3.

    So thank you mechanicalkeyboards.com! You rock! :)

    ps. I bought this with the cherry red and yes I am making a couple typos more than I used to. Hopefully it's just because I'm not used to the layout yet :)

  • A truly epic keyboard. It's really the only one I've ever seen that's a TKL/75% in a 60% form factor. Before this I was looking at the happy hacking keyboard. I like the colored keys and you're starting to see more keycap sets have some of the 1.5u keys that are on here if you want to swap. Plus there's no software, it's all hardware and super easy to reset. No regrets, I have the regular for work with a grey mx master 3 and RGB one for play with the Xtfy M4 Retro.

  • Absolutely love this keyboard!
    I got it with Cherry MX Silent Red switches and not disappointed at all.

  • I have had this keyboard for a little less than a year. I bought it mainly because I loved the simple colors and how big the letters were. It is super easy to clean. the only con for me is that when I'm gaming the angle of the keyboard is a little low, but I just put something underneath to raise the angle.

  • As with many others, while swapping the optional key set the stem ripped out and tore the top of the switch along with it for one of my keys. Do your research before buying this keyboard, you will be disappointed.

  • I have had this keyboard for a couple of days now and I really like it. There are a couple of interesting things to know. When I first plugged it in, I had to press the Fn key to get the function keys to work. There does not appear to be a Fn lock mode. However, I updated the firmware and now the function keys operate as expected. There is no ridge on the F and J keys like many keyboards have to find your home position. These keys are more indented so there is a difference that you can learn to feel. I switched to the color keycaps because I like the color and something different. The size is great. I don't miss the number pad and would rather have the space. This keyboard is rock solid with the machined metal base. I have another mechanical keyboard that has Cherry Blue switches and I decided to go with Brown this time. I bought a small 9-key tester that has 9 varieties of switches. This is a good thing to get to determine which switches you like.

  • Keyboard is good. Solid feel and quality build. There is an issue in that the MX Blue switch is softer and mushy compared to the MX Blue on the POK3R keyboard.

  • I didn't realize how much my experience with mechanical keyboards had been defined by cheap blue switches until I got this board (brown switches)! That being said, I am really loving this keyboard and it is now my daily driver when I am working at home. The board is quite quiet, enough to keep others in the house happy when I am typing at night, while still giving me the experience I want from a keyboard. Only downside was that when I first got it, one of the secondary layers was on by default, and I had to reset the board to get it to work properly. After that, however, it was smooth sailing. I am not sure if I will get another one to keep at my office just because of the price (it's worth every penny, though!), but I am definitely a convert to brown switches, or at least tactile switches over clicky ones when I purchase my next board.

  • Fantastic board with a great layout. Seemingly the only problems would be the arbitrary macro system and the 1.5u escape key but otherwise a solid, very pretty board. Vortex has absolutely been my favorite brands as they offer very interesting board layouts; In my case I wanted a 60% with dedicated function keys specifically for playing StarCraft 2 (Need those camera hotkeys!). Later I bought a Tab90M for my work since I needed function keys AND a dedicated 10-key in small form. Both are well made, heavy (the good kind), with amazing stock keycaps and sound brilliantly bottomed out.

  • I've been using this keyboard for about 3 months now and I LOVE it! I cannot type on any other keyboard now! I spend at least 14 hours typing on this keyboard everyday for work/gaming. It's also the easiest keyboard that I've ever cleaned! I would definitely buy a second keyboard for stay at work!

  • I really wanted to love this keyboard but I think they glued on my keycaps. I should not need the strength of 10 men to pull one off. They completely ripped out the stem on 3 switches and I still can't get the stems out of the keycaps. It's like they are cemented.

    Now I have three broken switches and have to wait weeks to get it repaired. Not happy.

  • Great keyboard, I got it with the clears and take it to and from work every day. The only reasons I can't give it 5 stars is I had to update the firmware on it out of the box to support OSX key layouts and that required finding a Windows computer, and that the F and J keys don't have bumps on them to let you know you're on the home row.

    Great build quality, great to type on, great portability. I'd say I'd buy another one but this thing's such a tank I don't think I'll ever need to.

