Varmilo VA87M Moonlight White LED TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Varmilo VA87M Moonlight Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
$131.00New Version Available!
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
$131.00 $122.87 On Sale!
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
Cherry MX Silent Black thumbnailCherry MX Silent Black



  • White LED Primary LEDs: White (THT)


  • Space saving TKL form factor
  • Multimedia controls in F Row
  • Shortcut keys to adjust layout
  • Genuine Cherry switches
Meet the new, upgraded VA Series V2! The amazing colorways you love have just received a quality upgrade! All keyboards in this series now come with a standard USB-C cable. The kickstand has been upgraded to a double-section kickstand to give you even more options. All LEDs are now North-facing for those keyboards that have them. The entire V2 series has cable grooves on the bottom case to allow the cable to exit from underneath the keyboard on the left, right, or middle to allow you to customize your space to fit you. Sound-proof silicone pads have been placed between the PCB and the positioning plate to make your typing experience even quieter. All indicator lights have been moved to the top right of the keyboard to minimize distractions. Take a look and explore the new VA Series V2!

Details and Specifications

Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Frame Top MaterialABS
Frame Bottom MaterialABS
Primary LED ColorWhite
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Linux CompatibleYes
Dimensions5.28" x 14.02" x 1.30"
Weight2.00 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • I've been using this keyboard for about a month now, and am very satisfied. I am a "light touch" typist which will make sense later in the review.
    Using the Cherry Silent Black and as you would expect the sound is minimal - which counters some reviews here where there is a loud "pinging" sound.

    What I will say about the pinging sound others report is that with my typing style it is hard to create, though can be created with a certain style of keypress. I'm a light key presser so to recreate this sound I have to do the following. A firm, fast and hard hit on the switch, followed by letting the switch rebound for the spring to get momentum, hitting the top of the switch will result in the metallic ping sound only occasionally. As mentioned, with my lighter touch and particularly with these switches it is hard to recreate.

    As a touch typist I do notice that the home key bumps are very minimal, though compared to the rest of the keys is noticeable. To that I would offer that it is a mechanical keyboard, you can swap a key cap out. I would recommend Varmilo to give purchasers an option as they did with the caps lock and scroll lock keys. Something you get with the keyboard is two extra key caps which allow you to choose to have a window for the light to shine through or not on both caps and scroll lock.

    The key caps have a soft texture which is slightly noticeable and not a bad thing.

    The features of the keyboard are simple, and everything appears to be of very good quality so far.

  • I love this keyboard! It's my first mechanical keyboard, so I opted for the silent red switches. It's not too loud, and only took me a couple days to get used to (coming from my laptop keyboard). The colors are beautiful, and the keyboard is sturdy.

  • Absolutely love this keyboard! I opted for the silent red switches, since this is my first mechanical keyboard and I wasn't sure how I would like the sound/tactical feedback. The keyboard itself is sturdy and well built. It's not too loud, and it only took a little getting used to. It also looks great, with really pretty colors.

  • The metallic sound everyone is talking about is very much audible and pretty annoying. It sounds like the springs in the keys since its louder the quicker you let up.
    The bumps on the F and J keys might as well not be there--touch-typers be warned.
    The music keys only work for Spotify if Spotify is focused, which is such a baffling oversight that it makes me wonder if something is wrong on my end. Still works for Youtube when it's minimized though.
    Product doesn't come with a manual, though it's not hard to find online. Being told how to work the backlights and switch certain binds would have been helpful sooner.
    The caps-lock indicator is the light that contributes to the backlighting. This doesn't make the backlight look worse, but makes it difficult to tell if caps is on without leaning forward to look at it.

    In conclusion, anything this keyboard has going for it is done better by others of the same size.

  • I bought the VA87A a few months ago as my first ever mechanical keyboard, and wow. It has plunged me into a crippling keyboard addiction!!! It took me a few days to warm up to it at first to be honest, but since then I have already started multiple custom builds!

    The build quality is incredible, and it looks even better than in the pictures. The white underglow LEDs are fairly underwhelming, but I never really planned on using them.

    GO WITH THE MX CLEAR SWITCHES! Their sound and feel have literally changed my life. Browns have a very small tactile bump to the point where they can be confused with linear switches.

    Fantastic entry level keyboard for the hobby. Buying this keyboard was the best decision of my life (although the ensuing keyboard addiction has left me in financial ruin). Go with the CLEAR switches for crying out loud!!!

  • Super disappointed with this keyboard. First time ever purchasing a Varmilo and the keyboard had ridiculously terrible resonance sound. On every downstroke or upstroke there were very loud "pings". Absolutely unusable. Build quality seemed good, there was no key rattle or wobble and easily the best spacebar I've ever seen on a mechanical keyboard. But, man, that resonance was ear bleeding.

  • I love it. It looks great and feels great to type on. I bought it with Cherry MX Brown switches, which sound quiet but not silent, perfect for me. The keycaps are high quality and feel great. Overall: very good build quality and typing experience.

  • Unfortunately, my unit was defective. Keys stopped registering and certain keys became transposed (ie. - the P became an R, but not vice versa). I didn't know that was possible. Mechanical Keyboard was good about the return and refund, so no fault of theirs. I next tried a Magic Keyboard, but like much of Apple it was fairly useless for any long-term work. Looked pretty though. Now I'm on to a Leopold FC900R. Fingers crossed!

