Ducky Feather Mouse 65g SR structure RGB 3389 Sensor Huano Switches

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DuckyDucky Feather RGB Mouse
  • Ducky Feather Mouse
  • Weight: 65g
  • Purple gold PCB with light yellow FFC
  • PixArt PMW 3389 Optical sensor with PET plastic cover
  • Huano switches
  • 7.91° Exclusive SR structure
  • Highly flexible paracord
  • 2 sizes PTFE mouse feet for your own preference
  • Multiple ARGB lighting sections for stable lighting effects
  • Swappable LOD and polling rate slide switches
  • Fully supports hardware operation

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  • This mouse is solid but the wheel removes two stars for me. It gets stuck halfway between two notches and will then randomly move while using the mouse. This is annoying and I never realized how much I used the wheel until this issue came up. For gaming, the weight is excellent and is a solid choice for the price. Wish the wheel felt better.

  • I really wish I could give this a higher rating, I really do. I love Ducky products, but this one just seemed to fall flat. I ordered and received mine November 2020, and as of right now, July 2021, my right mouse button is malfunctioning rendering a lot of games I play, unplayable. Granted, I do play a lot of FPS games, and that can be a little rough on mice, but I should certainly be able to get more than 8 months of use out of it before it croaks. I've put in a support ticket, hopefully I can get this issue resolved.

  • This mouse is not very durable. I've had to RMA 2 of them for the center wheel breaking and I'm sure the third will break soon. I'm not hard on my equipment and this is just unacceptable. Other then that, it's an alright mouse. Clicks are nice and it moves very accurate.

  • Blue's are a perfect match for the weight in my personal opinion, very quality product.
    I use it as my daily. For anyone that prefers light weight this is absolutely the way to go for the money.
    Most compain about the plastics, as a mechanic by trade my hands are calloused so its no bother. If you have soft hands you may complain.
    Otherwise, performance is awesome!

  • Great size and shape, perfect sensor and great switches. why not 5 star?

    You can't enable all the side buttons at the same time I bought this to replace a sensei and I'm extremely disappointed being I use my pinky and thumb buttons I tweeted and emailed ducky support with zero response back.

  • The Ducky Feather is definitely a top lightweight gaming mouse that hangs with the best in the industry. I made a detailed review video on my YouTube channel Lil Rice Muncher Gaming if you're interested. I also compare it to other popular mice like the Razer Viper, Glorious Model O, and Endgame Gear XM1.

    My Pros:
    - Huano Switches
    - Flagship PMW 3389 sensor
    - Paracord

    My Cons:
    - Sometimes accidentally actuate right side buttons (thankfully, you can disable them)
    - RGB lighting brighter on scroll wheel compared to logo

    If you guys have any questions, let me know and i'll do my best to answer them! The feather is currently my main and I love it!!

  • Fits my hand perfectly! I thought the ergonomic aspect would interfere with side mouse buttons being on both sides of mouse would be a problem, but I dont ever encounter accidently pressing them. Really love this mouse and has replaced my finalmouse as my main

  • Awesome mouse. It's basically an FK2 with a PMW 3389 sensor and lighter weight. The implementation of Huano switches on the Feather is much better though. The clicks are clean and tactile. Ducky sent me the mouse with a nice mouse pad. There's really not much to gripe about this mouse except for maybe one thing. The side grips are not rubber. They feel like hard plastic with bumps on them. It took some time for me to get used to them since I would have preferred rubber sticky grips over slippery hard ones with bumps on them. It's probably the one thing that turns me off about this mouse. I'm hoping that some 3rd party alternatives come out where you can slap on more grippy side grips. But aside from that. Very good mouse. It does not feel like "well. this is Ducky's first mouse, after all". It feels like Ducky knew exactly what they were doing when creating this mouse (minus the side grips in my opinion). Good job, Ducky!

  • Love the shape. If you're a Zowie FK2 fan, this mouse is pretty much an upgraded version of it. The Blue Huano switches took some getting used to. If you've been using Omrons for a while, it will take a little getting used to the stiffer (yet really nice and tactile) switches. It took me about a good hour for my hand to really get used to the shape. It's nice that the whole mouse doesn't have holes to make it lighter (just holes on the sides). If there's anything about this mouse that I sort of dislike, it's the side grips. They're NOT rubber. They're sort of a hard plastic with bumps on them. They kind of took me by surprise. I'm still trying to get used to them. They irritate ever so much that I had to dock off a point in my rating for this mouse, otherwise, it would've been a 5 out of 5 for me. I'm slowly getting used to them though. I'm also sure aftermarket sticker grips will be available for this mouse soon. But other than that, very nice mouse made by a company that is known more for their awesome keyboards. This mouse will be my main for a while :-)

  • I really like this mouse.

  • This mouse is fabulous super light weight however, if you heavy handed like me this will still last you the switches take some force to click which helps in the long run. Overall a 5 rating love ducky products enjoy!

  • Light mouse but shape does not feel that good

  • Nice light weight mouse with Ducky quality. Purchased as a back up for my original Ducky Secret mouse. Quite a bit smaller, but still has a nice feel to it. Highly recommended.

  • This is great.BTW does this have an usb cord cuz i wanna plug it into my nintendo switch.

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