Obinslab Anne Pro 2 White 60% Bluetooth RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Obinslab Anne Pro 2 White Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

 Gateron Brown
$94.00 $64.00 On Sale!
 Gateron Blue
$94.00 $84.00 On Sale!
 Gateron Red
$94.00 $74.00 On Sale!
 Kailh BOX Brown
$99.00 $89.00 On Sale!
 Kailh BOX White
$99.00 $79.00 On Sale!
 Kailh BOX Red
$99.00 $90.00 On Sale!
 Cherry MX Brown
$119.00 $79.00 On Sale!
 Cherry MX Blue
$109.00 $79.00 On Sale!
 Cherry MX Red
$119.00 $79.00 On Sale!
 Cherry MX Silver
$119.00 $79.00 On Sale!



  • RGB LED Primary LEDs: RGB (THT)
  • RGB LED Control LEDs: RGB


  • Can be used wired over USB-C or wirelessly over Bluetooth 5.0
  • Large 1900mAh battery with built-in on/off switch to conserve battery power
  • ObinsLab Starter companion computer software for programming keyboard layout, function keys, lighting effects, battery life monitoring, macros, and updating firmware
  • Bluetooth functionality is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
The firmware has been completely redone with many new functions and features. The keyboard supports complete layout re-programming. Love the Anne Pro 2 but miss the flexibility of using a QMK compatible board? No problem! All keys on the keyboard can be remapped to become any key you want through ObinsLab Starter. Tap key functionality enables keys to behave differently when tapped or held. By default, Right shift, Fn1, Fn2, and Right control behave as arrow keys when tapped. There are 2 main function keys which can be remapped to your preference. Fn1 and Fn2 can be mapped to two different function layers that can be customized through ObinsLab Starter. Caps Lock can also be set to act as a “Magic” function key to mirror the behavior of either Fn1 or Fn2. This “Magic” function is particularly useful to make certain functions easily accessible without moving your fingers from the home row. For example, while holding “Magic” function, WASD can behave as arrow keys. Lighting can also be reprogrammed through ObinsLab Starter. RGB backlights are individually addressable and dynamic lighting effects can also be programmed as well. Lighting profiles can be created, saved, and loaded to the keyboard through the software. Up to 16 key macros can be programmed through the computer software. Saved macros are stored onto the keyboard onboard memory and do not need the use of the computer software to activate. Keyboard firmware updating is done entirely through ObinsLab Starter, and is much easier than the process for the original Anne Pro. Just plug the USB cable into the board, press update, and the software will automatically download and transfer the firmware update to the board.

Details and Specifications

ModelAnne Pro 2
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorWhite
Frame Top MaterialPlastic
Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
Primary LED ColorRGB
Control LED ColorRGB
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Linux CompatibleYes
Dimensions3.82" x 11.18" x 0.79"
Weight1.40 lbs
Cord Length70 inches

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  • This keyboard is cheap and good quality. First sounds very good. Not that big . and overall very good

  • Have used it for a couple years now and loved it until recently.

    The lighting on it is never correct (red appears as yellow, white appears as pink, etc)

    The tap arrow key functionality has ceased functioning entirely unless I mash whichever key is associated with the arrow I want to use at the speed of light, so have fun pressing control a billion times just to hit right arrow.

    And the real kicker is that the keyboard will just randomly disconnect. So not very ideal for uses like online gaming.

    Ordered a Ducky One 2 TKL without any RGB or fancy functionality to replace this. More features there are, the more things there are to break, especially when you are buying budget like this keyboard.

  • Personally i thought this was a great purchase until i noticed that the bluetooth didn't work, i bought the gateron blues which were decent. BUt now i switched to the Linear Optical Razer Huntsman Mini and would 100% recommend it if you want the best performance on fps games.