  • Very nice keyboard. Took it with mx blue.

  • Very good build quality, however the keycaps are a little small for my taste.

  • It's a shame that the latest firmware isn't already installed on it, even though I ordered from Amazon. It meant that the Mac layout wasn't working correctly out of the box. Also the documentation on the Amazon page isn't correct for changing the keyboard to the Mac layout with the latest firmware, which led to some frustration. You have to be on a windows PC to be able to update the firmware, which wasn't a huge problem for me. Nevertheless, this is an amazing keyboard and was worth every penny; I am very satisfied.

  • Well, I hesitated to write a review before all my feelings about this keyboard have been settled. Now, two months into using it, I think I'd give it a go :)

    First of all, this is my first mech, so I have nothing to compare it to, save for some experience with an IBM Model M back in 1991-98. And to be honest I was expecting something akin to that absolutely amazing butter-smooth feel from the Cherry MX Blues I ordered my Race with. Alas, it didn't turn out to be that way. MX Blues feel quite different - not bad, but different, which is not surprising, as they're not buckling springs after all! I had to learn to like it My initial thoughts were: "Wow, this is fantastic, so different from what I'm used to! But is this the kind of fantastic I wanted?" :) They do seem to grow on me as they continue to break in - they became much smoother after a few months. Also, the perception of typing on them is not persistent: one day I might be idiosyncratic towards it, the other day I may well just love it. All this being said, it's still LIGHT YEARS better than the built-in crap I had to use on my laptop, which feels like tapping some inarticulate paper now that I got used to MX Blues! I mistype much less now, largely due to their pronounced sonic and tactile feedback. The stabilizers work flawlessly, pressing the spacebar at the very edge never gave me a missed space yet.

    But one switch gave me some grief. It had a somewhat double tactile bump, one where expected and the second down the end of stem travel. The switch would never bottom out unless I applied extra force. It was obvious that there's something rubbing against the stem inside. So, given I'm in Russia and sending the keyboard back to States was not an option for me, I resorted to desoldering it - that's the only way of taking the switch apart thanks to the not-so-well-thought-out plate design. Which, I tell you, was a b***h to desolder! Having had my share of delaminated PCB pads in the past, I was extra nervous not to overheat pads in my Vortex, but the solder seemed to refuse being sucked out forever, as if there was a huge blob of it on the other side of PCB! But I was lucky, and gently propelled by tweezers, the switch was finally ejected. After disassembling the switch, I saw a tiny plastic burr protruding from the stem guide right at the end of it, which I happily filed away. After cleaning, assembling and soldering it back, the switch now works no different form others. Problem solved, albeit at the price of a few gray hairs :)

    Next thing to mention is the keycaps; Well, the looks and the feel don't quite go hand in hand here.

    They feel just awesome to the touch, always dry, pleasantly rough and somewhat cool as in temperature, almost like touching a stone, especially so when you approach them after a break; The homing difference in 'F' and 'J' is OK for me but could be more pronounced. On the other hand, this difference in F & J profiles makes for an extended gap between R & F and U & J, which bugs me sometimes and makes me want to tilt them a bit forward to compensate.

    The looks are different, though: The DSA profile, when viewed in person, appears almost too retro to my taste, and the light/shade interplay on the grayish-white caps doesn't seem as nice too. They look just dull, which must have to do with the way PBT plastic scatters light, and colorful replacement caps solve little of this. I guess ABS is much better regarding the eye candy. Also, the die-sub labels are quite fuzzy, reminding me of some low-res inkjet prints on rough paper. The font, while tolerable, is also not my mug of beer either, especially numbers and symbols. And I'll finish my keycap gripes by mentioning a little paint smear down at the edge of one of the caps, which seems to be made by neglect during the process of die sublimation at factory, because it won't be washed away with water, ethanol, acetone and wd-40, nor would it go away by rubbing with an abrasive eraser. While really small and almost out of sight, it can't be un-noticed once found! Picky me. Viewed from a distance, though, the overall look of the keyboard is great, as it is the case with many things in life :)

    The build quality and all the other parts, of which little remains to list really - just anodized aluminum body, ten screws, black plate and rubber legs at the bottom (this is quite a minimalist keyboard) - are perfectly good.