  • Beautiful keyboard, solid feel, great keycaps, perfect in every way except it was chattering and also not registering hits on its first day of use. That is some serious quality control issue from Varmilo.

    Had to send it back to MK. This keyboard is 5 / 5 if you get a working one, I guess I was unlucky. But as far as I am concerned it was somewhat useless so I give it 2/5.

  • This was my first 'serious' mechanical keyboard, away from Amazon's cheaper wares, and I love it. The colors are great, easy-to-read keycaps, Cherry MX Browns are responsive and very satisfying to press. Build quality seems solid, LED backlight is a nice addition, and overall I am extremely happy with this keyboard. Highly recommended!

  • This keyboard is amazing. Build quality is the best I've ever felt in a keyboard. I bought mine in MX Browns and they feel perfect. As a cherry on top, I ordered my keyboard and received it the NEXT DAY. 10/10 experience overall.

  • Very enjoyable solid feel with the cherry clear switches. There is some variation in the printing on the key caps where the letters are not all exactly in the same plane on the key cap, however. For instance the Z is almost touching the top of the cap, while the X is lower and in line with the other letters on that row. Maybe I just got a bad set of key caps, but it is a little annoying.

  • I've been rocking this keyboard for close to a year now and it's truly fantastic. Build quality is great: the case is solid and feels premium and the keycaps sound amazing (I tried replacing them with a cheap $30 set of keycaps from Banggood at one point and went back to stock because the feel and sound were so much better). I got the board with Cherry MX Clears, which have an excellent tactile bump and are very pleasant to type on. I would caution, however, that they are fairly heavy switches and can be fatiguing over extended typing sessions.

  • Took almost month to arrive likely due to the global pandemic. First off, I love the design and quality of this keyboard. It has a premium feel and nice weight to it. The keys are also a little too spaced out for my liking and the corners of each key are a little sharp (pointy) but I think I will get used to it. I'd prefer if the Delete key was at the very top right of the keybaord as opposed to beside the enter key. I ordered the MX Cherry Browns. Disclaimer, I've never used a mechanical keyboard, but after countless hours of YouTube vids and Reddit posts I decided I'd give the browns a shot. I must say, I'm a little disappointed. The browns feel heavy to me, specifically when I hold a key down it feels like I'm fighting for it to stay pressed. My non-mechanical keyboard requires much less pressure to stay down. For gaming, this is an issue because you tend to be holding the "W" key down for a prolonged period of time in order to move forward and I think this would result in faster hand fatigue. The tactile bump that the Browns offer also don't really appeal to me. I think I should have gone with the linear Red or Silent Red, but I won't know until I have an opportunity to try them. I ordered some O-Rings in hope that it will reduce the amount of pressure I need to press, probably not but it's worth a shot.

    Pros: Great build, quality and design. Nice weight.

    Cons: Cherry Browns feel heavy (personal preference). Keys have sharp pointy edges.

    P.s. After writing this review my hands feel like they've had a workout.

  • Just got the keyboard today.
    My intention was to upgrade from my Keychron K4 which I found to be tall and in dire need of a wrist rest. Couldn't make that one work and I was incredibly disappointed since the K4 is a great looking mech.

    But after spending 2 hours with this bad boy, man, can't recommend this enough, browns for the writing experience. Is like being in a continue ASMR video while writing. Don't think it very much, just go for it. It is worth every penny. :)

  • It's an amazing keyboard with the best build quality and I definitely recommend this!

  • Took exactly 1 month to arrive (due to covid19) but oh boi it's so worth it. Everything, and I really mean everything, about this keyboard is of superb quality. The box was well design and carefully packaged. The keyboard has a solid weight and anti-slippery pads. The keyboard riser even has a satisfying click when popped up. I got the Cherry Brown switch and it was so nice to use. For me this is a sweet spot in terms of tactile feedback and noise level. Compared to other switches I have used, It is less noisy than the Outemu Brown, and the typing experience is much better than Cherry Red. Compared to other brands like Ducky which I had before, this one invests much more in the build quality overall (although Ducky is still a solid choice). Overall highly recommend this!

  • Just received this keyboard and it is fantastic! Bought it with Cherry MX Clear switches and absolutely recommend them. I was using a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches before and though I miss the "clackity clack" while typing these switches feel buttery smooth. Keyboard felt surprisingly heavy when I received the package but I think it's a testament to its solid construction. Feels like a tank. Keys feel incredibly solid and movement is smooth. Can't recommend it enough!

  • This keyboard is amazing. the build quality and feel are better than average. Zero dinging from the frame when you type. I got the Mx clear and Mx brown versions. Honestly you can't go wrong with either one. I honestly thought the clear switches were lubed when I started to type on them. That's how great they felt. I def. found my new go to keyboard for gaming and typing. I am probably going to keep the brown and return the clears, Even though I love the feels on the clears a lot better. But I do game and in long gaming sessions holding down the WSAD keys can be a strain on you fingers. that's the ONLY reason. I'm not a linear switch fan, so I can't speak for the reds or speed switches. But the tactiles are well worth the money!

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