  • Bought this for kailh BOX white switches and availability.
    Horrendous bluetooth experience, tons of issues that i have to use it wired.
    Listennnnnnnnnnn to the reviews, itttttttt's verrrrrrrry common < one of the issue appeaaaring as i'm typppppppping this review.
    DO NOT BUY if you're going to use bluetooth, you will regret it.

  • I picked this up on a whim after watching a couple of reviews about it and have been using it a lot recently. The one I picked up has Silver Speed switches.

    So far there is nothing I dislike about this board. But I'm not that picky. It was really my first mechanical keyboard, and I'm super satisfied with the purchase. All the reasons I love it:
    -fits perfectly in my lap and that's often how I use it
    -Bluetooth connectivity has been very stable, and multiple profiles means it switches easily (Make sure to update that firmware)
    -It is easily programable for both the lights and the buttons in general just by downloading the software. I just dove in without needing to look up a manual or tutorials.
    -I love the alternate arrow keys that you just tap. In the software, it looks like you can modify their sensitivity. I haven't messed with it yet.

    The only issue with the tap to use arrow keys is that they won't function like normal arrow keys and that took a little getting used to. Holding down one of the buttons just means you're using that button rather than using the tap function. Luckily it's easily programmable, so you can put the arrow keys where ever you want, under function 1 or 2.

    I'm really happy with this board, and I use it way more than I thought I would honestly. It feels nice and sturdy, and the silver speed switches feel very tight since they don't need much force to use.

  • I really loved this keyboard when it works. My issues:

    - randomly the 'up arrow' key presses sometimes (without me holding FN1)
    - bluetooth took a long while to get connecting on mac, updating firmware improved the situation but it's still hit or miss whether the bluetooth will connect when I switch devices, usually there is a routine of toggling bluetooth on or off, unplugging and replugging, mashing the keys, and then it starts to work
    - was unable to successfully connect the keyboard to windows or linux via bluetooth
    - using wired with linux the keyboard disconnects after a few minutes and won't work again until I unplug and replug
    - since connecting to linux once I get random disconnects via bluetooth from mac which require the keyboard to plugged in and unplugged in order to wake it back up
    - keys randomly drop when using bluetooth

    If the above wasn't an issue then this would be an extremely lovely keyboard. Sad I have to send it back.

  • I bought this anne pro 2 white version with kailh box white switches. The sound is immensely addicting, the RGB isn't overpowering but shines through, and the software works fine. Keyboard recognition can be wonky at times but otherwise, 10/10.

  • I personally love this keyboard! This is my first mechanical keyboard and I've gotten used to it really well.
    I've had it for about 2 weeks now and have had no problems with the software of Bluetooth connectivity.

    I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

    I ordered mine in Gateron Blues which sound awesome because I love clicky keyboards

  • PRO:
    -Excellent keyboard. Well built and feels solid.
    -Gateron browns are great for typing. This is my first time using them. Smooth and accurate and not too loud for office use.

    -The Bluetooth connection did not work. I have two Mac laptops (MacBook air 2018 and Macbook Pro 2019) both running Catalina and the Anne Pro 2 did not connect with either. The problem persisted even after I updated the firmware. MK's tech confirmed it's a known issue with this keyboard.

    -I returned the keyboard because I bought it for the Bluetooth connection in the first place (I hate wires). I returned it because it failed to work in this way. It's a fine keyboard for those who do not need the Bluetooth connection.

  • This keyboard is incredibly. Its well built and visually stunning. The only complaint that I can think of is the software. It does take some time to get used to and does get a bit annoying. Overall, I'm completely satisfied and recommend this to anyone who wants a 60 percent keyboard.

  • This is a very great keyboard with keycaps that will not make you embarrassed to use and very easy to use system with 4 blue tooth keys and very good back light settings that come with an OK software.
    - The reason its a 4 is kinda my fault I think but my keyboard just does not work IDK why but I hope I can find a way to fix it or I might just return it and get a new one that is repaired if I can
    - All- in - all this is a great budget keyboard I would defo recommend

  • An amazing keyboard got to recommend to everyone.

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