    The area where this keyboard really shines at is The Layout. This was definitely my primary driver for buying this thing. All the navigation packed into 11 rightmost keys works miracles for coding: arrow keys, Home/End, PgUp/Dn, Enter, Del and Backspace are all within the reach and are easily distinguished blind using backspace and enter as reference. Wider 1.25u Del key, which many people dislike for being non-standard, also assists finger positioning. I bet no other layout has better usability/size ratio. One thing I miss is some kind of tactile gap between groups of F-keys, for example, F4 & F8 could have a slanted right side and F5 & F9 a slanted left. Wishful thinking :)

    Ah, I almost forgot to bash the default USB cord! It just sucks, sorry. Way too rigid!

    The verdict, suddenly, is 4 stars, because all the nitpicking aside, this is a very, very nice keyboard you'll learn to love eventually, if not from the first sight! It is truly a trusty workhorse for those who type and code. Please attribute one star to a bit of bad luck with a sole switch and my innate scrutiny for imperfection :)

  • I love it! Buttery smooth.

  • This keyboard is awesome and I love it. This was my first mechanical keyboard. A few things that are slightly annoying is the shift key under the enter key is smaller than normal so I hit the up arrow a lot. Then the rubber pads on the bottom leave a bunch of skuff marks on my white desk. Good keyboard overall.

  • I really enjoyed this keyboard while it worked, after using it for a while the micro-usb port broke. This was partially my fault for taking it out of the house, but it is also because of the fragile port, if you are just going to use this keyboard for home use then i strongly recommend it, but if you plan to take it with you places like i did, then i would recommend getting a sturdier model.

  • One of the best boards I have ever used. Vortex boards have some of the best quality out there. I am absolutely in love with the keycaps, they feel absolutely amazing to the fingertips. You will love this board if you are looking for something with a smaller footprint but tons of functionality.

  • This is a great keyboard. I love the layout because it's both compact yet still has a separate function key row above (and separate ESC vs ` keys). These switches are also very quiet, even compared to my Das Keyboard with brown switches (not all brown switches are equal, apparently!). I'm actually giving up a topre switch keyboard for this one -- I loved that keyboard but I think I love this one even more. Additionally, the build quality seems pretty solid so far. The only issues I see are very minor: if you look closely, the legends are not absolutely perfectly aligned; and as others have reported, some of the keys are not going to be easy to replace with custom keycaps (but given these keycaps are dye-sub PBT, you shouldn't *have* to replace them for a very long time).

  • This is an amazing keyboard. The built quality and the included keycaps are both great.

  • Being as this is my first mechanical keyboard I have absolutely no complaints. I just started getting into the whole mechanical keyboard community, and I have been researching like crazy what would be the best keyboard for my daily driver. Lo and behold this beauty came up in my research, and it is awesome. The cherry clear switches are great, and unlike many people I had no issue removing the keycaps from my unit. Now the keycaps did take the old wiggle wiggle trick to get them off, but by lifting up gently/consistently while wiggling the keycaps slightly the keycaps came off without a hitch. The responsiveness and feel of this keyboard is great! I like the color palate that is provided with this keyboard, but I wish there was a red delete key with this keyboard to balance out the red ESC key for better summitry. Overall I love this keyboard, and I look forward to my next keyboard purchase. MechanicalKeyboards.com got my board to me within 2 days, and were responsive in answering any of my questions via email or Facebook.

  • Build quality and look is top notch. Very, very happy with my purchase.

  • This is a great keyboard. The DSA PBT caps are very nice to type on. Clears are definitely my favorite switch type between them, blues, browns, and reds.

    The 75% layout is really well done and the colored keycaps look amazing. My favorite keyboard I've owned so far.

    The one big complaint I have that is that the keycaps that are not 1x sized are very difficult to remove. Following guides to slowly wiggle and hold the stem down with a flat head screwdriver was not enough. I ended up pulling the stem out on both shift keys because it required so much force that I lost control of the screwdriver holding the stem from ripping. I was close to doing the same for the enter and escape keys. Resoldering the switches was required, but now some of the keys are sitting higher, probably due to some of the stems almost being ripped out.

