MK x Ducky Good in Blue 108 Key OEM Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set

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MKMK Good in Blue 108 Key PBT Seamless Double Shot Keycap Set
  • MK designed exclusive
  • Updated MK x Ducky collaboration
  • 108 PBT Double Shot blue alphas / modifiers with seamless white legends
  • Cherry MX stem compatible
  • OEM profile
  • **Keycaps Only** Keyboard not included
An MK x Ducky collaboration and MK exclusive, we designed the 'Good in Blue' keycap set to look fantastic on a wide array of frame colors - white, black, and everything in between.

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  • This set looks really good but I have one huge issue for me that preventing me from giving this 5 starts. If you plan on using this for a 65% board with a 1.75u shift, you have to use the white keycap that comes in the separate package. If the 1.75u shift key matched the color of the modifiers like many other sets do, I would like this set so much more.

  • This keycap does not deserve the 3 star reviews. Maybe four out of five, but not three.


    It's a little bit darker than shown: This can be a problem with your display and it's color accuracy, this is not Ducky's or MK's fault. That's just nit-picking. In my personal opinion, the colors look richer and more saturated in person, which is even better than the slightly washed out colors due to the heavy lighting. The color difference from monitor to in-person isn't too drastic as the reviews make it out to be, given you have a good-quality color-accurate monitor or phone.

    There's no 65% compatibility or a 1.75 unit right shift!: Ducky just brought a 65% board into the game so I see why you would expect a 65% compatible shift. But no, that's your fault for not doing your research. The images clearly shows there's not any 1.75 right shift provided. But yes, this keycap set would've been a lot more amazing with one, as I'm using it on my Drop Alt too with a replacement GMK Eclipse 1.75 unit right shift.

    I got them in a plastic bag: This may have been a 2019 issue. As I ordered two weeks ago and got them nicely placed in orderly fashion within a foam tray. This may have been a response from Ducky to previous complaints, if so, thank you Ducky.

    In conclusion? Solid keycap set for 50 bucks. It's way cheaper than a premium GMK set, of course it's not going to be equivalent of one, but if you want an attractive set without breaking your wallet or buying a cheap chinese set off another provider, then look no further. 4.5 out of 5. Would've been a solid 5 out of 5 if Ducky updated this set to include 65/75% keyboard compatibility. Then it would've been perfect, there's a lack of good sets that's compatible.

  • Good presentation, poor quality. Not what I expected. Many imperfections and torn plastic on some keys. Blue is much darker than shown in picture. Poor excuse for double shot. That said, got about what I thought I'd get from Ducky and for $50.

  • These keycaps look nice and a bit darker in person. However, since the whole set is missing the 1.75u shift keycap, I can't use them on my ALT keyboard :(

  • Clean keycap set

  • I just put these on my (cheap) IKBC keyboard, and I am very happy with the result. They look and feel great, especially compared to the stock IKBC "PBT" caps. The texture is quite smooth - I like it.

    As was mentioned in another review, they come in a bag instead of the shown plastic packaging (I assume that helps with shipping cost?). The color is maybe a little darker than in the pictures, but I don't think it is a big deal. The white legends stand out very nicely, and I assume this set is better suited for low-light conditions than the Ducky Horizon set (which I originally wanted to buy but it is out of stock).

  • I really love these keycaps. They are really thick especially for the price they are amazing keycaps. I love blues so this is definitely one of my favorite color schemes. These sound really good especially on an aluminum/metal frame. There are no burrs and all the legends are very clear. Definitely worth the money.

  • Love these keycaps. Nice, thick PBT with clear and easy to read legends.

  • These key caps look and feel nice; however, the light blue keys are significantly lighter in the pictures than in real life. Also, when I received the keys, they were in one big bag rather than nicely displayed in plastic packaging like in the picture. Not a huge deal, but I did have to spend time making sure each key was accounted for.

    The biggest thing is the color though. I was really hoping the light blue would look like the picture. Given the difference, I'm considering returning.

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