    I wish there was an option to buy the keyboard with colored caps on already. Would have have saved me a lot of stress

  • I finally found my perfect keyboard. 75% layout since I use the right column navigation keys and arrows a lot for text editing, and the PBT material feels amazing (great slight texture). This is something I can use at work without pissing off coworkers. The feel is definitely less crisp than the traditional Cherry red switch on plate, but the reduced sound (certainly not silent) makes this keyboard worthwhile to me as a general purpose kb for use between both work and home without having to do a bunch of dampening hacks especially since many methods (e.g. GMK clips) don't work great with these DSA profile keycaps or completely ignore the upstroke. I'm using this straight out of the box with zero mods. No pinging, haven't tried programming yet.

  • Man, I love this keyboard. The keycaps, have that perfect shape. All the keys you need are here. The brown switches are outstanding. It looks fantastic. This bored is an absolute win.

    The Cherry Brown MX switches are really the way to go -- I had the clear switches on a WASD 61-key keyboard and I felt like the keys were giving me a workout because they were so difficult to press. The reds I had on another board were lifeless -- I couldn't understand why anyone would want those. But the reds were better than the clears.

  • I really love this keyboard. I had already been using a WASD TKL keyboard with custom keycaps for a few months (my first mechanical keyboard) when I decided to purchase this for use at work, so I had some experience with a keyboard with Cherry Browns.

    This Vortex really raised the bar for me, though. The PBT caps have a much nicer feel, the aluminum frame is super compact and weighty, and the programming capabilities of the keyboard really work out well for my everyday tasks.

    It's great looking and as compact as possible. Not noisy at all (especially with some o-rings).

    The only downside is that you can only upgrade the firmware from a Windows PC, and my stock firmware wasn't working right with Mac mode. I programmed the command and alt keys to swap positions, though, and that made the Mac mode a non-issue.

    It's so nice that a coworker went out and ordered one for himself only a few days later after testing out mine (though he is using his in Dvorak mode).

    There are no DIP switches on this thing, either. Everything is done through keystrokes, which I prefer. The settings are saved, as well, so you don't have to redo everything once you unplug it.

    Highly recommended.

  • I think I'm in love with this keyboard. This is my first keyboard with mx clears and now I'm really glad I chose them for work. This is the first keyboard I've used where it's actually really difficult to bottom out while typing so even while typing fast the noise is minimal.

  • I got this keyboard recently and after only 3 days I realized it had a horrible design flaw. The Micro USB plug on the board is not secure, it can easily recede inside the board and it won't work anymore. Don't think I'll ever buy one of these again, shame because it is quite nice in design, but I don't have confidence in getting a new one because It will probably happen again.

  • Love the layout, the switches and the overall quality for the price.

    Highly recommended to anyone hesitating.

    Only con I see is the side print for "Scrlk" on the F11 key is slightly higher than the other side prints. Could be a problem for some. I don't mind.

  • Very well built, but I just couldn't type comfortably and accurately on it. I love the MX Silver switches, however. I might try the Vortex Vibe.

  • LONGWINDED REVIEW including shopping experience. Def not expert just my experience and opinion.

    2nd Vortex KB, Race 3 is the perfect layout for my daily use. Does not feel compact - prefer the color layout as well.

    1st Clear KB -stiffer than browns -not sure if I prefer the actuation of the browns vs. clears.

    FLAT Profile - Not keen on the flat profile so keycaps will be replaced but do like these key caps, bummer. It might change the way I feel about the switch.

    KEYCAPS REMOVAL - I used the smaller puller and damaged my enter key when replacing the keycaps (same day), however, receiving today, Leo FC980M to replace the one I spilled coffee (same day - wife shaking her head).

    Race 3 Keyboard itself has a nice weight to it -

    7th KB this year - This one is a def contender for daily use - My FC900 is great for work but gave away Razer 2 months old - blues -too loud. Next to give away - Poker 3 and FC660M - both browns but after a few months of use, I miss having designated FKeys.

    Hoping the Race 3 does the trick to end my pursuit for the perfect daily board. While it benefits the folks at MB, wifey is now beginning to count KBs :(

    MB - This is KB number 4 of 5 purchased since the summer. No problems whatsoever, customer service is great and fast replies without scripted -robotic dialogue. Shipping is fast but def allow yourself the right amount of time for shipping. I travel a lot so time zones can make a difference if you def. need the KB a certain day. Again, no complaints at all.

    Last comment - I ordered key switches from MB to replace the dead keys on the 1-day old Leo FC980M. I'll leave a review so stay tuned to whether or not it becomes a door stopper or my wife's new KB.

  • I love this thing.

  • One of the best keyboards I have ever used. I am in love with it.

    75% is the perfect size as I have to use the Arrow Keys every few minutes to do tasks at work. The included additional color keys are fantastic.

    MX Browns are amazing, medium noise and not enough click noise for the office.

    The build quality is fantastic. I am going to get Vortex Race 3 with MX Clears if it ever becomes available. The included key caps are fantastic. No need to replace them. My Order arrived in Canada in 10 days. Very happy with the service from Mechanical Keyboards.

  • love this board so much, perfect size, great looks, nice and clicky without being too loud. caps lock has a LED to display status.

    only downside is the micro usb connection as far as I'm concerned, I'd prefer USBC or even type A in this context. I worry about the long term durability of the connection but we shall see.

  • This keyboard is top notch. I got a vortex Pok3r recently and loved it. I loved the size which was much better then my full size Ducky. The only thing missing was the arrow keys. Then I seen the Race 3 and knew this would be the perfect keyboard. I wasn't mistaken at all. This keyboard is top notch in every way! The only complaints I could find about it where the fact that the key caps wouldn't be easily replaced. I gotta say I like the included key caps a good deal. The vintage flare of the gray is a nice touch. I like the legends and profile of the caps. I really think stock caps on this keyboard are more then fine specially being PBT. Then the included RGB caps for certain keys are just icing on the cake. Overall I am exceptionally pleased with this keyboard.

  • This board is one of my favorites. A lot of people complain about the non-standard top row but the keycaps it comes with are great. PBT, dye-sub, dsa profile, and the Mac AND rgby modifiers that are included add up to me not giving two hecks about a non standard top row. I currently just have the red esc and ctrls on and its beauty brings a tear to my eye. It feels as good as it looks, too. The construction quality is probably the best I've seen on any keyboard, and the cherry browns are probably my favorite cherry switch. I tried the screw-in feet for a bit but I prefer it sitting flat without them.

    As far as non-topre boards go, this is my number one.

  • Such a tight little 75 percenter. The larger escape key is a little weird, but it's so pretty out of the box with the extra RGBY keys that I don't want to put custom caps on it anyway.

  • Pros:
    1. Silver MX feels great. I like it more than mx reds.

    2. The keycaps it comes with are really nice, especially at this price point.

    3. The extra (colored) keycaps are also pretty cool.

    4. Being able to switch between colemak, dvorak, qwerty is quick and possible with the default keycaps as they are all the same profile.

    5. The case is heavy, durable, very high quality feeling.

    1. It stops working often. I've tried this keyboard on 4 different workstations varying in OS, including Win7, Win10, Mint 18.2, Debian 9. Swapped out different USB cables, checked connections; no luck. Sometimes I can go hours with it working fine, other times it will stop working every 10 minutes.

    2. The two non-standard 1.5u keys (ESC/DEL) on the top row make finding custom keycaps hard.

    3. Programming it is not as easy as it should be that other keyboards have achieved.

    4. The keys seem a little too squished together (more than the product pictures let on to). I've got very average sized hands and I find myself clipping the wrong key often.

    I was most excited for this to replace my daily driver, a Realforce 87U TKL 55g, with something lighter (MX Silver is perfect) but it's just too unreliable and the keys just feel too close together. The search continues, I guess.

  • Just premium in every way!

  • This keyboard is amazing. Silver switches and dsa keycaps are a great combination. it feels very well built also and has a good weight to it. by far my favorite keyboard I've owned.

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